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Has the Aussie teen jihadist signed his own death warrant?

Has the Aussie teen jihadist signed his own death warrant?

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Aussie jihadist signs death warrant?

2UE Video Editorial: Anger and dismay for a young Aussie turning to Islamic State and becoming a jihadist. John Stanley & Garry Linnell question his fate. Has he simply signed his own death warrant? Watch More...

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Angela's Pics: Your Spring Garden

Your Spring Garden Photos for Angela Catterns Angela's Pics: Spring has sprung and the flowers blooming. How is your garden looking? Send Angela Catterns your photos here for a chance to win a fertilizer pack that will be perfect for your garden. More...

Aussie Jihadist's threat to PM

Abdullah Elmir from Bankstown appears in an Islamic State video Aussie Jihadist: A young Australian jihadist has appeared in an Islamic State video warning Tony Abbott, "we will fight you and we will defeat you". Watch the propaganda video with direct threats to the PM. Watch...

Blue Poles: Gough's art legacy

Blue Poles: Gough Whitlam's art legacy for the nation Blue Poles: Remember the outcry when Gough Whitlam purchased the Jackson Pollack piece Blue Poles for the National Gallery? Angela Catterns reflects on the piece and its new worth following Gough's death. More...

Walking again: stem cell miracle

Stem cell therapy has a man walking again Spinal Injury: A Polish paraplegic is walking again after having stem cells injected into his spine. Stuart Bocking asks if this is just the beginning of finding a treatment (or a cure) for other forms of paralysis? Hear More...

Equip police with video cameras

Equip front line police with video cameras CCTV: Stuart Bocking looks at the call for all front-line police officers to be equipped with body mounted video cameras. Surprisingly, Scott Weber reveals it is being supported by the Civil Liberties council. Hear More...

Truck crash caught on dash cam

How the Dee Why truck crash rescue unfolded How the Rescue Unfolded: Stuart Bocking looks at the rescue of drivers trapped in the Dee Why truck crash. How hydraulic heavy cutting tools cut through the wreckage as people lay trapped in their cars. Hear More...

The Whisper: Waste at Tafe

John Stanley & Garry Linnell - The Whisper: waste at Tafe? The Whisper: 2UE whisper listener Brian has written in to John Stanley & Garry Linnell with a Whisper concerning an example of chronic waste at the Northern Sydney Institute of Tafe at St Leonards. Hear More...

Skipping breakfast weight loss key?

Is skipping breakfast the key to weight loss? Weight Loss: Skipping breakfast and only eating between 8pm and midday could be the answer to obesity problems. John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss the latest weight loss findings with Dr Alex Hodge. More...

Balibo 5 investigation dropped

Why has the Balibo 5 investigation been dropped? Dropped: The AFP has abandoned a war crimes investigation into the killing of the Balibo 5. Justin Smith with Shirley Shackelton the widow of Greg, one of the 5, on why the investigation was dropped. More...

5 years gaol for Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 year gaol 5 Years: Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to 5 years in gaol. No ordinary prisoner however. John Stanley & Garry Linnell ask, what's facing Pistorius in prison with Attorney at BDK Ulrich Roux. Hear More...

It's Time: Heralded era of new politics

Justin Smith on why It's Time heralded a new generation 2UE Video Editorial: It's Time heralded a new generation of politician and a time of change for Australian politics. Justin Smith looks back on the incredible time of Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister of Australia. Watch...

Tributes flow for Gough Whitlam

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has died Vale: Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died, aged 98. Tributes are being given on the man who changed the face of Australia and came to power following the It's Time campaign in the 70's. More...

Gough Whitlam: a giant of our time

Remembering former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam 2UE Video Editorial: Described as a giant of our time, John Stanley & Garry Linnell remember the incredible reshaping of our national identity by Gough Whitlam. They pay respect to an incredible politician. Watch...

Malcolm Fraser's tribute to Gough

Former Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Former PM Tribute: Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser speaks with Stuart Bocking about the tribulations and triumphs of Gough Whitlam as the two battled for power during the political times of the 70's. Hear More...

Truck crash at traffic hotspot

Police investigating the accident at Dee Why Accident Spot: Another accident in a Sydney traffic hotspot. A truck has lost control on Pittwater road approaching Warringah road, smashing into up to 8 cars and the truck rolling on its side trapping drivers. More...

