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Thomson arrested by fraud squad

Posted by: 2UE | 31 January, 2013 - 1:39 PM
More questions raised over Craig Thomson MP

Breaking News: Federal MP Craig Thomson has been arrested at his electoral office. Members of the NSW fraud squad on Thursday executed an arrest warrant on behalf of the Victorian Fraud and Extortion Squad.

The embattled MP faces 150 charges of fraud after being arrested by police on the state's Central Coast over the Health Services Union scandal.


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Independent MP Craig Thomson is maintaining his innocence after being charged with fraud relating to his time as an offical at the Health Services Union.

He's been granted conditional bail this afternoon to front court in Melbourne next week.

He faces 149 charges that weren't tabled in court today due to a printing error.

Mr Thomson says he's sure he'll be cleared.



Meantime, the Thomson saga has come back to haunt Prime Minister Julia Gillard on her newly-announced election campaign as Federal Political Reporter Francis Keany reports.


Disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson will face court in Melbourne next month on fraud charges relating to his time as an official at the Health Services Union.

Mr Thomson has represented himself at Wyong Local Court on the state's Central Coast - after being arrested this afternoon.

Jason Morrison speak with Michael Smith, the former 2UE broadcaster who initially started the ball rolling on the story that is now before the courts.


The lawyer for embattled Independent MP Craig Thomson has accused authorities of being 'heavy-handed' after his client was arrested and charged with fraud.

Mr Thomson is out on bail but will face a Melbourne Court on a raft of offences relating to his time as a union official.

But his lawyer Chris McArdle says his client faces only trivial offences. He has labeled two prison guards as 'goons', as he tells Dicko & Sarah Mr Thomson is feeling dreadful after his arrest and subsequent court appearance yesterday.


Police Minister Mike Gallacher says if Craig Thomson believes officers were "heavy handed" during his arrest - than the embattled Federal M-P should make a formal complaint.

Mr Thomson's lawyer says his client was arrested by five police before being stripped searched by prison officers in an attempt to intimidate him.

But Mr Gallacher says he's yet to receive a complaint.


The state's prisons boss says a "strip-search" of Federal MP Craig Thomson during his arrest was not designed to intimidate him.

Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin is rejecting claims his officers acted like "goons" when strip searching Craig Thomson yesterday following his arrest.

Thomson's lawyer has lashed out at the officers for the way they treated his client after picking him up at his Central Coast Office to face union fraud charges.

Peter Severin has told Paul Murray his officers did nothing wrong.


The Victorian police have spent almost 18 months investigating claims that Mr Thomson improperly used Health Services Union funds to spend on prostitutes, air travel, entertainment and cash withdrawals in excess of $100,000.

In October last year police raided Mr Thomson's Bateau Bay home as well as his electoral office.

They took away large boxes of material.

Mr Thomson was national secretary of the HSU from 2002 until 2007 when he was elected to Parliament. Earlier last year he was suspended from the ALP and has been sitting as an independent in parliament since that time.

Mr Thomson will be taken to the local police station where he will be charged with a multitude of fraud-related offences.

His expected to appear in Tuggerah court later today in order to apply for bail. Mr Thomson has continued to maintain his innocence. He is also facing civil proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia relating to allegations that he improperly used union funds for his own benefit.

Kate McClymont via SMH

Statement from Victoria Police:

 New South Wales Fraud Squad detectives acting on behalf of the Victoria Police Fraud and Extortion Squad have arrested a 48-year-old man in New South Wales today as part of an ongoing investigation.

He was arrested at a property in Tuggerah Lakes about 1pm. 

The man is currently assisting police with their enquiries.

Statement from NSW Police:

A man wanted in Victoria on fraud offences has been arrested on the NSW Central Coast by officers from State Crime Command’s Fraud and Cybercrime Squad.

An arrest warrant had been issued for the 48-year-old man by Victorian authorities following investigations into allegations of fraud committed against the Health Services Union.

About 1pm today (Thursday 31 January 2013), detectives attached to Strike Force Carnarvon arrested the man at an address in Tuggerah.

He was taken to Wyong Police Station where he is expected to be charged by virtue of the arrest warrant with a fraud offence.

It is expected he will go before Wyong Local Court where a further 149 fraud charges are to be laid. 

It is anticipated that Victorian detectives will apply for the man’s extradition to Victoria.


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