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No loyalty at all from Scooby?

Posted by: 2UE | 1 May, 2012 - 11:45 AM
Murray Wilton's pet pooch Scooby found at next door's fireplace

Murray Wilton's dog Scooby disappeared for a little time before a phone call was made to let his owner know, he preferred the fireplace next door. What kind of personality does your pet pooch have? Blog us here.




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  • My Golden Retriever Max is a big softie who just loves it when people make a fuss of him. He is pretty obedient, he will sit, stay etc. But his best trick, totally un-trained, is to bring my slippers to the front door when I come home. Yes, I am a Grandma and I confess I have more than one pair so odd times I get odd slippers but it is the thought that counts!

    Susan Tuesday 1 May, 2012 - 12:08 PM

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