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Heightened security as the fight on terror enters a new phase

Heightened security as the fight on terror enters a new phase

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New phase in fight on terror

Heightened Alert: Police say they are moving into a new phase in the fight against domestic terror threats. Extra police are being deployed across Sydney and security lifted to deal with the heightened terrorism alert. More...

Station Highlights

Sydney's Favourite Teacher 2014

Sydney's Favourite Teacher 2014 Favourite Teacher: After weeks of nominations John Stanley & Garry Linnell have announced Sydney's Favourite Teacher for 2014. Congratulations to Anthony Wilson from Hunters Hill High School. More...

Do we need seats for indigenous MPs

Justin Smith on whether we need seats for indigenous MPs Poll Results: Should some seats in Federal Parliament be reserved for indigenous Australians? A 2UE 7News / ReachTEL National poll provides some intriguing results, as Justin Smith reveals to our listeners. More...

Revealed: Operation Pendennis

Are new alcohol violence laws a knee jerk reaction? Exclusive: Stuart Bocking talks to Anthony Whealy, a man who knows about home-grown terror threats. The retired Supreme Court judge presided over the trial of our previously anti-terror raid, Operation Pendennis. More...

Claims of retaliation in Sydney traffic

Brick thrown through window Brick Thrown: A caller to our Drive programme called Fred speaks with Justin Smith about a brick being thrown through the window of his car. He claims the culprits shouted "Die F*$#ing Christian". Listen Here For More...

Overcoming fear in our suburbs

ISIS flag auctioned off at a Sydney mosque High Alert: Are you more afraid now of terrorism than you were this time last week? Do you think that maybe we're overreacting? Angela Catterns with Prof. Kevin Dunn of UWS on overcoming fear in our suburbs. More...

Council sister city costs questioned

Council Chambers: do we have too many tiers of government? Council Expenditure: How much money are councils spending on their sister city programmes? Local Government Minister Paul O'Toole with John & Garry on the outlandish costs being paid by ratepayers. More...

12 secrets to a happy marriage

Should taxpayers foot the bill for free marriage counselling? Marriage Secrets: What are the secrets to a successful marriage? Alan Stokes gives John Stanley & Garry Linnell his 12 secret tips for a happy marriage. What tips do you have for a happy & long relationship? More...

Red flag: anti-terror raids a warning?

Justin Smith on the counter-terror raids across Sydney 2UE Video Editorial: The largest counter-terrorism raid in Australia's history. Justin Smith reveals police acted on reports of a major terrorist attack in Sydney. Is this a wake up call for all Australians? Watch...

Counter-Terror raids across Sydney

Terror raids across Sydney involving hundreds of police Sydney Raids: More than 600 hundred police have raided homes across Sydney and Brisbane, in the biggest counter-terrorism bust in Australia's history. Reports the raids are believed related to an imminent threat. More...

Let Australians go fight for ISIL?

Uprising: 'Islamic State' has only terror to rule? No Return: Would we be safer if the authorities let would-be ISIL fighters go to Iraq and Syria instead of keeping them here? Terrorism expert Professor Clive Williams tells Justin Smith why we should let them go. More...

Raise in terror level justified?

Have these raids opened your eyes a bit? Terror Level: Do you think the raids across Sydney justfy the decision to raise our terror level? Angela Catterns with SMH Crime Reporter Nick Ralston on a local family business accused of funding terrorism. Hear More...

Raids to stop beheading in Sydney

Prime Minister Tony Abbott  addreses our military personnel Raids: Prime Minister Abbott confirms raids were sparked by intelligence ISIL was planning executions in Australia. He says direct instructions on beheadings were coming from an Australian overseas. More...

Manly's drunk revellers targetted

How would you curb alcoholic violence across Sydney? Drunken Revellers: At least 100 people are on the streets of Manly Saturday night, ejected from pubs for unruly behaviour. Angela Catterns on an initiative that may see trouble makers with nowhere to go. More...

Fun police end muck up day?

Have the 'Fun Police' put an end to High School 'muck up' days? 2UE Video Editorial: Is muck up day a thing of the past? John & Garry discuss a day where mischief took place by Year 12 students, but now have the fun police taken over and students no longer celebrate? Watch Here...

Are you a collector or hoarder?

Council to clean up hoarders home Hoarding: What are some of the things you hold onto? Would you consider yourself a collector, or hoarder? Angela Catterns with former hoarder Lee Shuer on the pursuit of a life with much less clutter. Find More Here...

