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Are Gen Y out of control?

Posted by: 2UE | 15 January, 2013 - 3:28 PM
Courts creating the next underbelly generation

Bill Woods with Jason Morrison says we may be investigating child abuse, but why not confront with children their lack of respect and hold ourselves accountable for the most important job in the world, parenting.

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Culture grows of welfare on tap?

Crackdown needed on welfare payments

Opposition MP has been branded a racist for questioning the work ethic of "mobs" involved in the clashes in Brisbane. Stuart Bocking on the Twitter from Andrew Laming and the culture of welfare on tap.

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  • About time we started saying NO to these young masters. And the Courts should make them pay finanial damages everytime they damage, graffiti, burn, slash, steal something, monetry costs will bring them to attention quick smart, quicker than a good behaviour bond.

    Jo Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 6:25 PM
  • The majority of the Y brigade are out of control brats - the me, me layabouts for whom the rod had been spared and spoiled the child as it goes. The left wing school teachers have helped to achieve this disgraceful outcome in my view. We need a complete change with the inculcation of discipline and personal responsibility - teachers and parents inclusive! Amen.

    Justin J Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 9:41 AM
  • I don't even see why the question of kids being out of control has even been brought up. It so easy to answer it's funny. It's because our actual laws virtually allow it with the young offenders act, by the judges almost never convict them, & that they are backed up to a ridiculous degree by simpering bleeding hearts. This results in young people realizing correctly, that if they behave badly, not only will they probably get their way, there will be almost nothing in the way of a serious penalty. For example, I have found out personally, by actually being told by a Police officer, that it is basically impossible to charge a young person that has king hit my child in the face in front of a teacher on school grounds.
    Simply put, the law says that Gen Y don't have to be in control. What it basically indicates, is that young people actually have more protective rights than other Australian age classes.

    Coasty Wednesday 16 January, 2013 - 8:21 AM
  • Comatosed Bill Woods is obviously a typical blaming Labor hack. It is plainly the unaccountable dirty green Labor teachers dominating in the schools and undermining the parents discipline and brainwashing their dumbed down children with Labor/Green ideologies, right behind the parents backs and without the parents approval, messing with their children's naive trusting little minds!! i.e. Labor's "dangerous global warming" and Labor's"gender neutrality" same sex marriage etc, etc. Thus parents have rightly lost confidence in todays new-age "ethical" Labor infiltrated public schools. Ranting Bill Woods wants to blame the parents when clearly the root cause is in the public schools these days, where discipline has been abandoned a long, long time ago and the ramifications are profoundly bad!! Labor's so called "Education Revolution" is a costly countless $Billion dollar failure! So many children, ridiculously after 12 years of schooling have very poor literacy and numeracy issues and thus very low self-esteem!! Bill Woods is like all Labor hacks when the damage is done they look for a sucker to blame for Labor's very own usual gloating damage. Labor's "modern Australia" Labor's "new Australia" roosters are fast coming home to roost. Leave it alone Bill Woods, we all gave up on channel 10 a long, long time ago son and thats why intelligent people stopped buying the crappy Daily Telegraph. Man up Bill, Labor are wrecking Australia. Why not write about Julia Gillard's disturbing past and Labor's now legal, illegal country shoppers or even about gross hypocrites Labor's absurd, highly contradictory fraudulent global warming tax scam??? Get the picture Bill?

    www.abortiontruth.com Tuesday 15 January, 2013 - 8:23 PM
  • When the kids get more rights then parents and teachers, what else would you expect to happen.
    The big party riot at Berowra last year would not of gone that far if a big burly policeman spoke to them, but we sent in a pretty little polcewoman to ask them to please be quiet, sometimes we deserve to be laughed at.

    Johannes. Tuesday 15 January, 2013 - 6:37 PM

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