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Video Blog: Australia too afraid to send a message on boat people?

Posted by: 2UE | 16 August, 2012 - 10:05 AM
Australia too afraid to send a message on boat people?

Jason Morrison reveals asylum seekers rescued by a merchant vessel are said to have made threats of violence to the ship's captain when told they'd be dropped off in Singapore not on Christmas Island.

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The Coalition says asylum seekers who threaten violence when beign rescued should face criminal charges.

It's claimed a group of 67 men forced a merchant vessel which had rescued them on Tuesday to divert from Singapore to Christmas Island.

Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has labelled it an act of piracy.

The Coalition says there should have been a stronger response to an incident on board a merchant vessel, involving a group of aggressive asylum seekers.

It’s claimed the 67 Pakistani men forced the captain of the MV Parsival to change course from Singapore to Christmas Island.

No charges have been laid.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says Labor should have followed the lead of the previous coalition government during the Tampa crisis.


Issues and topics too hot to tackle?

Premier O'Farrell to toughen state gun control laws

Some topics are too hot to talk about? Jason Morrison asks if we are going too soft to confront issues. A shooting during Ramadan celebrations and soccer brawls prove there are problems that need addressing.

Nauru ready for off-shore processing?

Is Nauru ready to take on our off shore processing again?

Laws allowing detention centres to reopen on Nauru are expected to pass parliament as soon as today. Jason Morrison questions when we will be ready to send people to Nauru to begin off shore processing.

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  • How come over 90% of illegal entry boat immigrants deliberately throw overboard their identifying passports and call recording, tracking mobile phones, straight after their $15K boat leaves Indonesia for Australia?? After all of this, how can they still be "deemed asylum seekers" in Australia?? I would think there is absolutely no need to throw overboard passports and mobile phones, if you were a genuine asylum seeker!! Why does the Labor government allow this to go on??? I suggest that they be sent back to Indonesia, their last departure point, who could argue with that?

    Cate B. Monday 20 August, 2012 - 3:53 PM
  • We have the problem now because the government have let so many of these people come to our country this way.
    They are flocking from india now, you know why? all the ones that are here are telling how easy it is to stick it up the australians and just come over, you wont get shot or in any trouble.
    There is NO reason for them not to come.So be ready for more & more. Australia is changing for the worst i think.

    willow Sunday 19 August, 2012 - 7:19 PM
  • Why doesn't our emergency response Army, air-drop tents, hoochies, thunder boxes, non-halal 20 man ration packs, hexi lighters for cooking and army gerry cans for fresh water into Nauru tonight. I lived on the stuff for years, its good nutritional tucker, cooks in minutes. And of course no internet or phone cards to plot with!! Nauru would be operational by tomorrow and we must you deploy our army military police etc to secure the place, instead of mercenary, incompetent pommy Serco Security. Saving the taxpayers $billions and doing a proper job. No doubt the boats would quickly cease!! Furthermore a lot of Australians are now living in far worse conditions than that and they would be very happy and grateful to permanently live on an idilic fishing and swimming paradise at Nauru!

    CHANCE Thursday 16 August, 2012 - 5:20 PM
  • Once again these illegal country shoppers have been rewarded.How low is Australia going to sink?

    Lowmax Thursday 16 August, 2012 - 2:20 PM
  • Indonesia and indeed Afghanistan have no place to complain if gutless Australia returns all illegal boat people back to their departure point!
    All immigrants, including queue jumpers are required to fill-out an application form first. Furthermore, there is no need for alleged refugees-country shoppers to come all the way to Australia, when safe haven India is very welcoming of all refugees, especially the wealthy ones paying $15K for rescue-boat rides to Australia. I

    Michelle Bell Thursday 16 August, 2012 - 1:53 PM
  • Hear! Hear! Jason.
    This whole episode is a very
    BAD joke! Gillard and her
    cronies haven't a clue and
    further more it is my belief
    they want Nauru to fail and
    will do their devious best
    to ensure that this will happen. Why? Because that's
    what Gillard wants and it's
    her way of getting the Malaysian solution back on the table. You've got to give her top marks for the
    way she operates - and that
    is 'in the gutter'.
    Prime Minister? she is an
    insult to the title.

    belle of Tweed Thursday 16 August, 2012 - 1:49 PM

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