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Call to pay cops to patrol the Cross

Posted by: 2UE | 29 August, 2012 - 8:42 AM
Family appeals for information after teen dies in Kings Cross assault

Kings Cross nightclub owners have for the second time offered to pay police for extra patrols. Jason Morrison says the area has a violence problem, because there are not enough police, or zero tolerance.

There's no problem paying extra for police to patrol the SCG, so why can we not do it for the area in and around Kings Cross?

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Student license for mobiles in class

Crimestoppers launch new smartphone software

A leading psychologist says students should have to pass a test and licensed, before they are allowed to use laptops and tablets in class. John Stanley on the proposal to fight cyber "sexting" by students.

Abbott backs away from Howard

The Carbon Rally heads to Hyde Park in Sydney this weekend

Will Tony Abbott struggle on industrial relations in the shadows of Workchoices? Stuart Bocking looks at what John Howard has had to say. Suddenly Tony Abbott is backing away from the former PM's ideas.

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  • @ Samantha,
    You forgot to mention the fortresses they now reside in, they look very scared from my position!

    Imagine if the the bikies declared gorilla warfare on them, they wouldn't know where and they wouldn't know when!

    Bikinis not burkas! Wednesday 29 August, 2012 - 6:34 PM
  • so many police numbers yet hardly a force? even if there were 240,000 with more of the same current lax police hierarchy nothing would ever change staying the same. 14 years of a sloppy hopeless labor government and 16 months of the inept Liberal continuation has turned the police into unreachable hidden out of the way grumpy buck passing public service office workers too afraid to answer the bloody telephone themselves. the rampant malicious damage, etching of nearly ever train window in sydney and spray painting/graffitti all over the place way out of control with no end in sight and no police in sight the police evidently unwilling incapable of even stopping these brazen grafitti criminals that can be so easily caught? so really there is no hope for the rest of the unchecked constant serious crime in kings cross and indeed everywhere else in sydney to be stopped. good people could one day be frustrated into becoming vigilantes to protect themselves and property and they would no doubt be quickly arrested by the police!

    Samantha Wednesday 29 August, 2012 - 2:10 PM
  • The poor policing problem is all over Sydney. There are plenty of inactive statue police-more than enough, if they simply did their job. Most days on the radio you hear about genuine distressed people who have called the police because of very serious incidents, even calling 000 and then getting fobbed off with absolutely no sense of urgency! With the offenders doing whatever they want, because of a no response police "force", ridden with excuses for everything. The truth be known, we already pay more than sufficient tax for police security. Until the politicians stop massaging the police, telling them what good jobs they are [not] doing, the lazy police will continue with more of the same no resolve, for the rapid escalating crime, hiding behind obviously fudged police stats. The lack of public, police confidence is so bad that many people are not even bothered to call the police for help anymore, because they are routinely fobbed off. Or if the police do eventually turn up, its all over bar the shouting, too late! Good people are now living in fortress like homes with bars on their windows, just like they the ones in prison! The undisciplined police "force" must have major reform!

    Artie Wednesday 29 August, 2012 - 10:34 AM

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