Concerns over parliament security following Canadian attack

Concerns over parliament security following Canadian attack

Canberra faces similar Ottawa threat?

Terror Attack: Canada's Parliament targeted by gunmen in a suspected terrorist attack. What are the ramifications for our own parliament? John & Garry on concerns authorities have for a local attack. More...

Aussie jihadist signs death warrant?

Has the Aussie teen jihadist signed his own death warrant? 2UE Video Editorial: Anger and dismay for a young Aussie turning to Islamic State and becoming a jihadist. John Stanley & Garry Linnell question his fate. Has he simply signed his own death warrant? Watch More...

Aussie Jihadist's threat to PM

Abdullah Elmir from Bankstown appears in an Islamic State video Aussie Jihadist: A young Australian jihadist has appeared in an Islamic State video warning Tony Abbott, "we will fight you and we will defeat you". Watch the propaganda video with direct threats to the PM. Watch...

5 years gaol for Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 year gaol 5 Years: Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to 5 years in gaol. No ordinary prisoner however. John Stanley & Garry Linnell ask, what's facing Pistorius in prison with Attorney at BDK Ulrich Roux. Hear More...

Skipping breakfast weight loss key?

Is skipping breakfast the key to weight loss? Weight Loss: Skipping breakfast and only eating between 8pm and midday could be the answer to obesity problems. John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss the latest weight loss findings with Dr Alex Hodge. More...

Gough Whitlam: a giant of our time

Remembering former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam 2UE Video Editorial: Described as a giant of our time, John Stanley & Garry Linnell remember the incredible reshaping of our national identity by Gough Whitlam. They pay respect to an incredible politician. Watch...

The Whisper: burqa ban fuss

Are calls to ban the burqa an overreaction? The Whisper: A whisper on 2UE has led to a the burqa ban in federal parliament, which is now overturned. John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal how one little whisper has spread through parliament house. Hear More...

Who's been snooping in your bin?

Just who has been snooping in your bins? 2UE Video Editorial: Just who is snooping in your bins? John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at why your garbage is worth money for marketers. What does sifting through your garbage say about you? Watch More...

Car industry keeping its secrets?

Have independent mechanics become a rare species? No More Mechanics: Independent mechanics could become a thing of the past due to the car industry not sharing their internal car data. Andrew McKellar from AAA joins John & Garry on vehicle technical advancements. More...

The Whisper: Lock down reversal?

Kings Cross clubs suffering under tough new liquor laws? The Whisper: Has Marrickville Council replaced their perfectly good recycle bins with new bins, and why? John & Garry also look at the new lock out laws, will they be watered down and reversed? More...

Wallabies coach McKenzie resigns

Ewan McKenzie resigns as coach of the Wallabies Wallabies Turmoil: Ewan McKenzie has resigned as Wallabies coach Saturday night ahead of the match against the All Blacks. John & Garry with Andrew Voss on the fall out following the announcement. More...

World crisis: what's more important?

The world faces two crises: which is the most important? 2UE Video Editorial: It's the tale of two crises. Which is of more importance? John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal the two biggest issues facing the planet today. Which deserves more attention? Watch...

Catholic schools protest detention

John & Garry on the protest by Catholic students 2UE Video Editorial: Some Catholic schools are going to protest children in detention. Are these their views? John & Garry differ on their views of the protest. Will they also protest sexual abuse of children by priests? More...

No outcry for two jockey deaths?

No outcry for the deaths of two jockeys? 2UE Video Editorial: Two female jockeys have been killed while racing over the past week. Where is the outrage about it? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on what the industry should do to remember the loss of lives. Watch...

Dick Smith foods to close?

Dick Smith champions the cause of buying Australian End of Australian Made: Dick Smith puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to championing buying Australian. Do you? John & Garry with the entrepreneur on the imminent closure of his food company. More...

PM backs down to 'shirt-front' Putin

How do we deal with Russian President Putin? The Whisper: The Prime Minister has promised to 'shirt-front' Vadimir Putin over the MH17 deaths. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the world now madly trying to interpret what the term means. Bad choice of words? More...

Sydney violence a generation thing?

