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Second Test: Australia v India

Greg Matthews, Dean Jones, Ian Chappell, Glenn McGrath, Tim Lane

12:39 PM   Listen to the Fairfax Radio coverage or follow the commentary feed.

Will petrol prices remain low over the festive season?

Petrol Prices

10:30 AM   As the festive season approaches and more people are on the roads, can motorists expect petrol prices to remain low?

Julia Gillard joins Board of Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennet

11:05 AM   Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennett has announced that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard will join the Board of Beyond Blue.

Should we be allowed to carry guns in the street?

Should we be allowed to carry guns?

2UE Online 11:35 AM   Senator David Leyonhjelm believes the hostages of the Sydney Siege should have had weapons to protect themselves.


Tim Webster's Real Dubai Experience

Tim Webster's Real Dubai Experience

2:22 PM   Tim Webster's Real Dubai Experience! Tim Webster's Real Dubai Experience Click here to follow Tim Webster while he experiences the real Dubai!

Network News

Aussie flees to Sydney from China

Lucky escape from allegations over drugs?   Kalynda Davis recently returned home to Sydney after being held in China on alleged drug smuggling charges. What would the process have been behind the scenes to get her back? Andrew Voss with Kevin Boreham from ANU's College of Law.

Petrol price plunge for Christmas

Will petrol prices take a plunge for the Christmas season?

Petrol prices set to send Christmas cheer?   Unleaded petrol is around $1.28 a litre with some predictions it could fall below $1.25 by Christmas. Will it continue to fall? Stuart Bocking on whether we are moving into a period of prolonged lower Sydney petrol prices.

$7 co-payment dumped by Abbott

Tony Abbott

Doctors to claim or absorb the $5 rebate?   The $7 co-payment idea has been dumped by the Abbott government, but says doctors will be able to charge an ''optional'' $5 fee. AMA's Dr Brian Owler tells Andrew Voss doctors simply won't be able to absorb the cost.


Scott McLaughlin V8 best & fairest

21 year old Volvo driver V8's best & fairest   V8 Supercar dirver Scott McLaughlin won the Barry Sheene Medal last night for the best and fairest V8 Supercars driver of the season, and he’s only 21 years old! Murray Olds and the Volvo driver with a huge driving future.

Ian Chappell on evolving cricket

Garry Linnell, Ian Chappell and John Stanley on 2UE Breakfast.

Do we need an evolution in the way we play cricket?   The outpouring of sympathy for Phillip Hughes is astounding and a watershed in cricket. former Test Great - now Commentator Ian Chappell has told 2UE's John and Garry he hopes the Hughes tragedy changes the game.


Olympic Archery Competition at the Vatican? Why not?

Could this be the Archery venue for the 2024 Summer Olympics?

2:03 PM   Rome is bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics and a top cardinal has suggested the Olympic archery competition be held at the Vatican.

Be amazed at the night skies

Telescopes make for a perfect present at Christmas

Telescopes make for a perfect present at Christmas   Got a budding astronomer in the family? Telescopes are always a popular Christmas gift, but what to look for when buying a new or used one? Tim Webster with Dave Reneke from the Australasian Science Magazine.

Memories at The Phantom Show

Peter Kingston curator of The Phantom Show at Australian Galleries

Australian Galleries exhibition of comic noir   The Phantom has inspired for 80 years. Artist & ‘Phan’ Peter Kingston has coordinated an exhibition at Australian Galleries paying homage to the ghost that walks. Clive Robertson chats about his Phantom inspired work.

Do you still send Christmas cards?

Do you still send Christmas cards?

Have ecards taken over from traditional cards?   What traditions do you like to keep at Christmas? Do people still send Christmas cards? What is the etiquette when it comes to Christmas card giving? Andrew Voss with Etiquette Expert Anna Musson on cards vs email.