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Afghanistan an ungrateful nation?

Posted by: 2UE | 4 September, 2012 - 8:53 AM
Koran burning responsible for attacks on Afghanistan UN workers?

Jason Morrison believes our soldiers, despite their sacrifices in Afghanistan, are fighting for an ungrateful nation. Never with a successful central government, the picture painted for the future is questionable.

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Aussies suspend Afghan training

Political correctness madness from the Afghanistan war

Australian special operations troops have suspended training of Afghan Special Forces soldiers under a NATO ban. Jason Morrison with Defense Journalist Ian McPhedran on sifting the rats from the ranks.

Opposition grows on Afghanistan role

Afghanistan: will the country descend into chaos when troops leave?

Are we doing the right thing by staying in Afghanistan? With calls from MOs claiming the PM has blood on her hands, Peter Berner speaks with Clive Williams over the path ahead in the war torn country.

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  • Hamid Karzai is just as corrupt as the American paymasters that pay him.
    Any chance whether it is real or imaginary, this guy comes out of the woodwork for another photo op! Supporting this master of flip flop makes the Australian goverment just as responsible for the deaths as he is. Afghanistan is a landlocked country ruled by wacked out religious and tribal law, It has nothing to offer the world and should either leave it or Nuke it!

    Peter Thursday 6 September, 2012 - 1:31 PM
  • Terrance, it is clear to me that Jason doesn't share your understanding, so that's 'everybody less one', at least, to whom it is 'very well known'. Jason's belief, it would seem, is that our troops are there fighting to benefit the Afghanis (and they are UNGRATEFUL - quote) My understanding is that we are there as part of a 'war on terror' (is that everyone less 2 now?) and as with Iraq, if the locals resist, they will be found amongst the colateral damage. Jason's belief, as stated here, would seem to suggest that our troops are hired guns, in Afghanistan to help the Afghanis. Of course, in order to get the locals to 'come with us' their hearts and minds need to be won over, hence the building of infrastructure by the allied forces, but still, no guarantee that the Taliban or any other looneys won't win over a substaintial number of local hearts and minds over. Neither of our major political parties has a desire to take our troops out before it is absolutely neccessary. The trigger for returning will be the withdrawal of the Yanks. The risks to our troops are high 2 of my cousins there)and they would be impossibly high once the Yanks (love them or hate them) withdraw.

    James W Thursday 6 September, 2012 - 10:40 AM
  • @James W, I think it is very well known to everybody why our soldiers went there, but they probably won't admit it. Our soldiers were sent there by a government that wanted to please the Americans. They were made canon fodder to serve the agenda of American super power politics - that is the cold hard truth. Why are they still there? Because this govt does not want to displease the Americans by pulling them out before getting the green signal. As soon as the Americans pull out (which will happen inevitably as the Afghans are never going to give up), there will be no "staying the course". We will have to pull out our troops straight away regardless of what state Afghanistan is at that point.

    Terrence Wednesday 5 September, 2012 - 7:21 PM
  • Jason, your beliefs are wrong on two points, firstly, our soldiers fight for us, no one else. Secondly, Australia is very grateful for the sacrifices, our armed forces members and their families are prepared to make. Your belief, as stated here, leads me to believe that you do not fully comprehend why our armed forces were sent in to Afghanistan.

    James W Wednesday 5 September, 2012 - 12:15 PM
  • We should pull out of there but keep a very wary eye on them. They are a nation of utter no hopers, cowards and ungrateful bastards.I believe they will self destruct in the fullness of time.

    Samuel J James Wednesday 5 September, 2012 - 8:07 AM

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