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Red tape stifling what you do?

Posted by: 2UE | 19 December, 2012 - 1:38 PM
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Tim Webster & Tracey Spicer discuss red tape, and a new survey that found it is eroding competitiveness and the Australian Tax Office tops the list of bureaucracies for generating troublesome regulatory hurdles.

The ATO leads the NSW Business Chamber's fifth annual Red Tape Survey, followed by NSW local governments, safety regulators, Fair Work Australia and Centrelink.

Seven out of ten businesses surveyed indicated that the cost and time to comply with regulations have increased over the two years, with less than 1 per cent indicating those factors have decreased.

Tim & Tracey speak with Damian Kelly, Spokesperson for the NSW Business Chamber, who are calling for better ways to reduce red tape.

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Scores based on the percentage of respondents who indicated high levels of red tape when interacting with agencies:

Australian Tax Office - 73.4 per cent

NSW local governments - 57.4 per cent

Safety regulators (Safe Work, Workcover etc) - 55.2 per cent

Fair Work Australia - 52.8 per cent

Centrelink - 46.1 per cent

Other findings:

Businesses that say the time taken to comply with regulations has increased - 70 per cent

Businesses that believe their ability to grow their business has been hampered by regulatory requirements - 51 per cent

Businesses that say time and cost of complying with regulations has decreased - one per cent

Businesses that believe they have to comply with regulations that make "no sense" - 41 per cent

Source: NSW Business Chamber, 2012 Red Tape Survey

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