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Families turning to charity for help

Posted by: 2UE | 21 August, 2012 - 9:51 AM
Unemployment figures are on the increase?

With electricity prices soaring, increasing numbers of families are turning to charities for food assistance.

A food relief agency says a landmark report shows that its more the "working poor" than the homeless, who are struggling to feed themselves. Foodbank has released the first End Hunger report in Canberra today.

It found that 80 per cent of those who seek food support from welfare agencies are low income families. Stuart Bocking speaks with the NSW CEO of Foodbank Gerry Andersen on the economic sign of the times.

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Price of lamb on the way down

The price of lamb more affordable over recent weeks

The price we pay for lamb is on the way down, and prices are going to where they should have been all along. Jason Morrison on the supermarkets and grocers and what you should pay for new season lamb.

Labor frets over law firm allegations?

Julia Gillard dismisses a caucus push for a return to Kevin Rudd

Leadership rumblings within Labor over the fallout over Julia Gillard's time at law firm Slater & Gordon. Jason Morrison questions when the point comes for the PM to addresses the allegation before her.


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