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The bulging growth of Sydney

Posted by: 2UE | 4 December, 2012 - 4:55 PM
The squeeze is on across Sydney's suburbs as populations rise

There are now 4.6 million of us living in Sydney and surrounds, with a population growing at 1.1%. Paul Murray looks at the growing need for housing and infrastructure report on our greater city.

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Gangnam Style Christmas Lights

Gangnam Style Christmas lights had to be turned off?

Gangnam Style Christmas lights in Perth were amazing, until the fellow that put the performance together, Kym Illman had to turn them off. Paul Murray reveals why they only lasted 3 nights. Check them out here!

Faulkner's warning for Labor corrupt

Senator John Faulkner's warning to Labor Party ranks

Labor's elder statesman John Faulkner has spoken out about a rotten few in party ranks and called for the urgent adoption of a code of conduct for federal politicians. Paul Murray on the Senator's warning.

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  • Hi Paul; I am a recovering refugee from Merrylands. I fled to the Southern Highlands to escape all the endless bad crap that is going on in Sydney. It is like another world here in the highlands, it even feels like you are not in Australia and reminds me of a peaceful non-multicultural, happy and peaceful Sydney from the 60's..70's. I strongly recommend that like minded people should seriously consider moving here and leave all the garbage back there, making more room for all the lazy illegals. The reality is a lot of areas of Sydney are now very bad news. As for all the multicultural/illegals country shopper campaigners living in distant affluent non-multicultural Sydney suburbs. I strongly recommend that that they go and physically live in multicultural Merrylands for 6-12 months and experience what is really going on, then they will finally wake up to themselves and stop voting for damned green independent Labor and the Malcolm Tunbulls of politics! They should remember that Labor-Kevin Rudd and Juliar Gillard destroyed perfectly good John Howard-Liberal government legislation that had literally stopped these illegal boats for so many years, that was until disgusting Labor got elected under false pretences with Labor gloatingly opening up our borders to these passport-less, very dubious angry and lazy illegals!! Got the picture now?

    Hubert J. Tuesday 4 December, 2012 - 9:22 PM

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