Enough is enough of the street violence by drunken youth 2UE Video Editorial: Enough is enough, the street violence by drunken youth has become nightmarish. John Stanley & Garry Linnell question if closing pubs early is the answer, or is it a generational thing? Watch...

Aussie massacre at Nui Dat?

Were Aussie troops behind a cover up of truth at Nui Dat? Aussie Massacre: Were Aussie troops behind a cover up of truth at Nui Dat in Vietnam? John & Garry with Ben Morris of 2RAR Anzac Battalion on the battle scars and his bombshell revelations from the Vietnam war. More...

The Whisper: Porn inspectors?

How much does your ISDP really know about you? Google: Hillsong has become the place to seek refuge in Australia? The conflict behind the final show of The Block. And Google employing people to check for porn images on the internet, and all the gossip. Hear More...

Hillsong, more than just a church

Hillsong - more than just a church? Church Rules: John Stanley & Garry Linnell seek out Tanya Levin, an ex-Hillsong member and author of 'People in Glass Houses - An Insider's Story of a life in and out of Hillsong. What is the appeal? Hear More...

Why ban Hizb ut-Tahrir speeches?

Hizb ut-Tahrir staging another lecture to local Muslims Free Speech: Hizb ut-Tahrir is staging another lecture tonight. John Stanley & Garry Linnell ask security expert, Dr Michael McKinley, how the government is responding to this group? Should they be banned? Have Your Say...

How safe are we from Ebola virus

What safeguards do we have against Ebola? Outbreak: A nurse has been cleared of Ebola, but how safe are we if she can simply return here from West Africa? John & Garry on the measures we are taking to avoid an outbreak with Health Minister Peter Dutton. More...

Is the customer always right?

When it comes to service,is the customer always right? Service Please: Ever had to deal with a difficult customer? Does Sydney have terrible customer service? John & Garry look at staff bullied by customers, and share their stories of how bad customer service can be. Watch...

Are 'fun police' banning everything?

Are the 'fun police' ruining the good times? 2UE Video Editorial: Banning drinking and smoking in the opera Carmen, stopping children buying killer python lollies, have we become a nanny state? John Stanley & Garry Linnell are no slouches on this topic. Watch...

Schools to teach workplace manners

Suspensions from public schools are on the rise? Workplace Etiquette: Do the younger generation not understand workplace manners? Australia's curriculum authority has approved a "workplace manners" program to help prepare high school students for jobs. More...

More questions over surrogacy

Disposable baby-wipes causing an increase of skin problems? Surrogacy: It's been revealed an Indian mother was paid by an Australian couple to have a baby in 2012, but she had twins. The couple only took one child, because they didn't like the gender of the other. More...

Overhaul needed of honour awards

ICAC finds Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald acted corruptly Honour Only Honourable: There are calls for Australia's honour system to be overhauled, given some recipients have since been discredited. John & Garry on calls to cancel the award given to Eddie Obeid. More...

Fear as ISIS set to take Kobane

Fear as ISIS set to take the city of Kobane Kobane Fall: The Syrian-Turkish border town Kobane is "about to fall" , after Islamic State fighters press home a three-week assault. John & Garry with John Lyons who was recently stationed in the area. More...

How effective are air strikes?

Buy Islamic radicals a one way ticket out of Australia? Air Strikes: How effective are air strikes in combating the Islamic State? John Stanley & Garry Linnell speak with Paul McGeough of SMH who writes in his article, the word "effective" is an elastic term. More...

Do you like Daylight Saving?

Should we extend daylight savings time for Sydney? 2UE Video Editorial: Daylight Saving returns this weekend as clocks go forward, meaning less early light, but more sunshine in the afternoon. John & Garry tend to differ on its worth, but who has the last word? Watch...

The Whisper: Beijing Vs Bondi

Mail delivery 3 times a week under changes to Australia Post The Whisper: Australia Post is losing money, but the whisper is that it is cheaper to buy and mail items from China due to higher charges for local businesses. Is it cheaper to buy from Beijing than Bondi? Hear More...

