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More RSL clubs are closing down

Posted by: 2ue | 3 August, 2012 - 5:15 PM
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Clovelly RSL could close on Sunday. So, what went wrong? Is it a sign of the times when we see more and more of our local RSL clubs closing? Paul Murray investigates the decline in the local RSL clubs.

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  • As the former president of the Bronte RSL Club Ltd we went through the same process as the Clovelly RSL. It is unfortunate the RSL sub-branches who own these properties do nothing to support their own clubs who stand up and recognise the RSL brand at 6pm every night when attending the Ode Of Remebrance. The irony of whole situation is that as tennants both the Bronte and Clovely RSL Club Limited were not only liable for a weekly rent but also for the maintenance, insurance and general upkeep of a property they did not own. When I asked a lawyer from the RSL state office in Sydney, prior to our closure,why they could not give their own clubs a leg up he replied that they were a non-profit organisation. Somebody should do an investigation into this so-called "non profit" organisation and see how much money they have received from the sale of these properties. As Rob McPake said it is the elderly citizens in these communities who suffer most because they no longer have an outlet close to their own homes where they can go and meet their mates a couple of times a week. How many times do we hear in the media about lonely people dying in their own homes and not being found for sometimes months, because there was no one with whom they were in contact with on a regular basis. The whole idea behind the RSL Clubs when they first started after World War II was the cameraderie and looking after your mates, That has now been replaced by the greed for the property dollar and the struggling clubs have been forced to close their doors on the back of that greed.

    Duncan Horscroft Tuesday 7 August, 2012 - 8:21 PM
  • Is it any wonder with all the hoops clubs and pubs are made to jump through? Clubs and Pubs are made to spend thousands if not millions to comply with ridiculous social and workplace reforms only to have politically correct and social engineered drinking and gambling laws drive them out of business.

    Peter Monday 6 August, 2012 - 8:55 AM

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