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Slipper case thrown out of court

Posted by: 2UE | 12 December, 2012 - 10:33 AM
Peter Slipper is elected Speaker of House of Representatives

The Sexual harrassment case against former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has been thrown out, as an abuse of the process of court. John Stanley speaks with Derek Peterson on the Federal Court decision.

In his judgment, Justice Steven Rares says the sexual harassment case taken by former staffer James Ashby was taken for the predominant purpose of causing political damage to Mr Slipper.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Ashby says he'll now look to Appeal the decision.

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February 7: Peter Slipper takes the Speaker's chair in Federal Parliament.

April 20: Slipper staff James Hunter Ashby files statement of claim in the Federal Court alleging his boss sexually harassed him, also alleges Slipper misused tax payer funded taxi vouchers. Commonwealth joined to the case.

April 22: Slipper denies allegations, stands aside as Speaker pending the outcome of inquiries into his taxi use.

April 23: Prime Minister Julia Gillard defends her Labor government's political judgment in elevating Slipper to the Speaker's job.

April 24: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says coalition staffers did not help Ashby prepare sexual harassment claims against Slipper.

April 26: Slipper releases a statement with 13 photocopies of taxi vouchers and argues his innocence.

April 27: Leader of government business Anthony Albanese defends Slipper in light of the dockets being made public. Crossbench MPs say Slipper should stand aside until all allegations are resolved.

April 29: Gillard announces she had asked Slipper to extend his time away from the post of Speaker until allegations resolved.

May 1 - Ashby's spokesman releases statement saying no external party was paying for his clients legal fees

May 5: Labor frontbencher Bob Carr compares Ashby to a "kabuki actor" in a tweet on the social media website Twitter.

May 8: Deputy Speaker Anna Burke sits in the Speaker chair after Slipper makes a statement to the house.

May 15: Ashby lawyers file additional court documents that omit the taxi voucher claims

May 17: Abbott defends Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne over his contact with Ashby

May 18: Ashby case goes to Federal Court. Slipper's lawyer says it's an exercise in "character assassination"

June 7: Slipper agrees to federal police interview

July 19: Slipper allegations about taxi vouchers referred to commonwealth prosecutor

July 27: Former Howard government minister Mal Brough wins Liberal preselection in Slipper's seat of Fisher, denies any wrongdoing in meeting with Ashby

Sept 28: Commonwealth settles its side of the Slipper case for $50,000 plus sexual harassment training for MPs. Attorney-general says rest of the case should be settled as well

Oct 3: Ashby-Slipper mediation fails

Oct 5: Federal Court judge Steven Rares reserves decision on Slipper's "abuse of process" application

Oct 9: Slipper formally resigns as Speaker after coalition loses a vote calling on parliament to sack him 69-70. Follows release of court documents containing lewd text messages Slipper sent to Ashby

Dec 12: Justice Rares dismisses the sexual harassment case saying it was taken "for the predominant purpose of causing political damage to Mr Slipper". Ashby says he'll appeal.


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  • How come this has been tucked away from sight for no one to see? It should be right at the top and we should be seeing more posts questioning Abutt's role in this. Abutt has always been a head-kicker so I am not surprised that he got involved in such nefarious politics. Now he has to answer but he has gone into hiding.

    Franco Sunday 16 December, 2012 - 10:47 AM
  • Politics is Politics and to succeed you need to get down into the same gutter as your opponent. Lie-bor set the standard, now will the Liberals follow?

    Peter Friday 14 December, 2012 - 8:27 AM
  • There is obviously some thing quite not right here?? Maybe they will both kiss and make up and get married and live unhappily ever after. What a total mess is this dirty rotten Labor govt...

    Juliarrr Dullard Thursday 13 December, 2012 - 10:17 PM
  • Funny, if this was a deliberate move by the opposition to bring down the government why was it not the same type of move only in reverse to burn Harry Jenkins and put Slippery Pete in the chair.

    Peter Thursday 13 December, 2012 - 3:50 PM
  • Yep lets blame the governemnet for this to, what a pathetic bucnh you are

    Douglas Thursday 13 December, 2012 - 11:29 AM
  • The pathetic press conference from Roxon and the oh please save us from Tony Abbott interview by Emerson on the ABC, I really wonder what the leaders of the Federal Government are on? If the government are so delighted with this obvious rainbow decision let them put slipper back in the speakers chair, The whole of Australia dares them to!

    Peter Thursday 13 December, 2012 - 9:28 AM

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