Sydney Good Food Month begins

Sydney Good Food Month is underway for 2014 Good Food Month: Food can bridge cultures, and a meal makes a stranger feel welcome. The Good Food Month starts today. A chance for Sydney communities to get together to share stories over great food. More...

Nominate the worst road in Sydney

Should all road users pay to access road networks? Worst Roads: The Top 10 worst roads in NSW have been revealed, with John Stanley & Garry Linnell revealing the top worst roads in Sydney. Blog us what you think are the worst roads in Sydney here. Join In...

Should we extend daylight saving?

Should we extend daylights savings all year around? Extend Daylight Saving: Is daylight savings so good that we should make it two hours longer in summer and an extra hour in winter? John Stanley & Garry Linnell with Alan Stokes of SMH on extending it further. More...

Drivers oblivious to their surrounds

Sydney drivers oblivious to the sirens of emergency vehicles? 2UE Video Editorial: Why are some Sydney drivers oblivious to the screeching sirens of emergency vehicles? John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal why some drivers are simply not aware of their surroundings. Watch...

Win a Car with The Whisper

Win a Car with The Whisper on 2UE Breakfast The Whisper: For the remainder of 2014, John & Garry will give 2UE listeners the chance to win a brand new Hyundai i30 Active valued at over $24,000 with The Whisper on 2UE Breakfast.

Catching the bludging unemployed

Bosses hiring future buddies over those more qualified? Unemployed: A new report has found Abbott Government welfare changes could be in breach of human rights obligations. But what of the obligations of the unemployed? John & Garry on catching the bludgers. More...

Matt Moran on cooking for spring

Matt Moran talks with John & Garry about his latest book Keeping It Simple: Matt Moran talks about the simple things in the kitchen that make the biggest impressions on the dinner table. John & Garry with his latest recipes for spring, new cook book and hot tips. More...

Sydney's long hot fire season ahead

Long dry fire season ahead for Sydney Fire Alert: Wet conditions over winter have made for a hostile fire season ahead for summer across Sydney and the Blue Mountains. John & Garry on the warnings being issued ahead of our long hot summer. More...

When to report a traffic bingle?

Changes to car accident reporting for minor collisions Accidents: Changes to the way minor accidents are reported have a few people confused. John Stanley & Garry Linnell with John Hartley Traffic & Highway Commander on when to report a bingle to police. More...

George Piggins: being too stubborn?

Can George Piggins be persuaded to attend the Grand Final? 2UE Video Editorial: South Sydney are in their first grand final in 43 years. John & Garry on the history of the club, and why it seems former Souths President George Piggins is too stubborn to attend the match. Watch...

Only 30% seating on NW rail link?

New details of Sydney's North West Rail Link revealed NW Rail Line: How much seating will there be on the North West Rail Link? Will there be 30% or as low as 15%? Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian with John & Garry on the flexibility of the new system. More...

Big business avoiding tax?

Big business avoiding their fair share of tax burden? Missing Tax: Big business is accused of shirking its responsibilities by using tax havens to avoid paying their fair share. It's estimated the Government missed out on $80b in tax revenue over a nine year period. More...

Speaking out on Alzheimer's

Ita Buttrose - National Ambassador for Alzheimer's Australia Speaking Out: Dementia is a debilitating disease that affects not just sufferers, but their families too. John & Garry with Ita Buttrose on what families can do to help a relative suffering from dementia. Hear More...

Testing 85c Bread - does it bounce?

John & Garry test out the 85 cent bread... does it bounce? 2UE Video: It may be cheap, but is the Coles & Woolies home brand bread value for money? John Stanley & Garry Linnell test the theory that it can be rolled into a ball and it will bounce? See for yourself. Watch...

Too apathetic to make a change?

Are we too apathetic to makes changes to our flag? 2UE Video Editorial: Are we too complacent these days to make change to society's consensus thinking? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on our apathy to change the flag, or even think of becoming a republic. Watch More...

Losing our land to overseas buyers

Help needed for our struggling farmers? Losing Our Land: How much of our farmland is owned by overseas investors? Seems no one knows the exact answer. John & Garry discuss revelations Chinese milk companies are buying up local farms. Hear More...

