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Stuart & Todd speak with songstress Wendy Matthews on 2UE

Stuart & Todd speak with songstress Wendy Matthews on 2UE

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Wendy Matthews: Campfire Festival

Song Bird: Wendy Matthews is part of the stellar line up of artists appearing at the 2015 Campfire Festival 13th – 15th March at Hope Estate, Pokolbin. Stuart Bocking and Todd McKenny catch up with the songstress. More...

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How to attract the perfect partner?

Millionaire Matchmaker: what are the secrets? Millionaire Matchmaker: Trudy Gilbert has released her book 49 Secrets of an Elite Matchmaker. What are the secrets? Todd McKenny & Stuart Bocking on what advice she may have to attract the perfect partner? More...

Too many truck accidents

Truck companies to be charged for distance traveled? Accidents: There have been 3 major truck accidents over the past week in Dee Why, Wetherill Park & Penrith. Are truck drivers becoming complacent? Justin Smith with Jodi Broadbent of the Trucking Association. More...

Jodi McKay to contest Strathfield

Jodi McKay to contest the seat of Strathfield Safe Seat: Labor leader John Robertson has stepped in to ensure Jodi McKay will be the Labor Party's candidate for the seat of Strathfield. Justin Smith speaks with her about changing her mind on politics. More...

The lone wolf: who is watching?

The threat of home grown terrorism is growing? Insidious Serpents: So many extremist are now on our watch list, how much watching is going on? Stuart Bocking on the fears one lone wolf gunman can cause so much terror as we come to grips with a new era of war. More...

Creep filming bums on beaches

Justin Smith: Creep filming bums on beaches? 2UE Video Editorial: What sort of person films people's bums on Sydney's beaches and places it up on You Tube? Justin Smith on the creepy behaviour that one person is doing as you enjoy our warmer weather. Watch...

McSchools for fast food education

Is McDonalds to build their biggest store in Mosman? Corporate Education: 'McSchools', where kids learn about the fast food industry, could be established under a Federal Government corporate schools trial. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the proposal. More...

Greens Grinch against Christmas

Matthew Robertson is a Greens Grinch? Bah Humbug: Matthew Robertson is a Greens Councillor at Woollahra and is arguing the case against Christmas being celebrated in the area. Stuart Bocking in a gob-smacking interview with a Christmas grinch. More...

Rabbi's response to Greens Grinch

Rabbi responds to Christmas Greens Grinch Green Grinch: A Greens Councillor wants to stop a Christmas party because non-Chritian people find the word Christmas offensive. Justin Smith speaks with Rabbi Eli Feldman, not offended at all over the word. More...

Push to end drip-pricing costs

Time time to put an end to online drip price fees 2UE Video Editorial: Outrageous price drip fees are costing you every time you purchase airline and concert tickets. John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss the push to end the online booking and ticket fee costs. Watch...

Canadian attack Canberra wake-up

Justin Smith: Canadian attack a wake-up call to Canberra? 2UE Video Editorial: The terror attack on the Canadian parliament has been a wake-up call for those in Canberra. Justin Smith says the attack has hit us and it should. He pays tribute to the bravery shown today. Watch...

Horrific scenes of animal cruelty

Animal cruelty - Warning: scenes may distress Video: Animals Australia is again calling for a ban on live exports after an investigation into animal cruelty in middle eastern countries showed repeated regulation breaches. Warning: images may cause distress...

Canberra faces similar Ottawa threat?

Concerns over parliament security following Canadian attack Terror Attack: Canada's Parliament targeted by gunmen in a suspected terrorist attack. What are the ramifications for our own parliament? John & Garry on concerns authorities have for a local attack. More...

Pyrmont bridge shared path dangers

Pyrmont bridge shared path dangers for pedestrians Shared Path Dangers: Cyclists ride at breakneck speeds across Pyrmont Bridge, which is a shared path with pedestrians. Stuart Bocking questions if there is something that can be done to slow cyclists down? More...

Love a garage sale bargain?

Are you a garage sale fan? Garage Sale Bargains: Have you ever found a real bargain at a local garage sale? Are you a garage sale fan? Angela Catterns catches up with Wendy Harmer, national ambassador for Garage Sale Trail. More...

Angela's Pics: Your Spring Garden

Your Spring Garden Photos for Angela Catterns Angela's Pics: Spring has sprung and the flowers blooming. How is your garden looking? Send Angela Catterns your photos here for a chance to win a fertilizer pack that will be perfect for your garden. More...

