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Barry O'Farrell - the man behind the politician

Barry O'Farrell - the man behind the politician

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Looking back on O'Farrell the man

2UE Video Editorial: Tim Webster looks back on the fellow who seemed set to win the next state election, Barry O'Farrell. Behind the politics of the state was a man who did a lot of good work, as Tim outlines here.

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Jacob Borg wins the Citroen DS3

Jacob Borg wins the Citroen DS3 Congratulations from 2UE to the winner of the Citroen DS3, Jacob Borg who was at the Royal Easter Show to claim his prize. He and his family listen to 2UE and rang through to Angela Catterns to get a spot in the draw. Thanks to everyone who entered.

2UE Live at 2014 Royal Easter Show

2UE Live at the 2014 Royal Easter Show Photos & Video from the Show: 2UE have been broadcasting at the 2014 Royal Easter Show. Check out our photos and video of the fun we had. If you are going to the show, be sure to call past & say g'day to the team.

Mike Baird now 44th NSW Premier

Mike Baird set to become Premier of New South Wales? State Liberal MPs have filed into a meeting at Parliament House, where Mike Baird has been voted in as our next Premier. Justin Smith with Derek Peterson on the election of the 44th Premier of the state of NSW.

Barry O'Farrell takes to Twitter

Barry O'Farrell takes to Twitter Tweet: Just a day after his shock resignation, Barry O'Farrell has put himself right back in the spotlight. Dicko & Sarah take a look at the Twitter post he has made, sporting a Kangaroos blazer. A new career move?

Gary O'Callaghan on Talk Back Radio

Gary O'Callaghan reflects on Talk Back Radio on 2UE 954 Do you remember Sammy Sparrow? Gary O'Callaghan was Sydney's most successful Breakfast announcer. Today is the birthday of Talk Back Radio. Dicko & Sarah catch up with Gary to relive some fond radio memories.

Have you met the royal couple?

Ellyse Perry meets Will, Kate and George at the Opera House Royal Couple: Victorious in the cricket world cup, Ellyse Perry met Will and Kate at the Opera House. Angela Catterns can't help herself but get all the gossip about the royal couple and what they discussed.

Army too tough on Anzac Day drinks?

Australia's Anzac legend obsession? Anzac Day drinks: The Army has banned serving soldiers from having a drink while in uniform on Anzac Day. A little too tough? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the move with NSW RSL President Don Rowe.

If those were my kids, I'd...

What you should know before entering into IVF treatment The Hotseat: If those were my kids, I'd… Dicko & Sarah pose the question what you would do if your child of 12 or 13 became pregnant. Tell us your thoughts here in our blog, how would you react to the news?

No alternative but for Barry to resign?

No alternative but for Barry to resign? 2UE Video Editorial: Did Barry O'Farrell have no choice but to resign? Garry Linnell looks at the invincible Premier, due for another victory next year and the ICAC's role in holding all accountable for their actions. Have Your Say!

Have you lost faith in politicians?

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson on 2UE 954am Faith lost? Opposition Leader John Robertson says Barry O'Farrell's resignation proves the Liberal Party let lobbyists into the heart of government. He says public confidence in politicians has been "rocked to the core".

Barry O’Farrell resigns as Premier

Barry O'Farrell resigns as Premier over a bottle of 1959 Grange Latest News: NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell has resigned in the wake of controversy over his appearance at the ICAC. He has been caught out lying to the inquiry, saying "I accept the consequences of my actions."

Barry's final interview as Premier

Premier O'Farrell defends severity of new alcohol legislation Final Interview: What happened to the $3,000 bottle of Grange sent to the Premier? Barry O'Farrell reflects on his day at ICAC with John & Garry and denies any knowledge of receiving a bottle of vintage Grange.

Ralf Fiennes with John & Garry

Ralf Fiennes speaks with John Stanley & Garry Linnell Ralf Fiennes speaks with John & Garry about The Invisible Woman, a movie that looks at one of the greatest novelists of all time, Charles Dickens, and his scandalous private life he managed to keep secret.

Was bank 'glitch' due to Heartbleed?

Was the Commonwealth Bank glitch due to Heartbleed? 2UE Video Editorial: Why was our biggest bank brought to its knees with a computer 'glitch'? Garry Linnell questions why the Commonwealth Bank refuses to reveal why it left customers stranded without funds.

Royal family’s affection for Australia?

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge officially welcomed to Australia The Duke & Dutchess: of Cambridge have been officially welcomed to Australia with an official reception at the Sydney Opera House. Prince William told the crowd the royal family has a great affection for Australia.