John & Garry on new MH370 theory

Why are we paying for the search of flight MH370? 2UE Video Editorial: Conspiracy theories, from being hijacked to mechanical tampering. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the theory the pilot of MH370 flew the ghost plane into the Indian Ocean. Watch Here...

The Whisper: Counterfeit $50 notes

The Whisper: Fake $50 notes circulating in Sydney The Whisper: Warnings of counterfeit $50 notes circulating in Sydney, and can they be exchanged in pokies? Dog pooping fines being handed out, and a crackdown on security at Westfield loading docks. More Here...

MH370: Pilot crashed ghost plane?

Is terrorism behind the disappearance of flight MH370? MH 370: Several theories about what happened to the Malaysian flight, but one person has stepped up to claim it was pilot suicide. Listen as John Stanley & Garry Linnell discuss the latest on the mystery flight. More Here...

The dangers of DIY in the home

John & Garry discuss the dangers of DIY around the house 2UE Video Editorial: Weekends are perfect to fix odd jobs around the house, but it also means dangers. John & Garry discuss those DIY accidents on the rise, and how golfer Greg Norman almost lost a hand. Watch Here...

SAS troops bound for Middle East

SAS troops to be sent to Middle East to fight ISIS SAS: Australian special forces will act as military advisers to Iraqi soldiers fighting ISIS, as part of an international effort to combat the extremists. About 600 Australian troops will go to the Middle East. Listen Here...

DIY weekend accident troubles

Weekend DIY accident rates on the increase? DIY Troubles: The weekends are the perfect time to get out the tools and do a little do it yourself around the home. John & Garry reveal, it is also the time when accidents spike as Dr Gordian Fulde explains. Listen Here...

Jodi McKay set for Strathfield seat?

Jodi McKay set for the safe seat of Strathfield? The Whisper: John Stanley & Garry Linnell in the whisper reveal increasing dissent in state Labor. Rumour is Jodi McKay will be placed in the seat of Strathfield. Will the party pick up seats next election? More Here...

How safe is Sydney from terrorism?

How safe is Sydney from the threat of terrorism? Terror Threat: How safe is Sydney from a terror attack? The head of ASIO says he's seriously considering raising our terrorism threat level. John & Gary extremists returning home, after fighting in Iraq and Syria. Read More...

Apple Aussie prices in overdrive?

John & Garry on the local Aussie prices for Apple items 2UE Video Editorial: The iPhone & watch are here to save the day for those struggling to find the TV remote? John Stanley & Garry Linnell argue on 1st world problems as Apple set Aussie prices for their items into overdrive.

Sydney petrol prices plummet

Can Sydney survive the petrol crisis? Petrol Prices: Some unusual movement downwards in Sydney petrol prices. John Stanley & Garry Linnell rub the crystal ball to see where the price at the pump is on the way down toward $1.20, and what to look for at servos.

Will & Kate baby conspiracy theory?

William & Kate are expecting another heir to the throne. 2UE Video Editorial: William & Kate are expecting another heir to the throne, has the timing been manipulated? John Stanley & Garry Linnell have an incredible conspiracy theory, but is it all just coincidence?

O'Farrell returns to front ICAC

Barry O'Farrell resigns as Premier over a bottle of 1959 Grange ICAC: Former Premier Barry O'Farrell returns to the Corruption Commission's inquiry into political donations. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the revelations of illegal political donations made to the Liberal Party.

How to beat the Opal Card system

How to use the Opal Card to your advantage? Opal Card: Sick of the traffic jams? Public transport is the answer and John & Garry reveal the transport minister is backing commuters finding ways to manipulate travel to get the best deal out of their Opal Card.

Accelerant found in Rozelle blaze

Traces of accelerant found in Rozelle blaze site Rozelle Blaze: Detectives sifting through the rubble of a convenience store at Rozelle say they have found traces of an accelerant at the site. John & Garry on how it is yet another blow to the tight knit Rozelle community.

Revenue rise in speed cameras

Revenue from speed cameras is on the climb? 2UE Video Editorial: The State Government concedes it is making more money from speed & red light cameras, but insist that money goes back into road safety. John & Garry on a previous promise to reduce cameras.

