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Police hunt for exotic birds

Posted by: 2UE | 27 December, 2012 - 7:51 AM
Call for a ban of Police sniffer dogs?

Sydney police are trawling through security footage - as they continue to investigate the theft of a range of exotic birds. 10 birds - including 2 Mccaws valued at $12,000 are missing at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Inspector Adam Powderly has told Stuart Bocking police are looking into whether it was an inside job.

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Beware of risky driving behaviour

30th anniversary of the Police RBT

Police are highlighting cases of 'driver stupidity' as they reinforce the message to take care on the roads this festive period. Inspector Phil Brooks tells Stuart Bocking officers are doing their best to save lives.

Toys for Sydney Children's Hospital

2UE & Kidstuff deliver toys to the Sydney Children's Hospital

2UE and Kidstuff gave listeners the chance to win some fantastic toys for Christmas and at the same time donated the same toy to the Sydney Children's Hospital. Have a look as we delivered to toys for Christmas.

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