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Anzac Day: our most sacred of national occasion?

Anzac Day: our most sacred of national occasion?

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Anzac Day: will it always be sacred?

Anzac Day: Without doubt our most sacred of national occasion, and we remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Dick & Sarah in The Hotseat ask listeners, will it be as important in 100 years?

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Anzac Day: just a public holiday?

Anzac Day: More to you than just a day off work? Anzac Day: Do you believe it is special, or just another day off work? Do you attend a service? Justin Smith reveals how many people admit that it means nothing special to them. What about you? Have your say!

Air security: $12-billion for 58 jets?

Australia to spend $12-billion to purchase 58 fighter jets Air Security: We are about to spend $12-billion to purchase 58 fighter jets, as some defence personnel question the cost. Dicko & Sarah on an 'inevitable' move to replace an aging fighter jet fleet for our security.

When to let a loved one go?

How long should we treat elderly people in hospitals? 2UE Video Editorial: How long should we treat elderly people in hospital? A tough subject to tackle, but one the medical profession has to face daily. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on when it is time to let someone go.

Set to be slugged for your gas?

Sydney set to be slugged for gas? Gas Price Rise: Get set to be slugged an increase of up to $225 a year on your gas bills as of July 1st? Justin Smith on why local households are paying through the nose, yet others are getting their gas at cheaper rates.

An epidemic in domestic violence?

Domestic violence against women is a huge concern Raising Awareness: John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss raising awareness of violence against women. Roger Yeo, father of murder victim Rachelle on generational change, & men standing up against violence.

Are we losing the war on drugs?

Is marijuana more destructive than alcohol? Time to legalise? Have we lost the war on drugs? US President Obama may release inmates from prison arrested over drug use. Justin Smith & Richard Arnold on drug enforcement here, being compared in the US.

The man behind the voice of Dr Hook

Dennis Locorriere of Dr Hook with Dicko & Sarah Dr Hook: Dennis Locorriere is the man behind the music and voice of Dr Hook, the songs that have played on our radio for decades. Dicko & Sarah catch up with the man with the unique voice, and amazing music.

Celebrating Shakespeare's 450th

A memorial to William Shakespeare near the State Library Birthday Celebration: It's the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, is he still relevant and should we be teaching his works in schools? Angela Catterns on the greatest poet, playwright, and pre-eminent dramatist.

Angela Catterns with Tina Arena

Angela Catterns with Tina Arena on 2UE 954am Tina Arena: began as a child in music, rising through the pop charts and into our hearts as a performer. Angela Catterns spends Morning Tea with the Aussie chanteuse and looks back on an incredible music career.

Western Sydney Wanderers Win

Dicko & Sarah with listeners at the Wanderers match Winners are Grinners: Dicko & Sarah took listeners to Pirtek Stadium to watch the Western Wanders match. Not a bad night in all as the team finished top of their Asian Champions League group in the Football.

20 police officers charged this year

Why would someone fake an abduction? Police Charged: A Police officer charged with raping a child was never arrested, and now at least 20 officers have been charged with criminal offences this year. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on what is being done.

Foy Vance talks on Joy of Nothing

Angela Catterns with Foy Vance on 2UE 954am Foy Vance: has a passion for music. A Northern Irish singer and songwriter who travelled the American South to immerse himself in rich musical traditions. Angela Catterns catches up with this insightful artist.

Anzac Day: reflecting recent battles

Anzac Day: time for reflecting on more recent battles? 2UE Video Editorial: Anzac Day is a solemn time of reflection on the service given to the nation. Garry Linnell says it is time we knew of the work of soldiers in recent battles, to understand their experiences.

Bill Shorten on reforming Labor

Video Editorial: Garry Linnell on the future of the Labor Party Bill Shorten on Labor: Justin Smith speaks with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten about his call for changes to the Labor Party. Has he missed the opportunity to tell voters what the party really stands for now?

Baird reshuffle - winners and losers?

Mike Baird to announce new ministry shake up New Premier Mike Baird has confirmed the dumping of Greg Smith as Attorney-General, describing it as a 'difficult decision'. John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at the ministry shake up with 2UE's Derek Peterson.

Mt Everest a richies box to tick?

Has climbing Mt Everest become a box to tick for rich thrill seekers? 13 Sherpas have died on Mt Everest after an avalanche. The remaining Sherpas are on strike. Has climbing Mt Everest become a box to tick for rich western thrill seekers at the expense of the safety of Tibetan Sherpas?

Sick patients will have to pay for GP?

