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Keep your taxes off cheap wine

Posted by: 2UE | 16 October, 2012 - 7:44 AM
Nanny state stuff? Raising the taxes on cheap wine

Increasing the price of cheap wine as a way of stopping binge drinking seems like nanny state stuff. Will it have impact on anyone but those who cannot afford it? Jason Morrison on the increase of alcohol taxes.

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Charges laid against Thomson

Michael Smith with further allegations over Craig Thomson

Fair Work Australia has launched legal action against MP Craig Thomson. Paul Murray on allegations he broke union rules by misspending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Health Services Union funds.

Infant loss remembrance day

Are older women who fall pregnant being selfish?

Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day, a day for families to reflect. Paul Murray reflects on his loss of little Leo 8 weeks ago, why we need to celebrate these special lives taken all too soon.

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  • It is about time someone took a strong stand against the scourge of alcoholism, drugs, gambling and prostitution. Shame on Labour for reneging on 'pokie reform'! It must have been because of the pressure from their NSW Labour thugs... These thugs are the reason people kicked them out of govt. In NSW. It does not look like they have learnt any lesson. Many of the misdemeanours of politicians on both sides can be traced to alcohol. If clubs have to depend on alcohol to survive and be able to do community work, then they have a bad business model. Similarly, if politicians have to depend on alcohol for votes, that is very bad for the country.

    On the other hand, I sense that Abbott is against these vices but he does not raise his voice on such matters. He is an impotent politician with hardly any conviction so he prefers to concentrate on making personal attacks on his political adversaries � a tactic which is bound to backfire as recent events clearly show. He would have been better off taking a vocal stand against vices like alcoholism and many people would support him. It is good that the govt is considering raising taxes on cigarettes. Tax on alcohol should be tripled.

    Terrence Wednesday 17 October, 2012 - 9:22 PM

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