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Television shows are on the nose?

Posted by: 2UE | 28 August, 2012 - 10:44 AM
Television: have we lost the great TV shows of yesterday?

Channel 10's weekend ratings were some of the lowest in history. How can they fix the network? Stuart Bocking on recent results with Media Analyst Steve Allen who says they are being squeezed for audience.

Have our TV programmers lost the art of scheduling decent programs, or is it just a Channel 10 issue?

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Howzat: C'mon Aussie C'mon

Channel Nine's Howzat hit the ratings for six

Nine's Howzat smashed the ratings, taking Australians back to the birth of World Series Cricket and the start of an iconic ad. John Stanley speaks to Allan Johnston, one of the men who created C'mon Aussie C'mon.

Caltex profits up, yet Kurnell closes?

Drivers shift away from ethanol to premium unleaded fuel

Drivers are turning away from ethanol to premium unleaded. Stuart Bocking on our fuel use, the move by Costco into the petrol market, and Caltex announcing a profit only weeks after the closure of the Kurnell refinery.

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  • As a person who "Worked" in television for almost 30 years I cringe every time I turn the box on! The amount of mindless bubblegum reality and lifestyle shows on at the present makes me wonder where the Producers and Directors of the 70s, 80s and 90s have gone. There is no class or substance to Australian TV now, we are in the age of mindless dribble made for mass consumption by mass morons. Australian Teleision died when "AGGRGATION" was forced on Regional Television and the training grounds for the future was lost!

    Peter Tuesday 28 August, 2012 - 4:23 PM

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