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Credit Blacklists for Unpaid Bills

Posted by: 2UE | 23 July, 2012 - 1:20 PM
Power cut after failing to pay an electricity bill

Power companies are forcing unsuspecting customers onto credit blacklists for not paying their bills. Energy and Water Ombudsman Clare Petre tells Stuart Bocking the penalty is often disproportionate to the outstanding amount.

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  • I work as a face to face debt-collector and there are a lot of disappearing smarties pulling all sorts of tricks on the creditors. However, there are many genuinely embarrassed and ashamed tearful folk doing it very hard and through no fault of their own hit bad luck for a multitude of reasons with suicides common and soul destroying consequences. These decent folk do not deserve to have the greedy, ruthless creditor's further putting the boot into them when they are down. Despite Labors' so-called "compensation" Labor's fraudulent carbon dioxide/global warming tax is killing people!! With these suffering folk, now subsidising, paying for the wealthy, solar roof panels and bloody useless windmills via their ridiculous electricity bills!! Remember their chilling 'bad luck' could easily happen to you and me at anytime. Those hungry government backed blood suckers lack compassion and need to leave these poor bastards alone!
    N.B. Australia now has the $dearest electricity in the world! When we really should have the cheapest electricity in the world. WHY NOT!

    Lance Tuesday 24 July, 2012 - 11:31 AM
  • Oh and if you have any cash left over after all the haircuts we're getting, tuck it away folks because the next big thing on the horizon is something called (and you're going to love this)...FULL SPECTRUM SOLAR. The current batch of solar electric collectors hit the straps at around 9% efficiency on a sunny day. Pretty good huh. Ok, now for the new stuff. Full spectrum solar not only operates on visible white light, but infra red, ultra violet, etc etc. neat. Now your new solar collector works happily under clouds, fog and at night! At up to 40% efficiency. Let's all clap hands because with a bank of batteries similar to an electric car, you could go off the grid and not get another bill...ever.....now, I wonder do I have a recipe somewhere for water?

    Danny Dix Monday 23 July, 2012 - 5:59 PM
  • These money hungry grubs are milking the population dry....just like everyone else. Supermarkets that buy in trash food grown with human excretement and fertilizers banned years ago in Australia from third world countries with little or no Health regulations...while our farmers go broke because they get dumped from the shelves because they can't compete.
    Want fuel? Then we need to save our dockets and run off to the petrol station clutching fistfuls to qualify for our super duper discount rate.....that years ago we got anyway before the monopolies were allowed to take over and turn us into their automaton cash cows. Once the last independent station has been starved off the planet, well... no more discounts.
    Then there's water. Who'd have though the day would come when we had to save to pay our water bill. SAVE WATER they cried after neglecting the infrastructure for decades. So we saved water. Good god we're not making enough cash because the cash cows aren't using any water now...PUT THE PRICE UP!! So now we're not game to water the garden, not game to turn a light on, and scrounge around on the bottom shelf of some off shore obermarchet looking for something we can afford to eat that came from outback Timbuktu or Fukushima or somewhere that doesn't need us to add water or god forbid...bake for more than ten minutes, which would effectively double the price.

    And Julia...deeeeaaar Julia. Help out the pensioners or borrow 60 million on behalf of the cash cows to build 120 schools in Indonesia? Hmmmm....
    Readers...Do I even have to answer that and insult your intelligence?

    Danny Dix Monday 23 July, 2012 - 5:45 PM

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