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Foster father on becoming a dad

Posted by: 2UE | 2 September, 2012 - 9:17 AM
Are you missing out on much-needed family payments

John Stanley talks Father's Day with Dan Brighton, who became a foster father at 21 years of age because he wanted to be a young dad. He's now been a foster dad for two years and lives with his 9 year old foster son.

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Catherine Britt: Charlestown Road

Catherine Britt with Peter Berner on 2UE 954

2UE VIDEO: Catherine Britt is one of the most amazing musical gems we have, and maybe yet to be discovered by many. Watch as she performs for Peter Berner Charlestown Road from her album.

Sydney's single sex suburbs?

Mortgage stress hitting Sydney's outer suburbia

The Single Sex suburbs. Lakemba is filled with single men, Woollahra has the single women. So why does this happen, and where else should we watch out for? John Stanley with demographer Bernard Salt.

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