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Nick Xenophon confirms he is to set up a political party

Nick Xenophon confirms he is to set up a political party

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Xenophon to set up political party

2UE Video Editorial: Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has confirmed to John Stanley & Garry Linnell he will set up a party of like-minded people targeting voters who are unhappy with the current major parties. Watch...

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Jet pack designed for police

Jet pack designed for police Jet Pack: Peter Coker has invented a jetpack which he hopes to sell to police or paramedics, hoping the technology could be used to fly above traffic and respond quickly to emergencies. Police on Jetpacks? More...

Our forgotten homeless veterans

Homelessness a major issue with our veterans? Homeless: Have we forgotten those who gave us our freedom? Angela Catterns looks at how big an issue homelessness is with our veterans. Geoff Evans a Vietnam veteran with the sobering statistics. Hear More...

Red tape and double standards?

Mindset of a cyber-bully, what makes someone so horrible? Farcical Situation: Justin Smith on double standards and red tape of the debt recovery department. They say on the website they don’t send emails asking for fines to be paid, but caller Lesley tells otherwise. More...

Cooks Companion gets a garnish

Stephanie Alexandra with Stuart Bocking on 2UE 954 Stephanie Alexandra: The Cooks Companion is a staple in thousands of Australian households. First published in 1996, it's now been updated with new sections on grains & seeds, and a section on bush foods. More...

Boomers accused of retiring on dole

Unemployment levels reach 10 year highs Boom: The employment department have accused baby boomers of 'retiring' on the dole as the number of over 50's on Newstart climbs. Susan Ryan says it's inflammatory language which doesn't help the situation. More...

News Forum: the issues of the week

Kristina Keneally & Sean Nicholls with Angela Catterns News Forum: The pace of the week was fast and furious with so many stories developing. Angela Catterns looks back on the busy week with former Premier Kristina Keneally and Sean Nicholls of SMH. Hear More...

Westpac apology over red tape

Westpac has been forced to apologise over red tape Red Tape: Set up a bank account for the kids? John & Garry reveal how Westpac has been forced to apologise after a staffer demanded to speak to a toddler to confirm his identity as the main account holder. More...

Sydney kids calls for Islamic caliphate

John & Garry: 6 year-old boy calls for Islamic caliphate? 2UE Video Editorial: Police will investigate the welfare of a group of young boys filmed calling for a global Islamic caliphate. John & Garry on young minds of 6 year-old Sydney boys polluted with propaganda. Watch...

Nova Peris sets back race relations?

Justin Smith speaks on the Nova Peris email affair 2UE Video Editorial: Justin Smith says Senator Nova Peris is a racist and reveals his reasoning why he is offended by her claims white people hate black people. We need to stop negative statements on both sides.

Sydney kids taught Islam propaganda?

Claims children are being taught propaganda on IS? Propaganda: Six year old Sydney boys sprouting anti-west doctrine? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on young minds being polluted with propaganda over the Islamic State and given a distorted view of Islam. More...

Men now reluctant to help kids?

Why men are now reluctant to help kids Reluctant to Help: Stuart Bocking on new research 1 in 4 Australian men (23%) will not help your lost child because society now questions the intent of any man speaking to an unknown child. More...

New Gold Opal card for Seniors

How to use the Opal Card to your advantage? Opal Card: Seniors and pensioners are being encouraged to get an Opal public transport card. Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian on Gold Opal cards $2.50 all-day travel available from next Monday. More...

Pop to Popism at Art Gallery of NSW

Pop to Popism at The Art Gallery of NSW Popism: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Koons, Whiteley, the great names of art are all part of Pop to Popism at the Art Gallery of NSW. Stuart Bocking with curator Wayne Tunnicliffe the must-see Sydney event. More...

Joe Hockey's spat at red tape

Too much red tape holding back small business success? Red Tape: Visiting a pizza shop, council regulations meant Joe Hockey couldn't put 2 tables together to sit with friends. John & Garry on the red tape that needs to be scrutinized to help small business succeed. More...

Recycling everyday food scraps

A new extra weekly bin ahead for your food scraps? Recycling: Randwick Council introducing separate food scraps collection, what food can you recycle? Do you already separate food scraps? Angela Catterns on recycling waste, now an everyday duty. More…

What are your good sleep tips?

Are the night lights of Sydney ruining our health? Sleep Tips: How do we get a good night's sleep and are our bodies trained to sleep at different times? Dr Ross Walker of Healthy Living Sunday nights gives John Stanley & Garry Linnell some valuable tips. More...

