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Sneaky surcharge on Sydney tolls?

Posted by: 2UE | 20 February, 2013 - 12:09 PM
Lone protestor closes Sydney Harbour Bridge causing chaos

There is to be a 55 cent surcharge to be introduced on Harbour Bridge/Tunnel tolls if your tag doesn't scan during your cross. Paul Murray on the sneaky charges being added to technology used for Sydney tolls.


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Jason Morrison says this is a racket. A significant change to the fairness in using toll roads around Sydney. You will be charged extra if the e-tag doesn't go off when you go through the tolling section.

He reveals he has called about one booth on the Harbour Bridge that doesn't work, and nothing has been done about it. Listen as Jason Morrison tests out the system across Sydney's toll roads, particularly the ones run by the Government.


Follow up: Why is there going to be a processing fee if your E-Tag doesn't scan on the Harbour Bridge? Paul Murray speaks with Richard Boggon of NSW Roads & Maritime on why there is not a centralized system to tolling in Sydney.


Lifesaver assaulted saving swimmers

Search continues for missing competitor off Gold Coast

A lifesaver was punched in the face trying to save swimmers from a rip. Random assaults are on the rise. Paul Murray says it's time to send a message assault is a serious crime and should be dealt with as such.

Divorce: for one more shot at love?

Divorce: the effects on the older children of the family

Reports a woman in her 80s is getting a divorce from her husband. Dicko & Sarah debate if they'd divorce after being together with a partner after a couple of years and at such a late stage in life for 1 more shot at love?

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  • Sounds just a little dishonest to me!! But thats governments for you!! Especially given that the old technology E Tag does not always work like it should. Unlike the high tech system in Melbourne that is 100% accurate! Really with the amount of taxes we are now paying, there should be no need for tolls at all!! It is obviously a case of double, triple dipping by the gouging Liberal State Government. Evidently the poor taxed out motorist is a cash cow being milked whenever by whoever! Just look at the damned green slips and the so called discount petrol-racket!! Merely an alternative Labor government, the Liberal NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is already an escalating huge disappointment, he is allowing these blatant rip offs to grow even more. Heartless O'Farrell must realise that most of us are now $$struggling financially with nothing left to spare for him or for Juliarrrr Gillard!! Bottom line-I wish we had good honest politicians in power who were trustworthy like Jason Morrison, who obviously has a conscience!

    www.abortiontruth.com Wednesday 20 February, 2013 - 7:16 PM
  • So the user get sluged when their equipment doesn't work?

    Peter Wednesday 20 February, 2013 - 12:17 PM

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