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Muslim leaders call for calm

Posted by: 2ue | 20 September, 2012 - 6:57 PM
Muslim Leaders call for calm following Sydney riots

Muslim leaders say they will not support any more protests in Sydney, urging police to arrest those who do not heed the call for calm. Paul Murray on the press conference where Nick Kaldas spoke in Arabic.

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Extra police will be out on Sydney's streets this weekend in a desperate attempt to avoid a repeat of last Saturday's violent Islamic riots.

Police have launched Operation Waterman which will be cracking down any violent behaviour this weekend.

Meantime, senior police insist the US isn't justified in warning its citizens to steer clear of Sydney's CBD this weekend amid fears of a repeat of last weekend's Islamic riots.

The American Embassy has sent out hundreds of letters, warning them of more attack in response to a You-Tube film, which mocks the Muslim faith.

Despite police increasing their presence in the city this weekend, Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke has told Jason Morrison there is nothing to worry about.


Multiculturalism: where are we going?

Who should carry the Australian flag at the Olympics?

Following the violent Islamic riots over the weekend there is a focus on where we are headed with multiculturalism. Jason Morrison with Dr. Peter Phelps on where we are headed as a multicultural nation.

Protest photo causes global outrage

The Sydney Muslim protest photo causing global outrage

A mother of a young boy who held up a sign calling for people to be beheaded during the riots in the CBD has handed herself into police. Pru Goward & Jason Morrison on the image that caused global outrage.

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  • @STEVE

    66:9 - meaning you have provided is 100% incorrect.
    Such erronoeous translations can easily be exposed if you know arabic and understand the Principles of The Quran.

    Meaning of 66: 9 is

    O Prophet! Struggle against the ones who are ungrateful and the ones who are hypocrites and be thou harsh against them. And their place of shelter will be hell. And miserable will be the Homecoming!

    So you see, iT has a different meaning and this struggle is a struggle with the Quran, WITH TRUTH AND PATIENCE and not swords or violence. "there is no compulsion in religon" says the Quran. Hence if one UNDERSTANDS the principles of Quran would know the verse you have quoted is incorrect.

    For 28: 86, as before incorrect meaning.

    The principle of equality and compassion is universal in islam, a Muslim who eats and goes to sleep when his neighbour is hungry is not truly a Muslim.

    Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) told us that he will be a witness against those Muslims who under their authority were unfair to non muslims.

    28:86 - (must read as follows)
    "Now [as for thyself, O believer,] thou couldst never foresee that this divine writ would [one day] be offered to thee: but [it did come to thee] by thy Sustainers grace. Hence, never uphold those who deny the truth [of divine guidance]"

    The verse is clear, do not support lies and falsehood when you know the truth.

    Ask your self - would be like to follow liars and oppressors when truth is known to you- no you wont.

    The beauty of Quran is that it is relevant for all and for all times.

    Live in peace.

    Yusuf Saturday 22 September, 2012 - 8:04 AM
  • My dear Steve- do not cut and paste from sites who spread lies and hate. All these verses are incorrect.

    First, the Quran has to be understood from the context of the entire Quran and its principles of fairness, equality and tolerance. In Quran , Muslims are prohibited to even insult non-muslims let alone persecuting and killing them. The Quran values life that no one does. Every life is sacred and taking a innocent life is like killing entire humanity, hence this is a core principle among many principles to understand the Quran. Lets take one verse at a time:

    4:101 actually means this-
    "When you [believers] are travelling in the land, you will not be blamed for shortening your prayers, if you fear the disbelievers may harm you: they are your sworn enemies.

    Any sane and intelligent person can tell you this verse is from the context of a situation of war or threat from the enemies. Imagine you go to a place where your life is in danger because for what you are or the way you look - obviously either you wont go there or cut shorty your assignment.

    This verse is not doubting or condemning all non muslims as i have already explained you the key principle is not to be harsh to anyone.

    --to be continued

    Yusuf Saturday 22 September, 2012 - 7:54 AM
  • "....arrest those who do not heed the call for calm."


    Liberator Friday 21 September, 2012 - 5:13 PM
  • @shushma you explain these quran verses.
    Quran: {The infidels are your sworn enemies Sura 4:101}
    Quran {Prophet, make war on the infidels Sura 66: 9
    Quran {Never be a helper to the disbelievers Sura 28:86}

    steve Friday 21 September, 2012 - 4:59 PM
  • Well done to all Muslims and their leaders to show true leadership and true tenets of Islam.

    We are all waiting for Non-Muslims and Non - Muslim leadership to speak against the ghastly racist comments against Muslims and migrants in general, we are are waiting!!!!

    Aussie_boy Friday 21 September, 2012 - 9:30 AM
  • Kudos to the Muslim leaders to do take this step although the riots had nothing to do with Islam and Muslims unlike the racist abuse and hate messages that the entire Muslim community has been subjected to by the ignorant and racist elements within our country.

    So when will people deplore and condemn the racist elements in our country. When will they condemn the heinous crimes of the Church against innocent children who have been molested by so called godly people, when will people condemn the violence that takes place every week due to the influence of alcohol, when will people condemn the harmful effects of gambling and adultery that is sinking our society.

    Shushma Thursday 20 September, 2012 - 9:43 PM

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