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Teen dies after Kings Cross assault

Posted by: 2UE | 10 July, 2012 - 1:05 PM
Family appeals for information after teen dies in Kings Cross assault

A teenager who was king hit in Sydney's Kings Cross on the weekend has died in hospital. Two Murrays discuss the attack on Thomas Kelly by an unknown man as he walked along Victoria Street.

Mr Kelly, who was talking on his phone at the time of the unprovoked attack around 10pm, collapsed to the ground.

The offender fled the scene while the teenager was rushed to hospital in a critical condition with head injuries.

He died late on Monday after his life support was switched off, police said.


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Inspector Paul McDonald of Kings Cross Police speaks with Paul Murray about the emotional press conference, and just how the public can help to find the fellow who caused this tragic incident.

Police said a number of witnesses had come forward but CCTV footage of the scene had been inconclusive.

The attacker has been described as a solidly built Caucasian man, about 170cm tall, with short brown hair. He was wearing dark jeans and dark jumper.

Any help, call Crimestoppers 1800 333 000.


Detectives say they have already received a number of calls from potential witnesses, while officers continue to trawl through CCTV footage.

Police Minister Mike Gallacher has told Jason Morrison the community expects the courts to come down hard on such offenders.


Sydney Police say they've heard from many potential witnesses to a fatal KINGS CROSS bashing - since the victims' parents made a public appeal.

The stranger who attacked 18-year-old Thomas Kelly on Saturday night, remains at large.

But Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch tells Paul Murray the appeal by his parents, has drawn a huge response.


Getting tough on growing violence

Courts need to be tougher on violence in the community?

There is no excuse for violence. The man responsible for the death of a teen in Kings Cross should face the full force of the law. Police Minister Mike Gallacher & Jason Morrison on what the community expects.

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  • if they catch the guy that did this I would hope that our capable justice system turns around and gives this person a life sentence behind bars without delay. I would be extremely pissed off if this person gets away with anything under 20 Years.. I feel sorry for the parents and this is a true example that our justice system stinks because it does not put the fear into these pretend criminals that think they are hard walking the streets. and while judges sit on their asses getting paid loads of money giving away light sentences for murder it's obvious that now criminals feel they can get away with murder!

    Wise Man Steve Wednesday 11 July, 2012 - 9:02 AM

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