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Victor Chang murderer gets parole

Posted by: 2UE | 19 September, 2012 - 3:18 PM
Why is Magistrate Brian Malone being driven away from the courts?

The man who shot and killed heart surgeon Victor Chang has been granted parole and will be deported to Malaysia. VOCAL's Howard Brown says the Chang family are "absolutely devastated" with the decision.

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Attorney General Greg Smith has confirmed he is seeking advice about a possible appeal against the decision. Mr Smith says he is disappointed by the decision after fighting hard to keep him behind bars.


Multiculturalism: where are we going?

Who should carry the Australian flag at the Olympics?

Following the violent Islamic riots over the weekend there is a focus on where we are headed with multiculturalism. Jason Morrison with Dr. Peter Phelps on where we are headed as a multicultural nation.

Parents join teachers over strike

Students are abusing and bullying teachers

Teachers have finally decided not to take industrial action on a weekend, not disrupting weekday classes. Stuart Bocking looks at the protest coming up over State Government cuts to education funding.

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