Health care should be above any user pays principle? Co-payment to see a GP? Are we chipping away at our universal free medical system by introducing co-payments to visit the doctor? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on why we may be forced to pay for a visit to see a GP.

Father's fight to see his daughter

Justin Smith on Andrew's struggle for justice to see his daughter Father Fights: "Andrew" listened in court as his wife accuse him of sexually abusing their daughter. Never charged, the allegations hung over him. Justin Smith on a story of perjury and lies to stop a man seeing his daughter.

Anger at Anzac Day breast competition

Anger over tasteless Anzac Day cosmetic surgery competition Cosmetic surgery competition: urging women to rate their breasts has been branded insulting by the RSL. Justin Smith on the so-called Anzac Day mateship experience. Is it exploiting the meaning of Anzac Day?

William & Kate head to Uluru

Prince William & Kate at Uluru The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge head to Uluru for the second half of their Australian Tour. Prince William & Kate will visit a local indigenous community before taking a walk around the iconic site.

Do you still play board games?

What are your favourite board games to play Board Games: What are your favourite board games to play with family and friends? Angela Catterns with Scrabble champ Daniel Piechneck, who reveals that Catterns is an anagram of transect, and worth 60 points.

Shorten calls for Labor Party reforms

Not a great start to the new parliament for Bill Shorten? Bill Shorten has called for major reform, claiming Labor will remain in the wilderness unless it modernises. He says the party needs to make it easier for people to join by ditching its requirement for union membership.

Faking it: can you cry on cue?

Dicko & Sarah: Can you cry on cue? Faking it? Claims that Oscar Pistorius was taught to cry in court. But how do you teach someone that? Actress Denise Roberts speaks with Dicko & Sarah about turning on the waterworks on cue when up on stage.

Who gets your families heirlooms?

Dicko & Sarah's Kangaroo Court on 2UE 954am Kangaroo Court: Handing down family heirlooms is always a family dilemma, and so it is in Sarah Morice's family. Dicko & Sarah discuss with listeners, who gets Mum's jewellery when she's gone? Have your say!

Clapton & Sayer to share the stage

Leo Sayer & Richard Clapton with Angela Catterns on 2UE Richard Clapton & Leo Sayer are combining musical forces with Joe Camilleri & Russell Morris to take to the stage. Angela Catterns speaks about their work, biographies about to be released, and the new gigs.

When is the flu just a cold?

Winter ahead: When is the flu just a cold? Winter Flu Season: When is the flu really just a cold? And why is the Man Flu way worse than any other kind flu? Angela Catterns with ANU Professor of Medicine Frank Bowden on the approach of flu season.

Morning Tea with Graeme Innes

Angela Catterns with Graeme Innes and the adorable Arrow Disability Discrimination: Graeme Innes is the Disability Discrimination Commissioner and chats with Angela Catterns on the difficulties our sight impaired face every day, and working with Arrow his guide dog.

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker Sunday April 20th

Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker on 2UE 954 This week: Gene screening for newborns, Viagra & melanoma risks, why 4 men paralyzed after spinal cord injuries can move their legs again, are antibiotics added to the meat we eat or is it a Medical Myth.

Looking back on O'Farrell the man

Wine and dine an MP for $300? 2UE Video Editorial: Tim Webster looks back on the fellow who seemed set to win the next state election, Barry O'Farrell. Behind the politics of the state was a man who did a lot of good work, as Tim outlines here.

Jacob Borg wins the Citroen DS3

Jacob Borg wins the Citroen DS3 Congratulations from 2UE to the winner of the Citroen DS3, Jacob Borg who was at the Royal Easter Show to claim his prize. He and his family listen to 2UE and rang through to Angela Catterns to get a spot in the draw. Thanks to everyone who entered.

2UE Live at 2014 Royal Easter Show

2UE Live at the 2014 Royal Easter Show Photos & Video from the Show: 2UE have been broadcasting at the 2014 Royal Easter Show. Check out our photos and video of the fun we had. If you are going to the show, be sure to call past & say g'day to the team.

If those were my kids, I'd...

What you should know before entering into IVF treatment The Hotseat: If those were my kids, I'd... Dicko & Sarah pose the question what you would do if your child of 12 or 13 became pregnant. Tell us your thoughts here in our blog, how would you react to the news?

Gary O'Callaghan on Talk Back Radio

Gary O'Callaghan reflects on Talk Back Radio on 2UE 954 Talkback: Remember Sammy Sparrow? Gary O'Callaghan was Sydney's most successful Breakfast announcer. Today is the birthday of Talk Back Radio. Dicko & Sarah catch up with Gary to relive fond radio memories.

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