Agenda set for upcoming G20

World’s economic thinkers arrive in Sydney for G20 summit G20: The group of 20, known as G20 returns to Australia. Clive Robertson goes behind the scenes to discuss what it is the G20 do, is Capitalism going strong? He talks to Steve Ciobo on the upcoming agenda. More...

Cash transfer company questioned

Bisotel Rieh Pty Ltd Transfer Queries: A Sydney money-transfer company has been accused of having possible links to terrorism, with a question mark over millions of dollars sent to the Middle East. Justin Smith on a "significant" risk. Hear More...

Should we ban local ISIS flag sales?

Islamic State release a video of another beheading in Middle East Ban ISIS Flag Sales: Flag shop owner Rob Boot sells ISIS flags. Should he be stopped? He tells Justin Smith he will order more & charge customers a premium for the flags because they are "hot selling items". Hear More...

Anger at ABC Digger massacre claim

Justin Smith on claims against our Diggers 2UE Video Editorial: Claims from the ABC of a massacre in Papua New Guinea at the start of WWI at the hands of our soldiers has made Justin Smith angry. Does the ABC owe an apology to our WWI Diggers. Watch More...

Too apathetic to make a change?

Are we too apathetic to makes changes to our flag? 2UE Video Editorial: Are we too complacent these days to make change to society's consensus thinking? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on our apathy to change the flag, or even think of becoming a republic. Watch More...

How safe are generic brand meals?

Farmers forced to pay for Woolworths ad campaign? Woolies Worries: Grocery giant Woolworths is facing claims it misled customers on the safety of a range of products. Listener Catherine tells Justin Smith what she found in one of their butter chicken meals. Hear More...

Bill shock on mobile internet data

Mobile phone charges - ever suffered from bill shock? Download Disputes: Charged extra for mobile internet downloads is the top complaint to the telecommunications industry ombudsman. Angela Catterns on knowing your limits before suffering from a huge bill shock. Hear More...

Clover on council voting reforms

Does Sydney need a minister as well as a Lord Mayor? Elections: The Baird government has backed a move to grant businesses double the voting power of residents in Sydney council elections. Angela Catterns & Clover Moore on the move she calls undemocratic. Hear More...

The mindset of violent extremism

Anti-terror laws strong enough to stop a home grown terror attack? Homegrown Terrorism: Are our local anti-terror laws strong enough to stop a home grown terror attack? Dr John Demartini with Stuart Bocking on the psychology behind the horrors of violent extremism. Hear More...

Cable car link to Barangaroo?

Cable car link to Barangaroo? Sydney Transport: A cable car between Pyrmont & Barangaroo is the latest idea for Sydney transport across the harbour. Stuart Bocking on what seems a flight of fancy of the Sydney Business Chamber? Read More...

Losing our land to overseas buyers

Help needed for our struggling farmers? Losing Our Land: How much of our farmland is owned by overseas investors? Seems no one knows the exact answer. John & Garry discuss revelations Chinese milk companies are buying up local farms. Hear More...

Marijuana reform step to legalisation?

Cannabis has been legalized in Colarado Marijuana Legalisation: Is a medical trial the first step towards the legalisation of marijuana? Stuart Bocking & Ann Symonds of Australian Drug Law Reform on how we need to get on with the trial. Hear More...

Whisper: Malvern stars for fireys?

The Whisper: Malvern stars for our Sydney CBD fireys? The Whisper: A planned cycleway in Sydney will pass the fire station where emergency crews park vehicles. If the Scottish get independence, will the British open no longer be played at courses like St Andrews? Hear More...

Sydney's driver-less rapid transit

New details of Sydney's North West Rail Link revealed NW Rail Link: New details of Sydney's North West Rail Link have been revealed, with trains to run more frequently, than first planned. Derek Peterson on plans for a world-class rapid transit rail service. Hear More...

Medical cannabis trials for NSW

Patients with terminal illnesses will be able to use medical-cannabis 2UE Video Editorial: Patients with terminal illnesses will be able to use medical-cannabis, without fear of prosecution, as the State Government launches a clinical trial. Justin Smith on the changes for the ill. Watch More...

John & Garry on new MH370 theory

Why are we paying for the search of flight MH370? 2UE Video Editorial: Conspiracy theories, from being hijacked to mechanical tampering. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the theory the pilot of MH370 flew the ghost plane into the Indian Ocean. Watch Here...

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