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Battle for survival below poverty line

Posted by: 2UE | 30 August, 2012 - 8:58 AM
Unemployment skyrocketing in Western Sydney suburbs

A daily battle for survival is being fought from below the poverty line according to Dr John Falzon of St Vincent de Paul. Jason Morrison discusses a limit on dole payments, and level of Newstart allowance.

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Should we pay more for the dole?

Crackdown needed on welfare payments

Shocking findings uncovered into the lifestyle of welfare recipients. New research has found those on the dole are the worst-off of all welfare recipients when it comes to getting-by on their fortnightly payments.

More flexible work hours for dads?

Please stay on hold... for fifteen hours?

New figures show a growing number of men want more flexible work-hours, so they can look-after children, grandchildren, or elderly relatives. Two Murrays of the need for more flexibility in the workplace for all.

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