Farmers pay for supermarket wars

Time for a fair go for our farmers Fair Go: Federal Government preparing to crack down on supermarkets, retailers and processors who deal unfairly with farmers. John & Garry with Barnaby Joyce on giving farmers a fairer share. More...

Sneak peak at Sculptures by the Sea

Sculptures by the Sea returns for 2014 Video: Sculpture by the Sea is back for 2014 with 109 artworks scattered along the shoreline from Bondi to Tamarama. The exhibition celebrates the 1000th artist to have featured in the event. Sneak Peak Here...

Why has Balibo 5 inquiry stopped?

Justin Smith - Why has Balibo 5 inquiry stopped? 2UE Video Editorial: Why have the Australian Federal Police dropped their investigations into the Balibo 5 deaths? Justin Smith discusses the dead ends he is getting seeking out the real reasons why. Watch More...

Aussie jihadist signs death warrant?

Has the Aussie teen jihadist signed his own death warrant? 2UE Video Editorial: Anger and dismay for a young Aussie turning to Islamic State and becoming a jihadist. John Stanley & Garry Linnell question his fate. Has he simply signed his own death warrant? Watch More...

Aussie Jihadist's threat to PM

Abdullah Elmir from Bankstown appears in an Islamic State video Aussie Jihadist: A young Australian jihadist has appeared in an Islamic State video warning Tony Abbott, "we will fight you and we will defeat you". Watch the propaganda video with direct threats to the PM. Watch...

Blue Poles: Gough's art legacy

Blue Poles: Gough Whitlam's art legacy for the nation Blue Poles: Remember the outcry when Gough Whitlam purchased the Jackson Pollack piece Blue Poles for the National Gallery? Angela Catterns reflects on the piece and its new worth following Gough's death. More...

Walking again: the stem cell miracle

Stem cell therapy has a man walking again Spinal Injury: A Polish paraplegic is walking again after having stem cells injected into his spine. Stuart Bocking asks if this is just the beginning of finding a treatment (or a cure) for other forms of paralysis? Hear More...

Skipping breakfast weight loss key?

Is skipping breakfast the key to weight loss? Weight Loss: Skipping breakfast and only eating between 8pm and midday could be the answer to obesity problems. John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss the latest weight loss findings with Dr Alex Hodge. More...

Equip police with video cameras

Equip front line police with video cameras CCTV: Stuart Bocking looks at the call for all front-line police officers to be equipped with body mounted video cameras. Surprisingly, Scott Weber reveals it is being supported by the Civil Liberties council. Hear More...

Truck crash caught on dash cam

How the Dee Why truck crash rescue unfolded How the Rescue Unfolded: Stuart Bocking looks at the rescue of drivers trapped in the Dee Why truck crash. How hydraulic heavy cutting tools cut through the wreckage as people lay trapped in their cars. Hear More...

The Whisper: Waste at Tafe

John Stanley & Garry Linnell - The Whisper: waste at Tafe? The Whisper: 2UE whisper listener Brian has written in to John Stanley & Garry Linnell with a Whisper concerning an example of chronic waste at the Northern Sydney Institute of Tafe at St Leonards. Hear More...

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker Sunday October 19th

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker on 2UE 954am Healthy Living: This week: near death experiences, fruit juice linked to hypertension, a nano drug for dry eyes, grapefruit juice curbing high fat, is asthma purely allergy and your calls to the Openline. Hear More...

Balibo 5 investigation dropped

Why has the Balibo 5 investigation been dropped? Dropped: The AFP has abandoned a war crimes investigation into the killing of the Balibo 5. Justin Smith with Shirley Shackelton the widow of Greg, one of the 5, on why the investigation was dropped. More...

It's Time: Heralded era of new politics

Justin Smith on why It's Time heralded a new generation 2UE Video Editorial: It's Time heralded a new generation of politician and a time of change for Australian politics. Justin Smith looks back on the incredible time of Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister of Australia. Watch...

Tributes flow for Gough Whitlam

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam has died Vale: Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died, aged 98. Tributes are being given on the man who changed the face of Australia and came to power following the It's Time campaign in the 70's. More...

Gough Whitlam: a giant of our time

Remembering former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam 2UE Video Editorial: Described as a giant of our time, John Stanley & Garry Linnell remember the incredible reshaping of our national identity by Gough Whitlam. They pay respect to an incredible politician. Watch...

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