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Cybercrime: how safe is your pin?

Posted by: 2ue | 20 September, 2012 - 6:41 PM
ASIO to set up a cyber terrorism squad

It may be hard to believe, but so many 4 digit pin passwords are too easy for cybercriminals to read it’s not funny. Paul Murray reveals 20% of pins are either, 0000, 1234 or 1111. What's yours?

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Apology to victims of forced adoption

DoCS investigate an abandoned six week old baby

More than 300 people are expected to witness the New South Wales Government's apology to victims of forced adoption. Jason Morrison says it's unclear how many people were affected by the practice.

Abbott: seeking political discipline

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott with 2UE's Jason Morrison

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott tells 2UE he is standing by his decision to drop Cory Bernardi. He tells Jason Morrison the Senator's linking of gay marriage to sex with animals has been "strongly" condemned.

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