Keneally on O’Farrell resignation

Former Premier Kristina Keneally fronts the ICAC Former Premier Kristina Keneally speaks with Stuart Bocking about the resignation of Barry O'Farrell. Having come to power standing on his record of integrity, did he have no choice but to resign his post as Premier?

Would you like us to be a republic?

Australian Republic movement at a stall? Long live the Queen? Angela Catterns reveals a Fairfax-Nielsen poll indicates that support for an Australian republic has fallen to its lowest level in more than three decades. Are you happy to keep the monarchy?

Bring back Nasho for unemployed?

Palmer United Party wants National Service recalled? 2UE Video Editorial: Should we return national service for unemployed? It was proposed by a member of the Palmer United Party, who Garry Linnell says have holes now showing in their vision for our country.

Glitch leaves customers cash strapped

Glitch leaves customers cash strapped Computer glitches at the Commonwealth Bank showed how vulnerable we all are to technology. People were left stranded for cash all day. Were you left stranded due to the computer glitch at the bank?

PM Tony Abbott with Justin Smith

Why is there a lack of Tony Abbott impersonators? Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks with Justin Smith about the approval of Bagderys Creek as the site of the second Sydney airport. What will he commit to getting the infrastructure needed for the area?

Warning: vaccines losing their punch?

Flu season hitting younger people this year? Vaccines: Could the whooping cough vaccine be losing its effectiveness? John Stanley & Garry Linnell with Prof. Peter McIntyre on the rise of superbugs. Are viruses becoming immune to the way we are treating them.

Jobs to come with second airport?

Second Sydney airport again grounded? 2ND Airport: Who will do the heavy lifting to get the second Sydney airport up and running? Francis Keany with Deputy PM Warren Truss on building of roads and infrastructure needed to make Badgerys Creek operational.

Rolling Stones announce extra dates

Rolling Stones announce new tour dates & extra concerts The Rolling Stones have confirmed the rescheduled dates for the Australian and New Zealand leg of their 14 On Fire world tour. The Stones have also announced two extra shows, one at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley.

Badgery's Creek for 2nd Airport

Garry Linnell on Badgery's Creek as our second Sydney airport? Officially: After decades of talk, Badgerys Creek will today be signed off on as the site of Sydney's second airport. Will it be a good move for Sydney's Greater West? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on getting it started.

Flight MH370 mystery continues

An unmanned submarine deployed to search for MH 370 MH 370: Do you think we will ever find the flight? The search for the missing Malaysian Airline has shifted gear. Angela Catterns reveals an unmanned submarine is being deployed to search in the Indian Ocean.

Russian jet buzzes US warship

United Nations gather over Russia's moves in the Crimea Ukraine Latest President Barack Obama & President Vladimir Putin have spoken in the wake of an incident where a Russian military jet buzzed an American warship off Ukraine. Richard Arnold reports tensions are high.

Joe Camilleri returns on Certified Blue

Joe Camilleri with Angela Catterns on 2UE 954 Joe Camilleri has been producing brilliant music for 50 years and returns with the Black Sorrows with a new album, Certified Blue. Angela Catterns speaks with the man of music, on his most favourite moment to date?

Unfair for children of single parents?

Sydney parents struggling to find after school care? Hotseat: Is it unfair on a child to plan a single parent family. Dicko & Sarah discuss women choosing to be a single parent family. Is it one size fits all families these days, are times changing, or is it selfish of the parents?

John Cleese on comedy & wisdom

John Cleese discusses comedy and wisdom on 2UE John Cleese is considered by many as the funniest man in the world, but how does he manage to do it? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on his approach to comedy. What do you and he think was the best work of his career?

'Sorry' documents up for auction?

PM pledges to increase number of indigenous students at school The Whisper: The official 'sorry' document, the apology to our indigenous peoples is up for auction? John Stanley & Garry Linnell question why it is not in a national museum. Guess how much is offered for it so far.

Fridges wash up on Shelly Beach

Fridges wash up on Shelly Beach Refrigerators have washed up on Shelly Beach. Justin Smith speaks with Debbie Krogh who reveals the odd sight that was unexpected on an early morning stroll. Ever found something washed up on a beach on holidays?

Are you worse off with Opal Card?

Does the Opal Card system work for you? Are you a fan of the Opal Card? Are users worse off under the system? Stuart Bocking reveals a few issues discovered under the new system introduced to make things a little easier for Sydney transport commuters.

Does life really begin after 50?

Angela Catterns: Does life really begin at 50? When you reach 50, should you sit down and decide what you'd like to do for the rest of your life? Chris Brown suggests such, the author of Smashing the Age Barrier with Angela Catterns about happiness in later years.

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