ISIS flag auctioned at Sydney mosque

ISIS flag auctioned off at a Sydney mosque ISIS Flag: Political leaders have slammed the auction of an ISIS flag at a Sydney mosque, with footage circulating amongst possibly radicalised teenagers online. John & Garry on concerns within the community.

3D printing: the future unlimited?

The future of 3D printing is unlimited? 3D Printing: We are just at the beginning of the potential of 3D printing. The imagination can run wild. John Stanley & Garry Linnell with Tech Expert Trevor Long on the possibilities in the future using 3D printing.

John & Garry's message for all dads

John & Garry with a special father's day message for all dads 2UE Video Editorial: What did your father teach you? As a dad, what are you teaching your child? John Stanley & Garry Linnell reflect on being a father, and reveal a song that every dad should hear, and heed its message.

How the role of fathers has evolved

Who is the #1 daggiest dad in Australia? Father's Day: How has the role of a father evolved through the decades? Fathers John Stanley and Garry Linnell take a look at the changing role with Dr Peter Downey author of 'So You're Going to Be a Dad'.

Tributes flow for Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers being remembered as one of a kind RIP: Joan Rivers' fellow comedians are remembering her as one of a kind after the 81-year-old comedy star died in New York today. John Stanley & Garry Linnell with Richard Wilkins discuss her Logies visit to Australia.

Manners: should they begin at home?

John & Garry on manners - should they beging at home? 2UE Video Editorial: Parents are no longer teaching manners? Have the current generation forgotten common courtesies? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on who should teach manners, does it begin in the family home?

Send our troops to help Ukraine?

How do we deal with Russian President Putin? World Stage: Australian military advisers in Kiev to counter Russian aggression? Is PM Tony Abbott serious? Is it in our interests? John Stanley and Garry Linnell on the move labelled more guts than sense.

Who is funding the evil Islamic State?

John & Garry - Who is funding the evil Islamic State? 2UE Video Editorial: The atrocities in the Middle East are incomprehensible to us in the west. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the threat to our democracy, and just who is behind the funding of the Islamic State cause?

Your cash splashed on 'Study Trips'

Councils spending $10k+ sending representatives overseas on tours Study Trips: Your money is being splashed about on study trips by local councilors. John & Garry with Greens MP John Kaye who will investigate politicians spending large amounts of your money on overseas study trips.

US Journalist beheaded by IS

Islamic State release a video of another beheading in Middle East Beheading Video: Jihadists have released a video that appears to show the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the horrific footage posted on the internet by Islamic State militants.

Drones growing in popularity

Growing popularity of drones - where is the technology going? Drones: The popularity of drones is increasing, but what does it mean for your privacy? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on their growing popularity, and where their technology is taking the use of drone in the future.

Illegal brothel rise across suburbia

Illegal brothels on the rise across Sydney suburbia 2UE Video Editorial: Illegal brothels are springing up across suburban Sydney under the noses of local councils. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the health dangers, and how some of the workers could be being exploited.

Anger over council "study tours"

Councils spending $10k+ sending representatives overseas on tours Study Tour: Drummoyne MP, John Sidoti is critical of councils spending $10k+ on sending representatives to overseas technology tours. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on anger over one Sydney Council tour to New York.

SAS join Aussie airdrops in Iraq?

Reports the SAS have joined with Aussie airdrops in Iraq? Middle East Crisis: Australian SAS troops will accompany air force personnel involved in weapons drops in Northern Iraq. John Stanley & Garry Linnell look at whether the PM has a plan to join the fight against ISIS.

Smokes rise by $2.80 a packet

More people deciding to quit smoking following plain packaging? Smokes Hike: Will today's hike in cigarette taxes deter people smoking? The price of a packet of cigarettes will rise up to $2.80. Heather Allen from the Lung Foundation says price hikes alone won't make people quit.

Bizarre evidence at union hearings

John & Garry: A bizarre day at union inquiry over a barber's chair 2UE Video Editorial: A bizarre day at the royal commission into unions with an almost tiff between former lovers. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on Kathy Jackson revealing her extra marital affair, and that barber's chair.

