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What do you make of the proposed Cloud Arch for Sydney?

What do you make of the proposed Cloud Arch for Sydney?

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What to call the new CBD sculpture?

2UE Video Editorial: What do you think of the new Cloud Arch proposed to tower over George street? Marshmallow man, falling tissue, dental floss. Justin Smith on the new Clover Moore sculpture for Sydney.

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PM discusses the issues on 2UE

PM Abbott says President Obama an PM on 2UE 954: The PM discusses his frustrations on retrieving the remaining souls from MH17 as fighting continues in the area. Justin Smith with Tony Abbott on whether he is getting help from President Putin.

Work for Dole rules far too strict?

John Stanley & Garry Linnell on changes to work for the dole 2UE Video Editorial: Not everyone on the dole is a bludger. Many seek out serious help to get a job. John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at proposed changes and why there needs to be a re-think on some of the strict rules.

Sculpture revealed for Sydney CBD

Look what's planned for George Street in Sydney Awe Inspiring? A 50 metre high white steel cloud arch has been revealed for George street in Sydney. Lord Mayor Clover Moore has described it as 'awe inspiring'. Artist Junya Ishigami says it is 'architecture as air'. Your thoughts?

David Suchet: The Last Confession

Stuart Bocking with David Suchet on 2UE 954am Video Interview: David Suchet is known the world over as Poirot, but is coming to Sydney to star on stage in The Last Confession. Set in the corridors of the Vatican at the time of the controversial death of John Paul I.

Fighting stops MH17 recovery

International investigators arrive to secure MH17 MH17: Ukranian forces claim to have regained control of the east of the country from pro-Russian rebels, near the site of the Malaysia Airlines disaster. John & Garry with SMH reporter Paul McGeough on the scene.

$1 milk sending our farmers broke

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce on 2UE 954am White Slavery: Barnaby Joyce tells Stuart Bocking why he thinks Coles and Woolies $1 a litre price war on milk will turn out to be a bad idea. NSW Milk exports to China are growing and they're paying at least $7 a litre.

No place to top up Opal cards?

Does the Opal Card system work for you? Opal Top Ups: No final decision has been made on where train commuters will be able to top up their Opal cards. It comes after it was revealed there are no permanent plans for the cards to be sold at train stations.

Work for the dole doesn't work

Are dole recipients trying to Dole Work Doesn't Work: John Stanley & Garry Linnell speak with Assistant Employment Minister Luke Hartsuyker, who responds to leading economist Jeff Borland's claim that work for the dole schemes don't work.

Time for a three day weekend?

Time for us to enjoy a three-day weekend every week? Three Day Weekend: Leading business futurist Morris Miselowski tells Justin Smith why he thinks it is smarter to switch to a 3 day working week. Hear why it will enhance our well-being, family and economy.

Julie Bishop our next Prime Minister?

Julie Bishop tipped to be our next Prime Minister? Next PM: Former Howard minister Peter Reith says Julie Bishop should be considered as the next Prime Minister. He tells Justin Smith why he thinks the top job should be hers when Tony Abbott decides to stand down.

Sydney's glorious sunset

Sunset over Sydney Sunset Over Sydney: Justin Smith asked his Drive audience to send through their pics of the glorious sunset on Monday evening. Have a look! Thanks Sydney. Be sure to send us your pics of the sunset photos@2ue.com.au.

Work for the dole gets mixed reaction

Mixed reaction to changes to work for the dole scheme Work For The Dole: A mixed reaction to proposed changes to work for the dole, where the unemployed will have to perform 40 job searches a month and up to 25 hours community service per week or lose the payments.

Italian recipes from the heart

Antonio Carluccio with Suzy Yates on 2UE 954am Two Greedy Italians: Antonio Carluccio always cooks from the heart, bringing to life the culinary delights of Italy. Suzy Yates catches up with the host of Two Greedy Italians to discuss the secrets of the perfect pasta.

PM Abbott: struggling for respect?

Why is Tony Abbott still struggling in the polls? 2UE Video Editorial: Tony Abbott is struggling in the polls, and despite his handling of the MH17 crisis, he still hasn't been taken to our hearts. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on what he needs to do, and with a hostile Senate.

Cyberspace a playground for teens

How has the internet changed your life? Internet Secrecy: Teenagers are adept at hiding their internet activities from parents. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on how to keep your children safe in the digital space with sexts, texts and selfies author Susan McLean.

Near death experiences all vivid

The vivid experience of being near death Beyond Death: Ever had a near death experience? It seems those who have been through the experience all experience the same thing. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on near-death experiences that are surprisingly vivid.

