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Mid-East rocket attacks condemned

Posted by: 2UE | 16 November, 2012 - 10:53 AM
Sanctions against Iran working?

The United States has called on Egypt, Turkey and European powers to press Hamas to end bloodshed in Gaza, putting the onus on the Islamist movement to end rocket attacks on Israel.

The White House says it's in close contact with Israel about its military campaign into the Hamas-controlled territory, in a conflict that officials say has killed 16 Palestinians and three Israelis.

The United States, Israel's closest ally, has strongly condemned the barrage of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, and regrets the death and injury of innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians caused by the ensuing violence.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says they will not tolerate ongoing attacks.

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard has condemned attacks on Israel, as tensions rise with Palestinians on the Gaza Strip, as Francis Keany reports from Canberra.


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  • I know a lot of people are frustrated that media and governments in western countries seem to be biased against the oppressed - the Palestinians - who have lost so much since the west created a zionist state on their lands.

    To me though, it is very simple. The western powers were 100% complicit in dispossessing the Palestinians; Britain was the main culprit. For this very reason, these same western govts have no option but to defend what they did, so they use all their powers to perpetuate the occupation and the US plays the main role in this regard.

    Terrence Sunday 18 November, 2012 - 8:51 PM
  • I think its a printing mistake, shouldn't Gillard condemn Israel and not Palestine.
    Israel is the one with hundreds of nukes, Israel is the one that has illegally occupies Palestine, Israel is the one that keeps building settlements, Israel is the one that bombs hospital and red cross, Israel is the one that o bombs pregnant women and the western nations, Israel is the one that breaks most UN resolutions!!

    I am confused.

    susie jarvis Saturday 17 November, 2012 - 2:34 PM
  • Its time for laughing boy to show the world what he showed Gillard. He was an amusing clown in his first term but now the entire world is bemused. He must now make decisions that will effect the national and financial security of America immediately and for the foreseeable future. The decisions are difficult ones. They will have some downsides. However those decisions are long overdue and each day they are delayed they will become more difficult and the associated problems will become more acute. The decisions will take courage. Goolies. However that is of course the job of president. Courage is expected. Soon it will be demanded. Personally I dont think he has got it in him. The power to control America must be taken back from the minority of a couple of million and restored to the majority of a couple of hundred million. Loose the stranglehold of Israel over America or loose the remaining allies. The clock is running. The countdown has begun.

    Man Up or Crawl Away Saturday 17 November, 2012 - 10:57 AM
  • @Media Mercenaries is right on here. The [hypocrites] elitist green Labor media have become the exacerbating problem and certainly not the meditating solution, these radical lying, omitting scumbag lefties in the media have a lot to answer for!!!! They will soon be gnashing at their false teeth, squealing like baby pigs while the enemy butt strokes them, these traitors have done the damage and there are obviously horrible consequences coming. Lest We Forget!

    Earle Friday 16 November, 2012 - 8:58 PM
  • You own a house, an intruder enters the house with force and influence of prominent institutions and takes over most of the house and gives you an a small toilet.

    Later the intruder tells you to remain in the toilet and not leave it at any cost, when you try to leave it, it creates blockade. When you try to fight for your house, the intruder calls you a terrorist and throws bombs at you and says it has a right to defend itself.

    However your rights dont exist, you have no right to defend your house and your family.

    Israel is that intruder, USA and most of the western and European nations are the influencing organisations that support the intruder and the toilet is Gazaa and the people in it are the Palestinans.

    Let the so called civlised world hang its head in shame and including the pathetic and immoral media who appease the intruder.

    yusuf Friday 16 November, 2012 - 6:21 PM
  • Today I have nothing but contempt for the mainstream media. Now you will get your Iran war. Probably in time for Christmas. You had the knowledge and the ability to stop it but you did not. The people rely on the media to act on their behalf and prevent such events but you rarely do. You are the only facility with the power to stop such events but you nearly always seek personal and corporate reward over truth and justice. You use the events and associated words to generate an offer to change your perspective and toe the line and when that is given you surrender your integrity and do as you are told. The Iran war will escalate and no other nation will be at greater risk of annihilation than Australia. I have spent years attempting to inspire courage and public debate driven by the media because the following events were completely predictable. Unfortunately the courage and integrity does not appear to exist in any quantity within the media. Enjoy your war and your blood money while they last. I apologise to the minority of decent people who work within the media and seek the same outcome for any adverse association.

    Media Mercenaries Friday 16 November, 2012 - 1:33 PM

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