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We are spending more than we earn

Posted by: 2UE | 12 September, 2012 - 8:54 AM
We are spending more than we are earning?

There are calls for more to be done to help Australian's make ends meet, with new figures showing many are living on credit. Jason Morrison on stats showing one in seven of us is spending more than we earn.

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Abbott portrayal desperate measure

Tony Abbott speaking out against the carbon tax

Jason Morrison says they are getting desperate in federal parliament with a push on to portray Tony Abbott as a woman hating, sexist, violent thug. The reason we are turning on Labor is the lack of honesty.

Social media green light to abuse?

Beware what you publish online, it may work against you?

Have we become a more arrogant society, or is it we have the means to send abuse more easily? Jason Morrison looks at recent abuse sent out on Twitter and questions what we can do as a society at large.

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  • No Worries. The Greens and Labor will just print more money.

    David T. Wednesday 12 September, 2012 - 5:02 PM

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