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Millions on flights for illegal arrivals

Posted by: 2UE | 10 December, 2012 - 11:01 AM
Asylum seekers: 66 arrived on the AUSTRALIAN mainland in WA yesterday

The Coalition has pounced on figures showing more than $6-million a month is being spent on ferrying illegal arrivals around the country. That compares to just $4-million for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says most of the cost is coming from implementing offshore processing, which the Opposition pushed for.

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The Opposition has sought to link the Gillard Government's promised budget surplus to its border protection failures

New figures show Labor is spending $6-million a month to transfer asylum seekers to Nauru or Papua New Guinea, putting further pressure to get the budget back in the black by next year

Opposition leader Tony Abbott maintains the Government has squandered taxpayer dollars and won't achieve its surplus.


Pressure on electricity switching

Electricity bills are on the rise and showing in your statements?

Electricity companies are cold calling people, urging them to switch providers. John Stanley looks at the pressure being placed on people to switch, and just what your rights are as a consumer.

The observer tree: snow falls

Conservationist Miranda Gibson has broken the tree sitting record

Tasmanian conservationist Miranda Gibson filmed the snow falling in the upper canopy of the forest, on her 100th day at the top of an old growth tree. Tim & Tracey speak with her, a year on in the wilderness.

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  • Those lying damaging atheists, that opposing, anti-Christian Labor government are a living nightmare for all Australians of good character and integrity!! A Holy Christmas and a very Happy New Year in 2013 to all those good Aussies and their very worried families. A happy new year without this disgusting, in your face, rotten to the core Juliar Gillard and her so called "reform" Labor government. A deceitful, contemptuous and most arrogant Labor government who are seriously and actively hurting and permanently damaging our almost completely white-anted country. I rest my case...

    JULIARRR Monday 10 December, 2012 - 6:21 PM
  • It is common knowledge, that damned lying, twisting Labor inappropriately shutdown very successful Nauru and abolished the ever important TPV' s with both measures stopping the damned illegals! Labor have deliberately created a massive problem for Australians. And here we have that blatantly lying hypocrite and traitor of Australia, failed Labor Immigration Minister Chris Bowen with the bloody hide in trying to shift the blame ontoTony Abbott-Liberal. These traitorous Labor party of habitual liars, need to be charged with treason and put before a court.

    Andrea Monday 10 December, 2012 - 2:20 PM

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