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Late Drive host Murray Olds on 2UE 954

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Nothing is sacred with 2UE’s Two Murrays.  They leave no stone unturned – jumping into the thick of the day’s news, sport and current affairs armed with their trademark enthusiasm, bravado and quick tongues.  With more than five decades combined radio experience under their belts, this dynamic duo can speak with some authority - and a lot of humour – on just about any topic that matters to you!

Enjoy everything you need to know in the comfort of your car or kitchen - share a laugh with Murray Olds and Murray Wilton as they present Weekday Afternoons.

Murray Olds is a long time sports journalist, specialising in his coverage of the Olympic Games, as well as a broadcaster and producer at 2UE.  He started working as a Sports Reporter with his home-town newspaper, the Christchurch Press in 1977.  He moved to Sydney in 1981, after 12 months off touring New Zealand with a rock band. 

Murray’s worked in Sydney radio for almost 30 years, apart from a 3 year stint in Adelaide where he worked as News director at 5DN, hosted Breakfast for a year and then spent 12 months in television.  He returned to Sydney in 1990 and worked as News Director for five years before becoming the network’s Olympic editor in the lead up to Sydney 2000.  Since then, Murray has reported on ten Olympic and Commonwealth Games.  Murray worked on air for three years alongside Murray Wilton, first at 2UE then 2GB before returning to 2UE as a producer for John Laws, followed by Mike Carlton. 

Murray loves all sport, music, his bride and three children and purchased a new drum kit in 2010.