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Hard times see renewal of layby

Posted by: 2ue | 10 January, 2012 - 2:20 AM
How will retail compete with online shopping? Great service!

Retailers are returning to the layby model in the hope the usually interest-free system will breathe new life into the struggling sector. Peter Berner looks at the revival of the way we used to purchase larger item goods.




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    That's not the problem, the problem is that its getting to expensive to live in Australia, the Government makes us pay lower wage earners pay too much, every year I spend around $1800 to register my ute and it takes me almost 2 months to save up for it, I only make around $50,000 a year being a painter, handyman for someone, and once I pay everything else I don't much disposable income, So I can't really afford to pay top dollar for things, so I buy online. When we were paying $11/kg of banana's my father was paying back in Canada $0.80/kg shipped from Chile and Africa, When we were paying $1.50L for petrol, my father was paying $1.00L, When we are paying $0.22 for electricity my father is paying $0.11, When we buy a new house in Quakers Hill for $500,000 which is around 50 minutes away from downtown Sydney, you could buy a new house 50 minutes away from Montreal in Cornwall for $150,000.
    What the problem is the whole Australian wage and big business profits, is all out of wack, My wife paid $170,00 for her house 13yrs ago, now its worth $520,000. Come on the cost of housing it outrageous, the cost of food, electricity, petrol, rego,

    Jeff Wednesday 11 January, 2012 - 6:44 AM
  • part 2 of 2

    Heck its almost impossible to buy a pair of Levis jeans for under $130, but you can buy them in the USA for $50, made in Mexico or China, they don't make Levis in the USA anymore.
    I'll tell you something its almost impossible to live in western suburbs making $25/hr I wonder how they live in some states in the USA making around $4/hr, simple Big Governments like our Federals and State are paying too much for what they get in return, like when you drive by a road works and there are ten guys standing around talking and 2 guys actually working, this happens all the time, we've all seen it. Outsourcing to private industry is the worst, back in Canada we had city works, they were paid by the local government to pave the roads and pick up the trash, etc, that worked, it was cost effective and always everything was owned and operated by the tax payers. VALUE FOR MONEY!!. here its all shot to hell with private greed via, big banks, big mining, private insurance, private schools,large profits on retail goods etc.
    If the retailers are doing it tough, good, its about time, I've been doing it tough for 10yrs now and still at the same wage when I moved here, and everything went up almost 50%.
    Can you just imagine what its going to be like when people like me in my early 40's go to retire around 65, The retired now complain that they can't afford to the houses. Sad isn't it, the business model is broken.

    Jeff Wednesday 11 January, 2012 - 6:44 AM
  • Just a heads up about laybys if you fall on hard times and have to pull out of the deal you forfit 10% GST to the nasty people!

    Evil triumphs when good men say nothing! Tuesday 10 January, 2012 - 6:53 PM

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