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Justin Smith takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for MND

Justin Smith takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for MND

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Justin Smith's Ice Bucket Challenge

2UE Video: Justin Smith has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge in the name of Motor Neuron Disease. Watch as he nominates his challenge to Attorney General Brad Hazzard, and froze for his mate Ian Davis who has MND.

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Should we scrap school homework?

Do students really need homework to succeed at school? 2UE Video Editorial: There is hardly any academic benefit for primary school students to do homework according to reports. John Stanley & Garry Linnell with opposing views on whether your children need homework.

Bill Shorten reveals rape allegations

Not a great start to the new parliament for Bill Shorten? Deeply Distressing: Opposition leader Bill Shorten has revealed he is the Labor figure at the centre of rape claims dating back to the 1980's. It has been revealed that he has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Drivers just drones behind the wheel

Can you avoid paying the road tolls? Drone Drivers: Driving technology puts us at risk of becoming driving drones - lazy, inattentive, and potentially unable to control the vehicle if the driving aides fail. Stuart Bocking on losing driver resposes in modern cars.

Sydney petrol price collusion?

Can Sydney survive the petrol crisis? Sydney Petrol Prices: The fuel giants deny they've done anything wrong, as the ACCC launches fresh legal action over petrol prices. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the legal action against some of the local retailers.

Muslim leaders anti-terror law anger

Call to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir  as an 'extremist' group Terror Threats: 60 Islamic leaders have signed a statement, calling for an "uprising" against the anti-terror laws. Stuart Bocking & Dr Jamal Rifi on why the changes are now under fire from our Islamic community.

ASDA's 10 days to consider options

ASADA confirms it's completed its investigation ASADA: Seventeen current and former Cronulla NRL players have been issued with 'show cause' notices in relation to the club's 20-11 supplements program. John & Garry with Rebecca Wilson on the penalty.

Sydney garbage collection suspended

Garbage collections have been suspended across Sydney Off The Road: Garbage collections have been suspended across Sydney after a fleet of Cleanaway trucks were grounded over fatal accident. The decision will affect residents across a wide spread area of our suburbs.

Are we losing to overseas investors?

Fears we are losing our sovereignty to overseas investors? 2UE Video Editorial: Has Clive Palmer tapped into a fear many of us have about China? The fear our sovereignty is being bought as we lose prime farming land? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the fear China is coming.

All 'Islamic State' have is fear to rule?

Justin Smith on the savagery of the ISIS movement in Iraq 2UE Video Editorial: Shocking images of Journalist James Foley's death has sparked a 'don't share' campaign. What we need to share is our anger to rid the world of this evil. Justin Smith on why fear will never rule us.

Ice Bucket Challenge goes viral

Bill Gates takes the Ice Bucket Challenge for MND Ice Bucket Challenge: The phenomenon has gone viral around the world and it is all for a good cause. The ice bucket challenge has some of the world's biggest names raising money for Motor Neuron Disease.

Bob Carr on Palmer's China tirade

Former Premier Bob Carr laughs off 'tosser' claims? China Australian Relations: Former foreign minister Bob Carr has told Angela Catterns that Clive Palmer is blind to the importance of Australia's largest economic relationship with China as we head into the future.

Finance minister on budget reset

Pensioners to be targeted in upcoming budget cuts? Budget Reset: Finance minister Mathias Cormann has tried to reset the budget debate. He tells Stuart Bocking there's still plenty of time to negotiate the passage of tough measures like the $7 GP co-payment.

What price for a little convenience?

What price for a little convenience? The Price of Convenience: At what stage does price outstrip convenience? Stuart Bocking looks at some of the staggering prices we outlay at the local convenience store. Are you simply being ripped off?

Brutality and evil rises in Middle East

Uprising: 'Islamic State' has only terror to rule? Growing War: Is the west in for a brutal war to stop the Islamic State? What of insidious sympathetic groups around the world? Dr Roger Shanahan & Justin Smith on the path ahead as evil takes hold in the Middle East.

Crisis over Palmer China comments

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce on 2UE 954am China Crisis: Barnaby Joyce responds to comments from federal MPs Clive Palmer and Jaquie Lambie about China. Are they dangerous, and show political naivety? He tells John & Garry the comments were unacceptable.

