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Struggling to find work on $35 a day?

Posted by: 2UE | 3 January, 2013 - 12:22 PM
News issue highlights those struggling on Newstart allowance

Should we increase the Newstart allowance? Tim Webster discusses further the issue raised this week on those struggling to survive on $35 a day,  and our attention now drawn to those disadvantaged in our suburbs.

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Labor MPs have continued to distance themselves from comments by Families Minister Jenny Macklin, who caused a furore by claiming she could get by on the dole.

Ms Macklin angered welfare groups by claiming she could live on Newstart payments of around $35 a day, while defending cuts to single parents' benefits.

The minister, who earns about $850 a day, has since been challenged to prove it, while her Labor colleagues have dodged answering whether they too could survive on dole cheques.

Treasurer Wayne Swan has admitted it would be tough to survive on $35 a day, which was why the government offered low-income families a range of extra payments.

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek also wouldn't say if she could get by on the dole, but conceded it would be very hard to live on an income support payment.

Disadvantaged deserve more respect

Our disadvantage deserve more respect from Labor government

Welfare groups say Families Minister Jenny Macklin is out of touch as she continues to maintain she could survive on the dole. Tim Webster on government waste, and treating disadvantaged with more respect.

Bosses pick buddies over qualified?

Bosses hiring future buddies over those more qualified?

A study of the world's best-paid elite at investment banks, law practices and consulting firms hiring new employees has found it is often not the best qualified candidates who get the job.

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  • Please keep in mind that $35 a day is NOT the only income single parents receive as welfare. Amongst other things that can be claimed are multiple children allowances, rent assistance, child support and other smaller allowances - which when added together makes us full time workers wonder why we bother working.

    Jo R Thursday 3 January, 2013 - 8:58 PM

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