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Anzac spot for volunteer firefighters?

Posted by: 2UE | 14 January, 2013 - 5:22 PM
Should volunteer fire fighters be allowed to march with our Diggers?

Should we have a section in the Anzac Day marches for those who put their lives on the line volunteering? Jason Morrison and Vietnam Veteran Charlie Lynn who says firefighters should march with our Diggers.

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Gratecrashers run amok at parties

Gatecrashers ruin parties - how can they be stopped?

Horror stories from weekend parties where gatecrashers have run amok, wreaking injury and havoc. Tim Webster has been through such an event, and has some great advice for parents regarding teenage parties.

Money guru on how to save in 2013

ICAC hears of sex allegations as a reward for arranging meetings

If you are taking stock of your expenses and spending, Your Business Day with John Stanley is perfect. Our first guest is the financial guru who has taught generations how to save, Paul Clitheroe.

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  • Like Christian Australia, ANZAC Day is fast dying, we we are not allowed to have national pride anymore and there are so many traitors here, that even hate our very own flag. I blame it on traitorous commo Labor governments who obviously have an agenda to trash our sovereignty, spirit and culture. Volunteer firefighters are irrelevant to ANZAC Day and sadly I think it would take a horrible war before people finally woke up to themselves and showed some respect for our fallen forefathers who built this once free and easy going country. Google; agenda 21 for dummies

    www.abortiontruth.com Monday 14 January, 2013 - 8:09 PM

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