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Why do you prefer bottled water?

Posted by: 2ue | 2 December, 2012 - 7:52 AM
Tap water is often repackaged and sold as bottled water

Australians spend more than half a billion dollars on bottled water each year, despite perfectly good water running from our taps. Clinton Maynard questions why people like bottled water over quality tap water.

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Brand power of cigarettes

Will plain packaging help stop cigarette sales?

People are complaining that since the introduction of plain packaging on cigarettes they now taste worse. The Two Murrays speak with panelist from Gruen Transfer Jane Caro on the power of branding.

Etiquette of using mobile phones

The etiquette of using mobile phones at the dinner table?

Are people being simply too rude, sitting at restaurants and ignoring those around them to speak on their mobile phones? Two Murrays with June Dally-Watkins on the etiquette of using mobiles at the dinner table.

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  • It does not have flouride in it that is one reason. Flouride is a poison and if you want it good luck to you.

    Craig Monday 3 December, 2012 - 6:11 PM

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