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Justin Smith on the findings into the roof insulation scheme

Justin Smith on the findings into the roof insulation scheme

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Damning report into insulation scheme

2UE Video Editorial: A damning report finds 4 deaths could have been prevented if the insulation scheme was properly implemented. It will haunt Rudd Labor, but Justin Smith on how they can do something to help.

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Will price hikes stop smokers?

Will a price hike see more people stop smoking? 2UE Video Editorial: Will a huge hike in cigarette taxes deter people from smoking? John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss whether a 5 year limit be put in place before banning all cigarette smoking, and will alcohol be next?

Ice: the 'worst of the worst' drugs

Warnings of a spike in ice use across Sydney Ice Epidemic: Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says the 'ice epidemic' on Sydney's streets has resulted in his officers facing an unprecedented level of violence, but importantly, it's tearing communities apart.

SAS join Aussie airdrops in Iraq?

Reports the SAS have joined with Aussie airdrops in Iraq? Middle East Crisis: Australian SAS troops will accompany air force personnel involved in weapons drops in Northern Iraq. John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at whether the PM has a plan to join the fight against ISIS.

Sydney's 5th season, Sprinter?

Do we really have 5 seasons in a year in Sydney? Sprinter Time: Although Spring has finally arrived, does it mean the end to our wet and cold weather? Angela Catterns with Dr Tim Entwistle, who reveals that we actually have five seasons across our year, Sprinter.

Proposal with a $1million donation

Babak Moini - a proposal with a $1million donation Proposal: Entrepreneur Babak Moini proposed to his partner Rochelle at her 40th birthday on the weekend. Angela Catterns reveals he didn't surprise her with a ring, but a $1million donation to her favourite charity.

Jimmy Barnes: 30/30 Hindsight

Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes with Stuart Bocking 30/30 Hindsight: Australian Rock Legend Jimmy Barnes has a new album of music reflecting on his 30 years as a solo artist. Barnsey speaks with Stuart Bocking about his incredible music career, & CD 30/30 Hindsight.

Opal card takes over on transport

Does the Opal Card system work for you? Opal Switch: Sydney commuters can no longer buy some paper tickets for public transport as the Opal card becomes standard use. 14 tickets including weekly, monthly & yearly train passes will not be sold from today.

Tradies charge by Sydney suburb?

What tradies charge depends on where you live in Sydney? Price Disparity: How much you pay a tradie has everything to do with the suburb of Sydney you live in? Justin Smith on the findings that tradies are charging people in the west far more than Eastern & Northern suburbs.

Far too many Sydney councils?

Council Chambers: do we have too many tiers of government? Council Overload: Sydney has far too many councils, many of them inefficient. Stuart Bocking reveals we have over 40 across the suburbs and the growing calls for amalgamation to help save rate payers.

Smokes rise by $2.80 a packet

More people deciding to quit smoking following plain packaging? Smokes Hike: Will today's hike in cigarette taxes deter people smoking? The price of a packet of cigarettes will rise up to $2.80. Heather Allen from the Lung Foundation says price hikes alone won't make people quit.

Terror threat: alert not alarmed?

The threat of home grown terrorism is growing? Home Grown Terror: As the terror threat posed by ISIS continues to grow in Syria and Iraq, what of the threat home-grown terrorists pose to Australia. Neil Fergus, CEO of Intelligent Risks joins Tim Webster.

Auto obsession at the Powerhouse

Classic cars and auto obsession on at the Powerhouse Powerhouse of Cars: Love your cars and just can't get enough of them? There's an exciting 'Auto Obsession' exhibition on now at the Powerhouse Museum. George & Paul on the machines that are on show.

Standard starting age at schools

Was there a teacher that touched your life? Standard School Age: Should we standardise the school starting age across the nation to make sure kids don’t start school to early? Norm Hart, President of Australian Primary Principals Assn joins Tim Webster to discuss it.

What's the future for Qantas?

Qantas has confirmed it is cutting 5,000 jobs Future of Flying Kangaroo: Qantas posted a massive $2.8-billion net loss. Tim Webster now asks, what is the outlook for our national carrier? Aviation analyst Geoffrey Thomas joins him to discuss the way forward.