PM polls are on the slide?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Poll Slide: Why hasn't Prime Minister Tony Abbott gained stronger leadership polling from his response to MH17? John Stanley & Garry Linnell with Graham Richardson on the poll slide and the biography of Joe Hockey.

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker Sunday July 27th

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker on 2UE 954am Healthy Living: back pain & the new paracetamol trial, a biological pacemaker using gene therapy, 3rd Hand smoke dangers, is being overweight all bad, Metabolism, stress, high fat, fitness & sitting.

Menzies: The man behind the myth

The man behind the myth: Sir Robert Menzies Leadership: Tim Webster speaks with Anne Henderson on her book 'Menzies At War'. The insightful book delves into his leadership years, going from defeated leader to become Australia's longest serving prime minister.

MH17: mass murder of innocent souls

Tim Webster on the mass murder of innocent souls on MH17 MH17: Horror in the news with the mass murder of 298 innocent souls aboard MH17. Tim Webster looks at the behaviour from the other side of the world, and the thoughts many had this week of where we proudly call home.

Do we all have psychic connections?

Can humans have accurate premonitions of future events? 2UE Video Editorial: A young victim on MH17 was usually a confident flyer, but had a premonition the plane would crash. John & Garry ask, do you believe humans can have accurate premonitions of future unfolding events?

Earth missed catastrophe by a week

How Earth missed catastrophe by just a week Solar Flare: If a massive solar storm had hit one week earlier 'we would still be picking up the pieces'. Justin Smith reveals how close the Earth came to being affected by a solar eruption that would have been catastrophic.

Asylum seekers heading to mainland

Asylum seekers now being processed at sea? Asylum Seekers: 157 asylum seekers intercepted last month and held on a Customs ship will soon be sent to the Australian mainland. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the group might not end up staying in Australia.

Home lost to real estate fraudsters

Real Estate in Sydney Real Estate Scam: A recent real estate scam saw a Canberra property sold by fraudsters while the owner was living overseas. Could it happen in Sydney? John Stanley & Garry Linnell with a warning for all home owners.

Women still face work discrimination

3/4 workers believe they can do a better job than their bosses Discrimination: One-in-two women face negative reactions at work when they're expecting a baby, resulting in 22% choosing to leave altogether. Stuart Bocking on women still being discriminated against in the workplace.

A week of horror over flight MH17

Recovery process continues of flight MH17 MH17: Australian investigators have visited the site of the MH17 disaster, finding more human remains that had previously been overlooked. A Federal Police officer was among those who inspected the wreckage.

Sydney median house price: $800,000

Property bubble about to burst? Property Boom: The state government says it's doing all it can to make Sydney property affordable as the median house price tops $800,000. Angela Catterns on the Sydney property bubble, will it burst any time soon.

Time for serious debate on euthanasia

Euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke Euthanasia: Does the suspension of euthanasia campaigner Dr Phillip Nitschke highlight the need for urgent debate on the issue. He tells Justin Smith he's confident of over-turning the move to have him deregistered.

John & Garry: Let the games begin

John & Garry on reasons for supporting the Commonwealth games 2UE Video Editorial: The Commonwealth Games are underway, & despite the knockers, there are significant benefits for our sports community. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on why we should support the games.

Treatment for back pain a placebo

Are there dangers in taking statins? Placebo Effect: Paracetamol is no more effective at treating back pain than a placebo, according to a new study. Stuart Bocking looks at the findings with Professor Chris Maher and how it will re-write the medical guidelines.

Mortgage war: should you fix?

Foreigners get 1st home owner grant? Mortgage Wars: Australians are being warned against diving in to fixed rate home loans as the banks compete in a price war, slashing five-year rates. John & Garry with Paul Clitheroe and his advice on your mortgage.

Abbott copping Senate body blows

Parliament House: who was our best PM in last 40 years? Politics: The debt levy passed, the carbon tax was repealed (just). Stuart Bocking with Phillip Coorey, how much longer can the government go on copping political body blows for measures unlikely to pass the senate?

Downward spiral of dealing drugs

Are police losing the war on gun crime? Drugs: Dane McNeill, 20, murdered, dumped in Casula park and set alight. Jamie Gao, 22, murdered, dumped at sea. Both allegedly involved in the drug trade. Stuart Bocking asks why young men follow this dangerous path?

Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

Australia's team enter Glasgow's Celtic Park Commonwealth Games: Cyclist Anna Meares has led a huge Australian team into the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in front of 40-thousand spectators at Glasgow's Celtic Park.

MH17: the long journey home

Tributes for the victims on flight MH17 MH17: Bells have tolled across the Netherlands with the bodies of 40 victims from the MH17 disaster arriving in the country. Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove says he felt privileged to represent all Australians.

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