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Commute times are up across Sydney

Posted by: 2UE | 6 December, 2012 - 7:30 AM
Roads Minister Duncan Gay on changes ahead to Sydney roads

Stuart Bocking looks at the latest NSW government report that says complaints about the cleanliness and efficiency of trains has risen, as has the time it takes motorists to commute to home in the afternoon.

Releasing the eighth volume of his report to parliament, Auditor-General Peter Archterstraat says while praise of RailCorp has risen 32 per cent, there are still 10 complaints for every compliment.

The largest spike in complaints related to the on-time running and cleanliness of trains.

This year there have been more than 19-hundred complaints about the tidiness of trains, up 405 from 2011.

Meanwhile, complaints about on-time running, rose 17.7 per cent to 3,924 for 2012.

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The East Hills, South, Western, Northern via Strathfield, South Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Hunter and Newcastle and Central Coast lines are all operating below the 92 per cent target, according to the report.

The NSW public is dissatisfied with the state and reliability of trains, but jumping into the car for the afternoon commute won't be any better.

Afternoon peak hour speeds on Sydney's biggest roads have slowed by several km/h over the past year.

The biggest impact will be felt by users of the M2-Lane Cove Tunnel/Gore Hill freeway, with average speeds dropping 8 km/h from 60 km/h down to 52 km/h.

The report also found complaints against taxi drivers had risen while compliments fell.

This year there have been 11,380 reports of dissatisfaction against taxi drivers, up from 10,129 in 2011.

There have been 430 compliments made about taxi drivers in 2012, compared with 503 last year.


Complaints about trains

Service - Up 8.6 per cent

Ticketing - Up 16.4 per cent

On-time running - Up 17.7 per cent

Staff - Up 1.2 per cent from 3,215 in 2011

Safety - Up 5.9 per cent

Security - Up 13.6 per cent

Cleanliness - Up 26.7 per cent

Total complaints - Up 9.7 per cent

Total compliments - Up 32.1 per cent

Average speed along seven of Sydney's major roads during peak times:


F3/Pacific Highway/F1 - 36km/h in 2012, up from 33km/h in 2011

M2/Lane Cove Tunnel/Gore Hill Freeway - unchanged at 36km/h

M4/Parramatta Road/City West Link - 27km/h up from 25km/h

M5/Eastern Distributor - 38km/h up from 34km/h

Pittwater Road/Military Road/F1 - 24km/h down from 25km/h

Princes Highway - 31km/h up from 29km/h

Victoria Road - 23km/h down from 24km/h


F3/Pacific Highway/F1 - 51km/h down from 54km/h

M2/Lane Cove Tunnel/Gore Hill Freeway - 52km/h down from 60km/h

M4/Parramatta Road/City West Link - 40km/h up from 39km/h

M5/Eastern Distributor - 48km/h down from 51km/h

Pittwater Road/Military Road/F1 - 32km/h down from 35km/h

Princes Highway - 31km/h down from 32km/h

Victoria Road - unchanged at 31km/h

Complaints against taxi drivers - 11,380 in 2012, up from 10,129 in 2011

Compliments for taxi drivers - 430 in 2012, down from 503 in 2011

(Source: NSW Auditor-General's report, volume eight 2012)

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