Anger at teen jihadist's threats

Justin Smith on the savagery of the ISIS movement in Iraq 2UE Video Editorial: Justin Smith has his say on the 17 year old runaway from Bankstown, proclaiming the ISIS flag with be flown over the White House and Buckingham Palace, and his direct threat to Tony Abbott. Watch...

The Whisper: where burqa ban began

Are calls to ban the burqa an overreaction? The Whisper: A whisper on 2UE has led to a the burqa ban in federal parliament, which is now overturned. John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal how one little whisper has spread through parliament house. Hear More...

Too young for homework?

How young is too young for school homework? Homework: Children as young as 4 are getting homework at pre-school to prepare themselves for kindergarten. Do children really need the pressure of having homework? Justin Smith on how young is too young. More...

Time to help out Ebola regions?

Time to send in our troops to help fight Ebola? Ebola Help: Oxfam Australia is calling on the government to send troops into the west-African regions hardest hit by Ebola. Time for us to lend a hand? Justin Smith on the outbreak that has the attention of the world. More...

Drivers not tested for cocaine use?

Justin Smith on roadside testing for coacaine 2UE Video Editorial: Cocaine use in Sydney has doubled, and more drivers are being busted for drug driving... but the two don't match. Justin Smith reveals how testing for cocaine use is not an option for police. Watch...

Who's been snooping in your bin?

Just who has been snooping in your bins? 2UE Video Editorial: Just who is snooping in your bins? John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at why your garbage is worth money for marketers. What does sifting through your garbage say about you? Watch More...

Want to sing at the Opera House?

How would you like to sign at the Sydney Opera House Show Tunes: How would you like to sing at the Sydney Opera House? It's a dream come true for many. Angela Catterns on a new initiative to teach people to sing being held monthly at the Opera House. Find More...

Demerits for illegal disabled parkers

Demerit points for drivers illegally parking in disabled spots Disabled Parking Demerits: The State Government says fines alone are not deterring people from illegally parking in spots reserved for the disabled, confirming plans to look at introducing demerit points. Hear More...

Car industry keeping its secrets?

Have independent mechanics become a rare species? No More Mechanics: Independent mechanics could become a thing of the past due to the car industry not sharing their internal car data. Andrew McKellar from AAA joins John & Garry on vehicle technical advancements. More...

Who deserved their shonky award

Who deserved their shonky award for 2014? Shonky Awards: The Choice Shonky Awards were announced last week. What can major companies do to avoid making the list? Todd McKenny and Stuart Bocking discuss all the losers, and the lemons. Hear More...

Not enough jobs for uni grads?

Are universities churning out too many students? University Graduation: Are there too many university graduates and not enough jobs? Stuart Bocking on the huge amount of people without a job despite a university degree. How can students earn and learn? More...

The Whisper: Lock down reversal?

Kings Cross clubs suffering under tough new liquor laws? The Whisper: Has Marrickville Council replaced their perfectly good recycle bins with new bins, and why? John & Garry also look at the new lock out laws, will they be watered down and reversed? More...

Wallabies coach McKenzie resigns

Ewan McKenzie resigns as coach of the Wallabies Wallabies Turmoil: Ewan McKenzie has resigned as Wallabies coach Saturday night ahead of the match against the All Blacks. John & Garry with Andrew Voss on the fall out following the announcement. More...

Clubs to expand into childcare?

Greens slam the idea of clubs moving into childcare? Clubs: The Greens have slammed plans to give licensed clubs incentives to expand into child and aged care services. Senator Hanson-Young says it's ridiculous & should be cancelled. More...

Close encounters on planet Mars

Comet Siding Springs makes a close encounter with Mars Mars Comet: It is a once in a lifetime experience, as the world turns its eyes to Mars. Comet Siding Springs will make a close-by pass of the red planet. Angela Catterns with Astronomer Fred Watson on the event. More...

Renewed focus on our future energy

Renewed focus needed on our future energy needs 2UE Video Editorial: Our reliance on crude oil needs to end and efforts focus on renewable energy. Tim Webster on why wind farms are not an answer, but one source is emerging as a significant step forward. Watch...

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