John Brennan - the Godfather of Radio

John Brennan - the Godfather of Radio

Brenno: the godfather of radio

Brenno: He was the guru of radio. John Brennan came to 2UE and made incredible gambles with the lineup, and took the station to #1. John Stanley & garry Linnell talk to the man who is the godfather of radio. Hear...

Gareth Evans on Hawke-Keating era

Gareth Evans with Angela Catterns on 2UE 954am Cabinet Diary: Gareth Evans has launched his book reflecting on the Hawke-Keating era, and looks back with Angela Catterns on what became a busy period of reform for the nation, and his role in that change.

Samantha X on her Sex Work

Dicko & Sarah speak with Ken about being a sex addict Sex Worker: Journalist and mother turned sex worker Amanda Goff, known as Samantha X has rocked Sydney with revelations of her career move. Suzy Yates speaks about the sensational move to out herself to Sydney.

Undaunted: life on the edge

Hugh O'Brien with Garry Linnell & John Stanley on 2UE 954am Undaunted: Life is anything but ordinary for Hugh O'Brien. John & Garry speak with the Navy clearance diver who made the transition to the military and becoming a mercenary. He talks about his life on the edge.

Bruce & Denise: Where is Daniel?

Bruce and Denise Morcombe with Stuart Bocking on 2UE Where Is Daniel? Their story horrified our nation. Now, Daniel Morcombe's parents have written a book about the tragic murder of their son. They reveal their struggle to search for answers with Stuart Bocking.

Kathy Lette: Courting Trouble

Author Kathy Lette with Angela Catterns on 2UE 954am Courting Trouble: Kathy Lette has yet another clever and controversial novel out in bookstores. The celebrated and outspoken comic writer chats with Angela Catterns on being a pioneering voice of feminism.

Richard Clapton: The Best Years

Richard Clapton with Stuart Bocking on 2UE 954am Aussie Icon: Richard Clapton is rock royalty. The performer, singer songwriter is one of the most important voices of our nation. Stuart Bocking relives some memories with him of 40 remarkable years in music.

What Lies Within: Gary Hipworth

What Lies Within author Gary Hipworth with Angela Catterns Gary Hipworth was born into a violent and seemingly doomed family. But in What Lies Within, he reveals his search for understanding to man's inhumanity to man and his journey into enlightenment and inner peace.

Ray 'Rabbits' Warren: The Voice

Ray 'Rabbits' Warren with Stuart Bocking on 2UE 954am Man Behind the Mic: Ray 'Rabbits' Warren is the legendary voice of Australian sports commentary. Stuart Bocking catches up with him on the launch of his book 'The Voice' reflecting on an incredible broadcasting career.

John Rizzo: Crisis in the CIA?

Stuart Bocking speaks with Former CIA's Chief Legal Officer John Rizzo Stuart Bocking speaks with Former CIA's Chief Legal Officer John Rizzo. He was involved in approving the rules that governed waterboarding and was the CIA's spokesman during the Iran-Contra scandal.

Gavin MacLeod joins 2UE Love Boat

Gavin MacLeod with Angela Catterns on 2UE 954 Gavin MacLeod played many roles on stage and our screens, but no doubt his most famous role was as Captain Merrill Stubing of The Love Boat. He joined Angela Catterns on Morning Tea to discuss his amazing career.

Robert Wainwright on vivacious Sheila

Robert Wainwright with Angela Catterns on 2UE 954 Robert Wainwright has worked as a journalist for thirty years and is the author of eight books. His most recent is about a vivacious young woman, Sheila. He chats with Angela Catterns about his work, and the fashion icon.

Confronting the grief of 9/11 loss

Comedian Simon Kennedy with John Stanley & Garry Linnell If you lost a loved one in the attacks of 9/11, would you want revenge? John Stanley & Garry Linnell speak with Comedian Simon Kennedy who lost his mother on flight 77, and has written about his moving story.

Ned Kelly: a hero or villain?

Author PeterFitzSimons with Stuart Bocking on 2UE 954 Was Ned Kelly a hero or villain? Either way, his lifelong brushes with the law live on in our culture. Re-teller of our incredible historical stories, Peter FitzSimions chats with Stuart Bocking on his book Ned Kelly.

Mark Donaldson: The Crossroad

Victoria Cross recipient Mark Donaldson with Stuart Bocking Mark Donaldson is a hero. The recipient of a Victoria Cross for his tour of duty in the Afghanistan War. But listen as he reveals to Stuart Bocking growing up a street thug, pushing through fears, turning his life around.

The true story of Douglas Mawson

Mawson's Hut in Antarctica After travelling south on his own six-week odyssey to the Antarctic, author David Day has undertaken the search for the real Douglas Mawson. George & Paul on uncovering the story behind the explorer in Flaws In The Ice.

Rod Laver: a memoir of a legend?

Stuart Bocking with Tennis Legend Rod Laver on 2UE 954 Rod Laver is regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, holding the world #1 ranking for seven consecutive years. The Grand Slam champion chats with Stuart Bocking of his passion for the game.

Rene Redzepi: A Work in Progress

Rene Redzepi, Head Chef at Noma in Copenhagen John Stanley speaks with Rene Redzepi, Head Chef at Noma in Copenhagen, which repeatedly been awarded the best restaurant in the world. He’s released his diaries on a year at Noma called A Work In Progress.

Germaine Greer on White Beach

Germaine Greer discusses White Beach with John Stanley Germaine Greer has put her money into 50 hectares of rainforest to save it. Are we doing enough to conserve our environment? John Stanley speaks with her about taking a stand and not expecting others to.

Dr Karl: Game of Knowns

Dr Karl with Paul Murray on 2UE 954 Why do psychopaths make good kings, is your smartphone dumbing you down, why is the left side of your face the most attractive? Dr Karl with Paul Murray about all this and more in his brand new book Game of Knowns.

Tim Fisher on life at the Vatican

Tim Fischer with John Stanley on 2UE Weekend Breakfast Tim Fischer is the guest of John Stanley for Sunday Breakfast, and discusses his new book Holy See, Unholy Me. It is an account of what it was like to be the first Australian Ambassador to the Vatican.

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