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Thomson arrest: still Labor's problem

Posted by: 2UE | 1 February, 2013 - 7:38 AM
Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Dicko & Sarah speak with Neil Mitchel about the arrest of former Labor, now Independent MP Craig Thomson. How will it play out with the Prime Minister following her election call and previous support.

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The Coalition has joined some commentators in suggesting a link between the arrest of Independent MP CRAIG THOMSON and the announcement of the federal election date, as Francis Keany reveals.


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says while he's not commenting on Craig Thomson's matters before the court, the issue is not just about the Labor MP.

Mr Aboott says it's always been about the judgment of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard whom he accuses of having run a protection racket for the former Labor MP for years.

Meanwhile, Labor ministers have rubbished claims of a link between Craig Thomson's arrest and the announcement of the election date.

The Coalition says it is curious that on Wednesday Prime Minister Julia Gillard declared the election eight months in advance, with the crossbench MP charged 24 hours later.

Paul Murray with commentator Mark Riley of Seven News on the election announcement timing and the questions now before the Prime Minister to answer.


Day one: dogged by scandal

Craig Thomson leaves Wyong Court.

Julia Gillard's extended election campaign hit major turbulence on its first full day following the arrest of Craig Thomson.

SMH: Thomson arrest a blow for Labor

Shock arrest of Craig Thomson has sent shockwaves through the government.

Kathy Jackson on Thomson arrest

Health Services Union's Cathy Jackson hailed a hero today

Former HSU boss Kathy Jackson gives her views on the Thomson arrest. She makes claims with Jason Morrison that current sitting members of parliament offered her a seat if she shut up about Craig Thomson.

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  • @'Time to Reap the Whirlwind' posting here- well said indeed!
    My message to Gillard is the end is nigh Madame! You can expect a knock on your door or similar - just like your revered comrade, Thompson received this week. So don't say you haven't been tipped off - like you were with your hopeless comrade this week. We get rid of them slowly fellow Aussie voters!!!!!

    Angela Coombes Saturday 2 February, 2013 - 8:11 PM
  • For the last 5 years tumultuous Australia has been suffering from the wiles of the evil atheist, God damned communist Labor government. Australia had better wake up now, before it is completely too late...AMEN+

    www.abortiontruth.com Saturday 2 February, 2013 - 11:34 AM
  • We will accept your resignation Gillard. Make sure we have that resignation on your desk which is of course our desk by the close of business Monday the fourth of February. If not then you will reap the whirlwind of your own destruction and the noose of the law will begin to tighten around you. Run to Switzerland and enjoy your ill-gotten gains while you can. But dont get too comfortable. At some stage in the near future there will be a knock on your door. You will open the door to find several people dressed in Australian uniforms. They will have an extradition order and an arrest warrant. On behalf of Australia they will be seeking justice and the return of our money.

    Time to Reap the Whirlwind Friday 1 February, 2013 - 11:07 AM
  • Somehow that pathological liar Juliarrr Gillard is unbelievably still accepting her friend Craig Thomson's damned vote in parliament??? Evidently Craig Thomson is like the other 3 $$self-serving Independents Wilkie, Windsor & Oakshott who apparently are de-dacto members of the Labor party and are in it right up to their rotten necks along with Labor. I blame these 3 so called Independents for all the damage to Australia this Labor government has been allowed to do since 2010.

    www.abortiontruth.com Friday 1 February, 2013 - 10:37 AM

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