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Customs link to drug importation

Posted by: 2UE | 20 December, 2012 - 8:16 AM
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One of the country's most serious corruption scandals is coming to light and questions are being asked of our border controls, with customs officers arrested over a major drug racket allegedly operating out of Sydney Airport.

The workers are accused of turning a blind eye to the importation of pseudoephedrine, cocaine, steroids and possibly even weapons.

There are also claims Customs was warned several times in 2007 that it lacked the resources to detect corruption.

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Eight people, including customs and quarantine officials, have been arrested as the result of a two-year corruption investigation.

Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare says one customs officer, one quarantine officer and two members of the public were arrested this week.

The other four were arrested in August and October.

More arrests are possible, Mr Clare told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.


Mr Clare said the arrests and information about the operation had been subject to a suppression order in a Victorian court until now.

A network of customs officers at Sydney Airport has allegedly been working with organised crime figures to import drugs, Fairfax Media reported on Thursday.

Up to 20 officials are suspected of being involved in either serious misconduct or corrupt dealings ranging from criminal association to leaking information, drug trafficking and bribery.

They are suspected of importing pseudoephedrine, cocaine, steroids and possibly even weapons. (AAP)

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