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Yachtsman rescued after 2 weeks

Posted by: 2UE | 18 October, 2012 - 7:34 AM
Yachtsman lost at sea for two weeks rescued overnight

A yachtsman stranded at sea for two-weeks is back on dry land, after a dramatic rescue off the coast of Sydney. Jason Morrison says he was spotted by Air Canada passengers using binoculars from the plane.

A passenger onboard says the plane went up in cheers when they spotted him in the water.

44 year old Glen Eye spent more than 16 hours drifting in the Tasman after his 11 metre yacht was hit by a large wave on its way to New Zealand.

Jason speaks with Air New Zealand Pilot David Morgan about his fellow pilots up in the air spotting the vessel, how often does this happen?

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Tendulkar given Order of Australia?

Julia Gillard makes a visit to New Delhi in India

Prime Minister Gillard announced on a visit to New Delhi, Sachin Tendulkar would receive an Order of Australia. Gary Hardgraves tells Paul Murray it is designed to make Australian Indian community like the Prime Minister.

Channel 9 saved at 11th hour

Television: have we lost the great TV shows of yesterday?

Channel 9 has been saved from receivership in the 11th hour following marathon talks with two hedge funds. The entertainment network is now debt free after the lenders agreed to trade $3.3b of debt for equity.

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