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War in the Middle East is looming

War in the Middle East is looming

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War looming in the Middle East

2UE Video Editorial: War in the Middle East is looming, and we need to do something against the radical and barbaric atrocities being committed. Tim Webster on the old adage, evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

Station Highlights

Bizarre evidence at union hearings

John & Garry: A bizarre day at union inquiry over a barber's chair 2UE Video Editorial: A bizarre day at the royal commission into unions with an almost tiff between former lovers. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on Kathy Jackson revealing her extra marital affair, and that barber's chair.

Extremists the enemy of Islam

Time to rally against extremism in all religions? 2UE Video Editorial: We need our Muslim leaders to speak out against the evil extremism we are seeing in the Middle East. Justin Smith reveals one leader who is stepping up and speaking out against Islamic extremism.

Bali arrest may affect Corby bail

Schapelle Corby to be released from prison within days? Bali Arrest: Will Schapelle Corby's parole be in jeopardy following the reported arrest of her boyfriend. Justin Smith says she must stay away from anything to do with drugs or crime, as part of parole conditions.

Regional relocation grants scrapped

Regional relocation grants  have been scrapped On The Move: Regional relocation grants have been scrapped by the NSW government. Stuart Bocking with James Treloar from Evocities who thinks more people should move regionally. Would you consider it?

News Forum with Angela Catterns

Angela Catterns on 2UE 954am News Forum: The news this week has been huge, with the government returning to Canberra to get the budget through, war looming for the west. Angela Catterns with Sean Nicholls of SMH & Allan Hogan of SBS.

My religion needs fixing?

Call to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir  as an 'extremist' group Religious Problem: Glenn Mohammed has written a stirring piece titled, My Muslim religion has problems that need fixing. He speaks with Justin Smith about the radical Islamists causing concern for all, even Muslims.

Drug action in female prisons

Step-father's 20 year prison sentence for murder of toddler Drug Addiction: The NSW government launched a new facility to deal with drug addiction among female prisoners, it's a step in the right direction, but are we doing enough? What's the situation like in female prisons?

Team Oz: dunnies, doodles & doin it

Justin Smith: Welcome to Team Australia Stand Proud: Welcome to Team Australia. What a country this is. Where our politicians stand head & shoulders above the world. Justin Smith on nude Ex PMs, sex lives delaying inquiries and MP toilet habits revealed.

One way ticket for Islamic radicals

Buy Islamic radicals a one way ticket out of Australia? Islamic Radicals: Muslim leaders are starting to speak out over radicals wanting to head overseas to fight. Justin Smith with Dr Jamal Rifi who says he will happily buy a one way ticket to any wanting to leave Australia.

Hawke-Keating: who was better PM?

Who was the best Australian Prime Minister? 2UE Video Editorial: There are currently a plethora of political books that are re-writing history in their own way. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the re-writing of the political history between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

Qantas loss of $2.84 billion

Open up Qantas to greater foreign investment? Staggering Loss: Qantas has posted a net loss of $2.84 billion for the last financial year, a staggering amount. The airline says it expects to make a profit next year, but does this spell the death nell for Alan Joyce.

Millers Point sales shock investors

Millers Point sales skyrocket as prices head through the roof Millers Point: Prized harbourside land is being sold to investors. Buyers were expecting a rundown terrace for sale at Millers Point to sell for around $1.5 million. It sold for a staggering $2.6 million. Stuart Bocking with more.

Stopping fighters heading overseas

Airstrikes won't work in uprising in Iraq? Islamic States: How should we handle Australians leaving to fight overseas in Islamic states? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on going into the Middle East to fight, are better off leaving them go, or keeping them.

Employ more Gen Y workers?

Bosses hiring future buddies over those more qualified? Gen Y: Employers are being called on to hire more Gen Y workers. Why? Stuart Bocking on the Gen Y worker advantages, virility, tech savviness, raw talent, amongst many other valid reasons like street smarts.

Redfoo shocked at glass attack

Red Foo talks to media following a glassing at a hotel Glassing: X-Factor judge Red-Foo has described his shock at being glassed at a pub in Sydney's eastern suburbs overnight. He was in a VIP area of the Golden Sheaf Hotel, when a glass was thrown at him.

How do you address bullying?

