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Honeymoon over for Barry O'Farrell?

Posted by: 2UE | 28 August, 2012 - 9:00 AM
Premier Barry O'Farrell on NSW 2012 budget

The honey-moon period appears over for Premier Barry O'Farrell, with a huge dip in the latest polls. Jason Morrison on the Newspoll that shows his satisfaction rating has fallen 11 points to just 37% in three months.

He's also dropped nine points to 47% as preferred premier, with Opposition Leader John Robertson improving from 14 to 18%.

But the Coalition would still romp to victory if an election was held today, leading Labor 61% to 39% two-party preferred.

Are they not getting on with the job they were given?

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  • I have just sent the following question to Barry O'Farrell and to Mike Gallacher ..... stand by for their reply:

    The NSW Government has tasked the FRNSW Commissioner with reducing expenditure by 1.2% from a budget of around $614 Million.. however the savings all must come from labour costs i.e. fire fighter wages. This is a directive that goes across most State Government departments. However in the case of Fire and Rescue NSW [previously NSWFB] funding is not the sole responsibility of the government.
    In fact NSW Govt pays only 14.6 % of the budget [around $85.96Million p.a.] So while the Commissioner has been tasked with making savings of around $64 Million over 4 yrs the actual reduction required to save 1.2% for the Government from it's own contributions would need only be $1,031,520 p.a.not $16 Million p.a. ... This is increasing the savings by more than fifteen fold ......sorry about all the maths.

    Why do you insist on cutting not only the NSW Government contribution but making the cuts across all contributors?

    Jeff Sundstrom Wednesday 29 August, 2012 - 10:09 AM
  • Recently I was in a Merrylands street and had the pleasure of talking to a very talented, highly respected, patriotic Australian, the local Liberal Granville Member Mr. (Tony) Antoine ISSA, O.A.M. M.P.
    N.S.W. Premier Barry O'Farrell clearly needs experienced hands on energetic can-do ministers who know exactly what they are doing. Caring family minded God fearing honest people who will get the job done properly, only with attention to detail! I would politely suggest that N.S.W. Premier O'Farrell needs to quickly appoint Tony Issa to a ministerial portfolio which would immediately improve his government! Furthermore, I would like to see Tony Abbott enlist Tony Issa into his team to assist in the resurrection of a dying, problematic immoral Australia. Sensible, plain common sense; Tony Issa knows the problems and he knows how to repair these damning problems for Australia. Tony Issa would also make a very fine minister in a Liberal-Tony Abbott Australian Federal Government.

    Veronica M. Tuesday 28 August, 2012 - 11:45 AM

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