Hawke-Keating: who was better PM?

Who was the best Australian Prime Minister? 2UE Video Editorial: There are currently a plethora of political books that are re-writing history in their own way. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the re-writing of the political history between Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

Stopping fighters heading overseas

Airstrikes won't work in uprising in Iraq? Islamic States: How should we handle Australians leaving to fight overseas in Islamic states? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on going into the Middle East to fight, are better off leaving them go, or keeping them.

Revealed: the incredible past of Clive

Clive Palmer being courted by the Liberal Party? 2UE Video Editorial: Who knew Clive Palmer is a man of mystery, our very own Walter Mitty. John Stanley & Garry Linnell reveal his secret and incredible past that saw the MP travelling China when only a boy.

PM hospital visit to justify bill claim?

PM Abbott says President Obama an PM Schedule: John & Garry with Latika Bourke, who claims the PM told the party room he had to visit a cancer centre in Melbourne to justify billing taxpayers to be in the city for a "private function" the night before.

Taxpayers lose to black economy

Australians are hoarding $10b Black Economy: How much work do you pay for in cash? Australians are hoarding $10b "under the bed". John Stanley & Garry Linnell on taxpayers being the losers in Australia’s great black market cash stash.

Scott Draper on battling demons

Scott Draper talks about his battle with demons on 2UE Beating Demons: Scott Draper talks with John Stanley and Garry Linnell about battling his demons internally and learned to win. His obsessive behaviour grew so bad, it would take him hours just to get out of bed.

How to stop youth going jihadist?

How to stop our youth going jihadist? 2UE Video Editorial: John Stanley & Garry Linnell question the $13m that will go towards community programs to stop young Australians from becoming jihadists. Will splashing money stop the radicalization of these youths?

Restaurants open to outdoor pets

Are Sydney dog owners being treated unfairly? Doggie Bag: We grow fond of our furry family members and many more restaurants are seeing the opportunity of allowing pets in outdoor dining areas. John & Garry on whether that love would ever extend to indoors.

Parents at forefront of terror war?

Why are Australians joining the war in Syria? Terror Cells: Tony Abbott is calling on Australian parents to join the new war on terrorism, by stopping their children being 'seduced' into becoming jihadists. John & Garry on the new face of counter-terrorism measures.

Grub Street: name & shame dumpers?

Is it time to name and shame rubbish dumpers? 2UE Video Editorial: Should we name and shame people who are dumping rubbish in our local streets? John Stanley & Garry Linnell on a little shame time to get justice. Is this an idea that would work in your suburb?

Baird polls on the rise

Treasurer Mike Baird defends Premier Barry O'Farrell State Election: The Baird government is set for a comfortable election win next year, despite the recent ICAC corruption scandals. John & Garry reveals a galaxy poll shows a 55% to 45% lead over Labor, two party preferred.

Your cash just a fingertip scan away?

2UE Video Editorial - Cash just a fingertip scan away? 2UE Video Editorial: Short of change? Pay with your fingertips. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the future of finance with banks using fingerprinting technology to identify you and to pay for your daily coffee.

Mitchell on Shorten rape allegations

Neil Mitchell on the Bill Shorten rape allegations Allegations: Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says his name has been cleared, after being accused of raping a 16 year old girl in the 1980s. John Stanley & Garry Linnell with Neil Mitchell on the story background.

Should we scrap school homework?

Do students really need homework to succeed at school? 2UE Video Editorial: There is hardly any academic benefit for primary school students to do homework according to reports. John Stanley & Garry Linnell with opposing views on whether your children need homework.

Sydney petrol price collusion?

Can Sydney survive the petrol crisis? Sydney Petrol Prices: The fuel giants deny they've done anything wrong, as the ACCC launches fresh legal action over petrol prices. John Stanley & Garry Linnell on the legal action against some of the local retailers.

Crisis over Palmer China comments

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce on 2UE 954am China Crisis: Barnaby Joyce responds to comments from federal MPs Clive Palmer and Jaquie Lambie about China. Are they dangerous, and show political naivety? He tells John & Garry the comments were unacceptable.

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