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Claims Russia behind the downing of Flight MH17

Claims Russia behind the downing of Flight MH17

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MH17: Putin behind the attack?

Flight MH17: Former Chief Economic Advisor to Putin, Andrei Illarionov says Putin ordered Russian forces, not rebels, to shoot down MH17. He makes extraordinary claims on the crisis with John Stanley & Garry Linnell.

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PUP MPs stripping away pollie spin

The Palmer United Party will hold Senate balance of power 2UE Video Editorial: Jacqui Lambie proves the PUP party will not be boring, nor are they guilty of pollie speak. John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss whether a male MP would get the same questioning, and is it refreshing.

Bob Carr: vote vindicates Aussie seat

Former Premier Bob Carr laughs off 'tosser' claims? UN Seat: The push for a seat on the UN Security Council has been vindicated with the results over MH17. Bob Carr speaks with Stuart Bocking on the significance of the vote this week, and our Aussie voice speaking out.

Jacqui Lambie 'an everyday person'

Senator Jacqui Lambie says she is ‘just an everyday person’ No Script: Jacqui Lambie says she is just an everyday person, despite the title of Senator ahead of her name. John Stanley & Garry Linnell ask if she is an over-sharer, & she lets them know she simply won't be scripted.

Sydney suffering too many councils

Council Chambers: do we have too many tiers of government? Council Cull: Are too many councils stifling growth across Sydney? Stuart Bocking with Patricia Forsythe of the Sydney Business Chamber on shops sitting vacant, too much red tape and whether it's time to cull.

Joe Hockey wanted tougher budget?

Treasurer Joe Hockey talks tough on handout mentality Hockey Biography: A new biography of Joe Hockey reveals there are tensions within the government, and that the budget was ‘much softer’ than what the Treasurer wanted. Justin Smith with author Madonna King.

HMAS Darwin: Aussie pride at sea

HMAS Darwin: Our Aussie pride at sea Aussie Pride at Sea: Over 5 months HMAS Darwin has seized narcotics with a street value of more than $2.1b. Stuart Bocking speaks with Commander Terry Morrison who reveals the incredible work at sea.

Medicinal cannabis for terminally ill

Cannabis has been legalized in Colarado Cannabis Bill: A private members bill to legalise medicinal cannabis needs to be passed quickly when its tabled in State Parliament next month. Premier Mike Baird has given his provisional support for the change.

Court delay on Roger Rogerson case

Former detective Roger Rogerson is wanted for questioning. Accused: John & Garry discuss why a Sydney court's heard it'll take some time to complete the case against accused killers Roger Rogerson & Glen McNamara due to delays in the post mortem on their alleged victim.

The Whisper: lineup to be a Knight?

Would former PM John Howard reject a knighthood? The Whisper: Who should be made a Dame or a Knight? How should it work? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the whipers from Canberra that the line up for the title is long, but the handouts will be limited for the titles.

Why do we need childcare subsidies

John Stanley & Garry Linnell on childcare subsidy changes 2UE Video Editorial: Changes have been flagged for childcare payments with a single means-tested subsidy. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on our age of entitlement, and why we payout subsidies for couples to have children.

Is Senator Jacqui Lambie for real?

Justin Smith: Is Senator Jacqui Lambie for real? Loneliest Pollie: Senator Jacqui Lambie has revealed she was looking for a man, but they must be wealthy & well-endowed. Justin Smith & Tracey Spicer on an interview that can only be described as odd & cringe worthy.

Has the PM finally found his voice?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Rise of a new PM: The PM has risen to the occasion in his actions re MH17. Has he finally found his voice? Angela Catterns looks at the rise of Tony Abbott as PM at our time for answers with former advisor Terry Barnes.

UN unanimous vote on MH17

United Nations vote on ceasefire to retrieve MH17 Unanimous UN Vote: Australia has applauded the unanimous backing of its resolution at the United Nations Security Council calling for full and unrestricted access to the Malaysia Airlines crash site in Ukraine.

More men now taking up yoga

More men across Sydney now taking up yoga classes Ancient Arts: Broga classes are all the rage with men in Sydney. Yoga for fellas. Why have men been reluctant to take up yoga previously? Angela Catterns looks at the rise of the ancient art of yoga across Sydney suburbs.

Teachers need on the job training

Are our children being over praised these days? Practical Teaching: Teacher education is a data free zone with universities conducting little or no evaluation of how well their graduates teach after a 4 year degree. Justin Smith on why it's critical for on the job training.

Bills to drop after carbon tax repeal?