The Whisper: more garbage bins

More bins to be added to your weekly garbage collection? The Whisper: Yet another rubbish bin for Randwick, this time one to separate food scraps? Westfield Miranda to start charging for parking. And is one leagues club being purposely run down for sell off? More...

Sydney turns blind eye to homeless

There has been a rise in Sydney’s young homeless? Homeless: Angela Catterns talks to Grandfather of Michelle Levy, David Levy, who wrote a letter to the SMH saying when out looking for Michelle was astonished by the number of homeless he encountered. More...

Women banned from Wanders match

Only one woman allowed at Wanderers match? Banned: Western Sydney Wanderers are in Saudi Arabia to play in their historic second leg of the Asian Champions League final. John & Garry reveal, only one woman is allowed to attend the match. More...

Human Nature back with Jukebox

Stuart Bocking with the fellas from Human Nature on 2UE Jukebox: Human Nature have enjoyed an enduring career revisiting the golden years of pop music. Stuart Bocking chats with the Aussie quartet about their US success and album Jukebox hits of the 50's & 60's. More...

Should Nova Peris quit the Senate?

Should Nova Peris quit the Senate? 2UE Video Editorial: Senator Nova Peris rejects accusations she used taxpayer funds to facilitate an affair. Justin Smith discusses claims of explicit emails and questions if she has 'sold her people out'. Watch...

Northern Beaches hospital plans

Plans released for the Northern Beaches Hospital Northern Beaches Hospital: Premier Mike Baird and Health Minister Jillian Skinner announced Healthscope has been chosen to design, build, operate and maintain the new Northern Beaches Hospital. More...

Islamic State recruiter Baryalei killed?

Islamic State recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei Unconfirmed Reports: Authorities are attempting to get confirmation on reports Australian terrorist and Islamic State kingpin Mohammad Ali Baryalei has been killed in Syria. Details are filtering through. More...

Objections to Mosque for Penrith

Would you object to a Mosque being built in your suburb? Penrith Mosque: Do you object to a mosque being built in your area? Independent Liberal Councillor Marcus Cornish does, telling John & Garry crime rates rise and the fabric of life irreversibly changed. More...

Charging less for good manners

Cafe charging customers less for their good manners? Good Manners: Should customer be the ones showing good manners? John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal a Sydney cafe is charging customers less if they show good manners. Isn't the customer always right? More...

The Whisper: Stones secret gig

Rolling Stones announce new tour dates & extra concerts The Whisper: Rolling Stones will perform a secret gig in Sydney. Lectures in Mandarin at Aussie Universities. Salvos charging homeless? Liverpool Westfields now decked out for Christmas. More...

Glen Campbell: Not Gonna Miss You

Glen Campbell I’m Not Gonna Miss You Final Farewell: Country singer Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's. A debilitating disease that takes memories away. Here is his farewell song, I'm Not Gonna Miss You on how Alzheimer's is destroying him. Watch...

Who let 11yo runaway stay 2 nights?

Mystery remains on an 11 year old runaway's movements 2UE Video Editorial: An 11 year-old taken under the wing of a stranger, an unknown older man. John Stanley & Garry Linnell question how a man in his 50's let schoolgirl Michelle Levy stay in his home for so long. Watch...

What happened to Michelle Levy?

Questions still remain over Michelle Levy disappearance Sydney Mystery: Despite a great outcome, questions still remain over the disappearance of Michelle Levy. Her father says he is just happy that someone took her in, but John & Garry on the questions that remain. More...

Why paying more for petrol stinks!

Justin Smith: Why the hike in fuel excise stinks! 2UE Video Editorial: The lift in fuel excise can be introduced without passing the Senate. Justin Smith on why the measure stinks, adding a so-called 40 cents a week to the fuel costs of most motorists. Watch...

Shooting victim brother speaks out

Police accused of not investigating rape claims? Shooting: The brother of a man shot by Sydney police at Ingleburn denies reports it was a result of a domestic disturbance. Matt Betteridge tells Justin Smith his brother Andrew is suffering from a mental illness. More...

Excise lift: Petrol prices set to rise

Can Sydney survive the petrol crisis? Petrol Price Rise: The price of petrol will rise next month as the Abbott government increases the tax excise. Stuart Bocking reveals it will generate $2.2b in revenue and cost households an extra 40 cents a week. More...

MP GST debate descends to farce

Tim Webster: balance needed in our political debate? Descent Debate: Much mirth as the PM speaks about an increase to the GST. Stuart Bocking says forget any mature debate as each party get what they sow. Can we expect a scare campaign, and will the GST rise? More...

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