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Tobacco Smoking Could be 'So Last Century' in Tassie

Tasmanian MP Ivan Dean wants to ban tobacco sales for people born after the year 2000

2:58 PM   Tasmanian Independent MP Ivan Dean to introduce legislation to parliament which would make it illegal for anyone born after the year 2000 to buy tobacco, ever.

Vitamin Supplements Over-Marketed to Kids Who Don't Need Them

Vitamins are being marketed to kids who already have sufficient diets.

3:29 PM   Australian families are being convinced their kids need to be taking vitamin supplements when they probably don't.

Former Premiers opposing Sydney's new light rail

An artist's impression of the city leg of the planned eastern suburbs light rail line.

Bob Carr and Nick Greiner have both expressed concerns about the project.

Facebook groups attempt to block Speed Cameras

Speed camera changes and ban on open alcohol in cars coming

Anti speed camera campaigners physically blocking cameras and using social media to spread the word

2UE's Whispers

John Stanley and Garry Linnell

The latest in rumours from 2UE's listeners

Play lotto with work friends, should you take out a contract?

Missing millions: 14 syndicate members cry foul over Tattslotto payout.

What happens when a fight emerges within a lotto syndicate over a big win?

Air Warfare Destroyer Project Blows out by Billions

The AWD program will blowout by $2 billion

The troubled Air Warfare Destroyer program will run over budget by $2 billion and will be at least three years late.


2UE Mystery Laughs

Mystery Laughs

Polident wants you to be laughing all the way to the bank, with 2UE’s Mystery Laugh - click here for more information!

90 Events in 90 Days

90 Events in 90 Days

Thanks to Twilight Aged Care, we're counting down the top most significant moments from the last 90 years of 2UE. Click here to cast your vote for the chance to win a $2000 Bing Lee Gift Card!

Network News

Dennis Shanahan's Week In Politics

Dennis Shanahan talks politics with George and Paul

Paul B. Kidd's Crime File - Graham Potter

Graham Potter's victim Kim Barry.

What became of suspected killer Graham Potter

Paul B. Kidd's Crime File

1963 Detective Hackett leads William MacDonald - The Mutilator Murderer, in handcuffs at the Criminal Investigation Branch.

Paul B. Kidd examines Australia's worst serial killer William MacDonald

90th Birthday

90 Events in 90 Days - Event 85 - Melbourne Commonwealth Games

Week 2 of 2UE's 90 Events in 90 Days countdown is underway

2UE Memorable Moments: Classic station promotions

2UE Memorable Moments: Classic station promotions

From our archives comes a classic 2UE promo for the Harold Park trots and a classic promo for the popular show Nightwatch. Listen back and enjoy a Memorable Moment as 2UE celebrates 90 years of broadcasting to Sydney.

2UE Memorable Moments: The Long John Show memories

2UE Memorable Moments

From our archives comes a classic rewind of the programme The Long John Show with the voice of the man soon to become the king of radio, John Laws. Listen back and enjoy a Memorable Moment as 2UE celebrates 90 years of broadcasting.



Are you ready for the road next travelled?

Are you ready for the road next travelled?

Are you one of the millions of Australians actively approaching retirement or starting to think seriously about it? Together with Colonial First State & award-winning journalist Ray Martin, we’re putting together a revolutionary new program: The Road Next Travelled.

Sharina's Stars, Tarot and Lucky Numbers & Colours

Join Sharina live at Club Menai April 11th

Sharina's stars, tarot and lucky numbers for May 24

Dale Sinden's Film Reviews

George & Paul’s Movie Review with Dale Sinden

Dale Sinden reviews Poltergeist, Woman In Gold & Spy

The Long Lunch with Todd McKenney

Todd McKenney with the Long Lunch

Stuart Bocking's Long Lunch featuring Todd McKenney and John Gibbs