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Soldiers to pay for flights home

Posted by: 2UE | 29 May, 2012 - 3:35 PM
SAS soldiers in Afghanistan

The Labor government is insulting our soldiers by taking away their free flights home for Christmas to see loved ones. Paul Murray is disgusted at the cutback and takes up the fight on behalf of our diggers overseas.


Shadow Defence Science, Technology and Personnel Minister Stuart Robert with Paul Murray on the measures to cut back flights home for our soldiers overseas.


PM: do something for the troops!

PM Gillard wants troops to pay their own way home for Christmas

Paul Murray reveals how the Gillard government want out hard working troops to pay their own way home for Christmas. How out of touch are our politicians when they don't support the people who give us our freedom.


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  • @pete; this is all about ungrateful, unappreciative Labor "bashing" our revered Australian soldiers, doing us proud, fighting on their guts son. Your cheap "bashing" Craig Thomson accusations have NO substance. Clearly Craig Thomson is bashing himself up with the help of his unionized Labor comrades and his union comrades too. Your blatantly false smearing "bashing" accusations illustrate that you are about as low and desperate as Craig Thomson & his mentor friend Julia Gillard. The concerned electorate are merely, rightfully demanding that this totally unacceptable, very suspicious 4 year Craig Thomson cover-up affair be finally put to an end with long overdue, warranted police charges. Followed by a Royal Commission into this whole disgusting affair with appropriate broader wide terms of reference. Uncooperative, discredited, a habitual liar Craig Thomson should of course be very keen, chewing at the bit to clear his very bad name before a court of law!!! If he is innocent??? This is exactly what his protective Labor colleagues are belatedly now claiming they want-well lets just watch this space!!

    Terrence Tuesday 29 May, 2012 - 8:19 PM
  • When our brave diggers are murdered & maimed, crocodile tears are a flowing, serial hypocrite, pathological liar Juliar Gillard turns up at the soldiers funerals with the ABC television cameras rolling, offering the full support of her dirty rotten, scumbag, backstabbing Labor government, when clearly there is no support whatsoever. I am astounded and ashamed that these so-called "free-flights" have been inappropriately stopped by Juliar Gillard's traitorous uncaring wasteful Labor government who have stooped to even lower levels. Her mongrel Labor government are wasting $billions of dollars flying these very dubious illegal boat people and their damned hungry lawyers all over the place and here Gillard is too miserable and so hateful to look after our own worthy Australian diggers, when it all really counts. This low woman and her mongrel cronies are clearly unfit to be in government.

    Kylie Smith Tuesday 29 May, 2012 - 6:41 PM
  • The defense forces knew of the cuts 3 years ago, its only for single men, if a loved one gets sick or passes they will still get the free flight home .Move on Paul get back to the Thomson bashing that's what you do best

    pete Tuesday 29 May, 2012 - 4:04 PM
  • Our politicians arent out of touch. They just dont care.

    Robert Tuesday 29 May, 2012 - 4:04 PM

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