Clive Palmer drops another clanger

Clive Palmer speaks his mind on the Chinese, raising eyebrows 2UE Video Editorial: Clive Palmer has spoken out again, this time offering his insights into the Chinese. Justin Smith looks at his tirade against his former Chinese business partners that has raised a few eyebrows.

Senator warns of Chinese invasion

Justin Smith: Is Senator Jacqui Lambie for real? Concerns on China: Jacqui Lambie, Clive Palmer's Senator has defended his outburst, telling Justin Smith that the nation's grandchildren will be "enslaved" by China, unless the Defence Budget is soon doubled.

National Museum: Aussie Artefacts

Michael Chamberlain has donated the yellow Torana 2UE Video Editorial: Michael Chamberlain has donated the yellow Torana at the centre of attention on the death of Azaria, to the National Museum in Canberra. John & Garry ponder on a few other items they'd like donated.

Millions in pay rises for bank bosses

Commonwealth bank gives apology over bad advice Bank Balance: The Commonwealth Bank has awarded millions in pay rises to bosses of the scandal-ridden financial planning division. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the anguish the bank has caused customers.

Schools consider new teaching times

Adrian Piccoli on private schools obliged to help students? Change School Times: Do we need a change of starting times for schools? John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at the learning of our children and how a change to the starting time of our schools may help them to shine.

Loo with a View saved from demolition

Artist Peter Kingston Saving Sydney: Heritage loos on the Lavender Bay wharf for 100 years have been saved from demolition. Artist Peter Kingston led the campaign, which also saves his brilliant Cartoon Sculpture Garden on the boardwalk.

Clive Palmer's incredible outburst

How will the PM deal with a hostile Senate? Double Standards: Is there a rule for one lot of MPs and a rule for others like Clive Palmer? Stuart Bocking looks at the extraordinary attack on China from the man who holds the balance of power in parliament.

Racism still rife in parts of Sydney?

Penalty rates holding back youth employment? Exclusive: Nilson Dos Santos missed out on a job as a barista after a Sydney coffee shop owner, who is Chinese, allegedly told him people wouldn't want coffee 'made by black people'. Justin Smith reveals the shocking story.

By-election: Liberals avoid thumping

Justin Smith discusses Premier Mike Baird on 2UE 954am 2UE Video Editorial: Mike Baird is under fire for deciding not to run Liberal candidates in upcoming Hunter by-elections. Justin Smith on the thumping he'd have to face, and why the party is avoiding the area.

Sydney's wild weather to ease

Soaked: Sydney wet weather set to continue Wild Weather: State Emergency Service volunteers will be hard at work this morning, after a busy and wet night in Sydney. The SES say calls are were coming through thick and fast overnight.

Liberals run scared in by elections?

A 'gutless' approach to the upcoming by elections? 2UE Video Editorial: John Stanley & Garry Linnell are puzzled over the Liberals running scared in upcoming by elections and not running candidates. Is it a gutless move by the government? Have Your Say!

Sound Archives seek 80's songs

National Film & Sound Archives searching for 80's tunes Tracks of our Years: What Aussie 80's song should be added to the Sound Archives? Angela Catterns speaks with Graham McDonald at the National Film & Sound Archive. Here's a few nominated so far, what's yours?

Man's best (priceless) friend?

Can a pet detective help with finding lost dogs? It's a Dog's Life: How much would you think your dog is worth? A recent study shows working dogs do around $40,000 worth of work. Angela Catterns on working dogs and fury family members that are priceless.

Juggling life working in the navy

Maridy & Terry Morrison with Stuart Bocking Heroes at Sea: Over 5 months HMAS Darwin has seized narcotics worth more than $2.1b. Stuart Bocking speaks with Commander Terry Morrison on his work and wife Maridy on juggling life working in the Navy.

Alcohol violence moves to Newtown

Will lock out laws create a new 3am swill? Violence: Have tough measures against alcoholic violence simply moved the issue a few suburbs over? Stuart Bocking on lock out laws moving late night drinkers to Newtown, taking their problems with them.

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