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Fix security around the Cenotaph

Posted by: 2UE | 16 October, 2012 - 7:27 AM
Vandals attack the Martin Place Cenotaph in Sydney

When the cenotaph was vandalized recently in Martin Place, we were shocked to find the CCTV cameras were not in operation. Jason Morrison reveals, they still are not working. How can it be so difficult?

Police are yet to catch those responsible for bending the bayonet of the bronze soldier at Martin Place - and Sydney council is rejecting a push for CCTV cameras to monitor the area.

Jason Morrison speaks to RSL President Don Rowe and Angela Vithoulakas about lack of CCTV at Martin Place Cenotaph.

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Tips on securing your home

What rights do you have defending your home from intruders?

Sydney has been shocked to hear of the news of an 82 year old robbed in her Doonside home. Paul Murray looks at how often people are robbing in their homes and gets tips on keeping your home safe.

Barack Obama: can he do it?

President Barack Obama brokers a deal over US debt levels

Can Barack Obama save his political career? Paul Murray looks at the closely fought battle for the Presidency as he loses ground to Mitt Romney on a host of issues, and with a second debate due this week.

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