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Who wants to live forever?

Posted by: 2UE | 7 January, 2013 - 3:02 PM
The brave new world of DNA testing - good or bad news?

Is the generation that will live forever on the way? John Stanley ponders the ability to check our DNA as a forewarning for medical conditions. Would you prefer to know? Will it expand the lifespan of our children?

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DNA testing causing some concern

DNA evidence opening up cold case murder investigations

Do DNA test kits bring more headaches than help? The boom in people taking DNA & genetic makeup tests has led to controversy about their commercial use. John Stanley on the curiosity over genetic makeup.

New anti-smoking bans in place

Draft legislation to remove cigarette branding and logos

Anti-smoking groups welcome an extension of smoking bans, with a number of places where lighting up is banned have been added to the list, including bus stops, taxi ranks and swimming pool complexes.

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  • There are no more supplicant people on Earth than Australians. Australians have NEVER had an independent identity and they have never even popped their head up to say they demand it. Australians have NEVER challenged the will of the political parties in power and the progression as a result was always predictable. But it is not because we are a stoic people because what has happened to Australia would not be allowed by the people of England France Germany Thailand and many other nations that have proven to be stoic people of substance and courage. We cannot blame our inaction on limited knowledge because Africa has been the most under developed and exploited nation on Earth for centuries yet they still have the moral and intestinal fortitude to mount a defence and fight back. They have nothing and yet they never stop fighting. The same could be said for the English French Russian Irish Thai Chinese and just about the entire collective of human nations. Australia is the nation where cowards hide. There is no other nation on Earth where the population has continually accepted abuse without a response. The fact we have held guns and shot bullets while always being protected by the most powerful of the time does not make us brave warriors or proud and honourable people. It more often than not makes us cowards and fools and slaves. I love the land that I and my grandfathers and theirs and theirs all the way back to 1770 were raised in. The people that have evolved since make me sick. You make me sick. Win loose or draw I cant accommodate cowards and Australia is filled with supplicant cowards.

    The Supplicant Nationality of Nobodies Monday 7 January, 2013 - 6:39 PM

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