Sell up, pack up & take off

Holiday time? Come visit Dull, Bland and Boring? Escaping: Ever wanted to simply get out of the rat race? George & Paul on how to live an exciting, comfortable, cheaper life overseas on a temporary or long term basis with Sell up, pack up & take off author Stephen Wyatt.

Captain Arthur Phillip remembered

Remembering Captain Arthur Phillip's contribution to Australia Sydney History: It is 200 years since the death of one of this city, and this nation’s founding fathers. George & Paul on the commemorations of Captain Arthur Phillip. Do enough of us know how important he was?

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker Sunday August 31st

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker on 2UE 954 Healthy Living: A look at the flu that is striking across Sydney, a new laser device to measure blood sugar levels, antibiotics a factor in obesity, sleep problems in older people, is salt doing you harm, and your calls to Openline.

War looming in the Middle East

War in the Middle East is looming 2UE Video Editorial: War in the Middle East is looming, and we need to do something against the radical and barbaric atrocities being committed. Tim Webster on the old adage, evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

Bizarre evidence at union hearings

John & Garry: A bizarre day at union inquiry over a barber's chair 2UE Video Editorial: A bizarre day at the royal commission into unions with an almost tiff between former lovers. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on Kathy Jackson revealing her extra marital affair, and that barber's chair.

Extremists the enemy of Islam

Time to rally against extremism in all religions? 2UE Video Editorial: We need our Muslim leaders to speak out against the evil extremism we are seeing in the Middle East. Justin Smith reveals one leader who is stepping up and speaking out against Islamic extremism.

Bali arrest may affect Corby bail

Schapelle Corby to be released from prison within days? Bali Arrest: Will Schapelle Corby's parole be in jeopardy following the reported arrest of her boyfriend. Justin Smith says she must stay away from anything to do with drugs or crime, as part of parole conditions.

Regional relocation grants scrapped

Regional relocation grants  have been scrapped On The Move: Regional relocation grants have been scrapped by the NSW government. Stuart Bocking with James Treloar from Evocities who thinks more people should move regionally. Would you consider it?

News Forum with Angela Catterns

Angela Catterns on 2UE 954am News Forum: The news this week has been huge, with the government returning to Canberra to get the budget through, war looming for the west. Angela Catterns with Sean Nicholls of SMH & Allan Hogan of SBS.

My religion needs fixing?

Call to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir  as an 'extremist' group Religious Problem: Glenn Mohammed has written a stirring piece titled, My Muslim religion has problems that need fixing. He speaks with Justin Smith about the radical Islamists causing concern for all, even Muslims.

Drug action in female prisons

Step-father's 20 year prison sentence for murder of toddler Drug Addiction: The NSW government launched a new facility to deal with drug addiction among female prisoners, it's a step in the right direction, but are we doing enough? What's the situation like in female prisons?

Team Oz: dunnies, doodles & doin it

Justin Smith: Welcome to Team Australia Stand Proud: Welcome to Team Australia. What a country this is. Where our politicians stand head & shoulders above the world. Justin Smith on nude Ex PMs, sex lives delaying inquiries and MP toilet habits revealed.

One way ticket for Islamic radicals

Buy Islamic radicals a one way ticket out of Australia? Islamic Radicals: Muslim leaders are starting to speak out over radicals wanting to head overseas to fight. Justin Smith with Dr Jamal Rifi who says he will happily buy a one way ticket to any wanting to leave Australia.

Hawke-Keating: who was better PM?

Who was the best Australian Prime Minister? 2UE Video Editorial: There are currently a plethora of political books that are re-writing history in their own way. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the re-writing of the political history between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

Qantas loss of $2.84 billion

Open up Qantas to greater foreign investment? Staggering Loss: Qantas has posted a net loss of $2.84 billion for the last financial year, a staggering amount. The airline says it expects to make a profit next year, but does this spell the death nell for Alan Joyce.

Millers Point sales shock investors

Millers Point sales skyrocket as prices head through the roof Millers Point: Prized harbourside land is being sold to investors. Buyers were expecting a rundown terrace for sale at Millers Point to sell for around $1.5 million. It sold for a staggering $2.6 million. Stuart Bocking with more.

Stopping fighters heading overseas

Airstrikes won't work in uprising in Iraq? Islamic States: How should we handle Australians leaving to fight overseas in Islamic states? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on going into the Middle East to fight, are better off leaving them go, or keeping them.

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