Time to simplify the national curriculum in primary schools? Headspace: A primary school principal is in hot water after referring to bullying victims and those with mental illness as "morons" and "nut cases". Angela Catterns asks if we need to be more aware of mental illness.

Sydney Putt Putt sold out to Chinese

Selling out Putt Putt to Chinese investors Putt Putt Property: A popular mini-putt course is closing down after the council sold the site to cashed up Chinese property developers. Stuart Bocking asks if the council will be helping the business relocate?

Revealed: the incredible past of Clive

Clive Palmer being courted by the Liberal Party? 2UE Video Editorial: Who knew Clive Palmer is a man of mystery, our very own Walter Mitty. John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal his secret and incredible past that saw the MP travelling China when only a boy.

New NBN plan to save $16 billion

Will Malcolm Turnbull lead the Liberal Party? Broadband Network: Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull tells Justin Smith we will all be $16 billion better off under the coalition's broadband plans following a scathing cost-benefit analysis of Labor's NBN.

New science of medical cannabis

Cannabis has been legalized in Colarado Health News: Where do you stand on medical cannabis? If it were your loved one in extreme pain and it could help them, would you support it? Angela Catterns on the best medicinal uses of cannabis oil.

"Fat" Clive Palmer is fair game?

Clive Palmer speaks his mind on the Chinese, raising eyebrows 2UE Video Editorial: Is Clive Palmer fair game because he is fat? Justin Smith on the MPs black, Asian or gay… or a woman not criticised. But, if you're a big white man, then it is OK to poke fun at their weight?

PM hospital visit to justify bill claim?

PM Abbott says President Obama an PM Schedule: John & Garry with Latika Bourke, who claims the PM told the party room he had to visit a cancer centre in Melbourne to justify billing taxpayers to be in the city for a "private function" the night before.

Rewards cards losing you money?

What do reforms to Privacy Act mean for your credit record? Rewards Cards: How often do you use rewards cards to shop? Are they too good to be true? Stuart Bocking on the Mozo Research that shows that one in four rewards cards on the market are actually losing you money.

Helipad for Darling Harbor hotel?

Helipad for Darling Harbor hotel? Heliport: Dr Jerry Schwartz wants to build a helipad on roof of his new hotel in Darling Harbour. It surprised his architect but wasn't slapped down by Andrew Stoner. Stuart Bocking asks, does this idea have merit?

NBN: what future for Sydney online

Would you hire a friend for $60/h? Online Future: What will the Coalition's model of the NBN deliver to Australians? Angela Catterns asks if you'd prefer the cheaper version which is rolled out quicker, or invest the time and money in Labor's NBN.

Close Sydney shops on Boxing Day?

Should our shops stay closed for Boxing Day? Boxing Day: Should Sydney shops open on Boxing Day? Angela Catterns with Berine Smith who raised a petition with 10,000 signatures against revised Boxing Day trading laws. Do you like to shop on Boxing Day?

Café shuts doors on barista backlash

Penalty rates holding back youth employment? Backlash: A Darlinghurst cafe owner has shut his doors after the backlash received over refusing to hire a black barista. Justin Smith on people power, refusing to buy coffee at the cafe ultimately the demise of the store.

Jodhi Meares needs more than slap?

Justin Smith on taking a stance on drink driving 2UE Video Editorial: Police are likely to appeal the sentence given to Jodhi Meares over her drunken crash that saw her roll her Range Rover. Justin Smith says she deserves more than a slap on the bum with a plastic ruler.

How to stop youth going jihadist?

How to stop our youth going jihadist? 2UE Video Editorial: John Stanley & Garry Linnell question the $13m that will go towards community programs to stop young Australians from becoming jihadists. Will splashing money stop the radicalization of these youths?

Darling Harbour set for transformation

5 star hotel set for Darling Harbour 5-star: Sydney is set to get a new 5-star luxury hotel as part of the new world-class convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct at Darling Harbour. Derek Peterson on the $2.5 billion transformation of the area.

Parking fines down in Sydney CBD

Do we need parking rangers with wider powers? Parking Fines: City of Sydney's parking rangers fined fewer drivers last year than any of the previous six years. Justin Smith on whether there are quotas for rangers with Sydney Liberal Councillor Edward Mandla.

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