Justin Smith & Treasurer Mike Baird on power prices? Carbon Tax Return: Energy companies are advising customers their bills will come down following the repeal of the carbon tax. Electricity will, but Gas might not. Stuart Bocking on the savings you can expect in coming bills.

Digging up the dirt of George Street

Light rail proposal for George Street in the CBD Light Rail: What's under George street , one of the oldest streets in Sydney. John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal how digging up the street for light rail may uncover some of the city's biggest secrets throughout our history.

Red light cameras reaping in cash

$160 million from speed cameras last year in NSW Snap: Figures show a huge jump in fine revenue due to new speeding and red light cameras at intersections. The NSW Government reaped $160 million from the cameras last year, that's $53m higher than the previous year.

Greed behind the add-on's we pay?

Church leaders campaign against public holiday retail trading Add Ons: Has business become too greedy? 50c for sauce, $1.95 for an envelope for a gift voucher, $4.95 for booking fees, can we get anything for free? Stuart Bocking revels the outrageous fees you're being slugged.

Balmain plans back at square one

Former Balmain Leagues Club in Rozelle Balmain Plans: The battle on development of the former Balmain Leagues Club is back at square one. Planning minister Pru Goward is seeking a redraw of local planning controls from Leichhardt Council.

Anna Meares flag bearer for games

Commonweath Games begin in Glasgow this week Commonwealth Games 2014: Cycling great Anna Meares has been chosen to carry the Australian flag at the Opening Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games starting this week. Shane McInnes reports from Glasgow.

One single childcare payment change

Time for an overhaul of childcare assistance? Childcare Changes: A single means-tested childcare payment could replace the suite of subsidies already in place, as part of sweeping reforms to the sector. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on changes to a complicated system.

Does practice make perfect to win?

Is winning at golf a matter of practice makes perfect? Practice Vs Passion: Is achieving the top of your field of chosen desire a matter of talent, or just practice makes perfect? Stuart Bocking & Dan McLaughlin aiming to become a pro golfer after 10,000 hours of practice.

Bennett to return to Broncos

Wayne Bennett pens a deal to return to the Broncos in 2015 Bennett Return: Wayne Bennett has signed a 3-year deal to return to the Brisbane Broncos next year. Sports Today chat about his return with Tony Durkin, Former Broncos media manager and Rugby League Week editor.

Horror scenes from Flight MH17

John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the horror of Flight MH17 2UE Video Editorial: The West has been horrified at the vision of flight MH17 and the souls aboard strewn through fields in the Ukraine. John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss the lack of dignity being afforded.

Pave paradise to put up a parking lot

Build a car park to take control of Oxford street? Parking Lot: Property magnate Max Raine tells Stuart Bocking why the City of Sydney must take control of Oxford street shopping strip, by demolishing an historic church in Paddington to build a multi-storey car park.

How do we deal with Putin?

How do we deal with Russian President Putin? Losing Patience: Who is Putin and how should we deal with him? Anger is seething on the downing of MH17. Angela Catterns with Former Russia Correspondent Monica Attard on how the world deals with the outcome.

War zones affecting us at home

Airstrikes won't work in uprising in Iraq? War Weary: The shooting down of MH17 illustrates how unstable regions like Ukraine, Syria & Iraq pose a serious threat to the safety of the rest of the world. Stuart Bocking on how close to home some battles are becoming.

No public holiday for Anzac Day

Australia's Anzac legend obsession? No Anzac Holiday: We will be short one public holiday next year, despite it being the centenary of Anzac Day. Don Rowe of the RSL tells Stuart Bocking why they believe this is a good thing, the day falls where it falls.

Death toll climbs in Gaza crisis

Fighting continues in Gaza as the death toll climbs Gaza Crisis: The UN Security Council has expressed serious concern for the growing number of casualties in Gaza and issued a fresh appeal for an immediate ceasefire. Justin Smith on the deadly exchange in the Middle East.

Flight MH 17: bring them home

Prime Minister Tony Abbott attends Mass at St Mary's Flight HM17: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Puti overnight. He has renewed calls for the bodies of victims of Flight MH 17 to be handed over to independent investigators immediately.

PM fails to get bounce in polls

Tony Abbott trails Bill Shorten as preferred PM Latest Polls: The scrapping of the carbon tax has failed to give the Coalition a bounce in the polls. Labor's primary vote has jumped 3 points and it leads 54-46 after preferences. Bill Shorten remains preferred PM.

Realistic guide to children’s behaviour

Allergies on the rise in children? Tips for Parents: Finally a practical, down-to-earth book on dealing with the many common concerns that parents experience managing their children. Angela Catterns speaks with author Prof. Kim Oates on 2o Tips for Parents.

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