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Menopause and battle of the bulge

Posted by: 2UE | 7 January, 2013 - 1:49 PM
The battle of the bulge and women facing menopause

Experts say middle-aged women shouldn't give-up the battle against weight-gain despite revealing menopause causes fat in all the wrong-places.

American scientists in Ohio say menopause increases the activity of an enzyme which produces fat, particularly around vital organs.

Tim & Tracey get a few tips on battling the bulge with Amanda Sainsbury of the Bowden Institute of Obesity.

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Pre-school pullout as fees soar

Parents pulling children out of pre-school due to soaring fees

It's been revealed Sydney families are pulling their children out of pre-school with fees soaring up to $55 a day. Parents can't claim federal government rebates for pre-schools like they can for childcare centres.

How to beat the January blues?

Keeping balance in life to beat the January blues?

Have we become a nation of whingers? Amanda Vanstone with John Stanley who says we have a new class of people who appear quite happy to just be critical of others for not meeting the excellence bar.

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