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The benefits of vaccinating children

Posted by: 2UE | 29 November, 2012 - 9:57 AM
Prue & Tracey discuss vaccination the best protection for children

How important is it to immunize? What of claims it leads to Autism in children? Dicko chats with Dr. Ross Walker of Healthy Living to get the facts on whether vaccinations 'more harmful than beneficial'.

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Holding your computer files hostage

ASIO to set up a cyber terrorism squad

Having a secure password and maintaining your computer access has never been more vital than now. Jason Morrison has the story of a company that was hacked, their data compromised, holding files hostage.

More women needed in management

Do we really still need quotas for women in the workplace?

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has backed calls for companies to set targets to ensure women get into management positions. Dicko & Anjali on whether it will breed resentment.

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