Sarah Morice, Damien Leith & Dicko on 2UE 954am

Sarah Morice, Damien Leith & Dicko on 2UE 954am

Video: Damien Leith performs Crying

2UE Video: Damien Leith has a new single out 'You and I' and announces exclusively to Dicko & Sarah his new concert in Sydney coming up. Watch his performance of the classic Roy Orbison track Crying and hear his interview.

Sacrificing liberties over protection

Aussies heading overseas to fight in Iraq? Aussie Jihadists: Sabre rattling on cancelling passports of Aussies heading overseas to fight with jihadist groups, but is that legal? Dicko & Sarah with Julian Burnside QC on the risk we face from traitors to Australia.

Ban Luis Suarez from the World Cup?

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez - should he be banned? Biting Charges: Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has allegedly bitten Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during his team's 1-0 win. It's not the first time he has chewed through a game. Dicko & Sarah ask should he be banned.

Hotseat: Social Media Comments

Dicko & Sarah on just how private is your social media? Hotseat: Soprano Tamar Iveri has lost her job with Opera Australia after posting anti-gay comments on Facebook. Can a person have personal views and post them on their facebook page without it impacting their job?

Terrorists using the dark net?

How has the internet changed your life? The Dark Net: What is the Dark Net? Intelligence sharing by subversive means? Dicko & Sarah discuss the undetectable dark net that we are told is used for illegal activity and by terrorists to get messages out.

John Edward with Dicko & Sarah

Medium John Edward with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954am Crossing Over: An international star of the show Crossing Over, Medium John Edward joins Dicko & Sarah to speak with 2UE listeners. He discusses how he works with speaking to those who have passed over. Do you believe?

What's behind Islamic sectarian war?

Why are Australians joining the war in Syria? Islamic War: The ongoing and intensifying conflict in Iraq has fallen along sectarian lines. What are the differences between Sunni & Shia militias now tearing apart the country and growing in the Middle East?

What tricks do employers use?

Ageism in the workplace? How do we retain older workers? Tricks of the Trade: What are the tricks and tests employers use to suss out potential future employees? Dicko & Sarah discuss with an advertising executive the human qualities and diversity he looks for in his workers.

Work just 9 minutes longer please?

Employ more Gen Y workers? Hotseat: Would you work an extra 9 minutes if the boss asked you for no extra pay? Dicko & Sarah in The Hotseat look at tax office public servants angry being asked to work longer each day for no extra money.

School chaplaincy funds 'unlawful'

Back to school for students across NSW School Chaplains: The Abbott Government has promised to find a way to fund its school chaplains program, after it was ruled unlawful by the High Court. Dicko & Sarah on what the challenge means for our schools.

Toys: can they harm our children?

Winx dolls - are they detrimental to our children? Winx Dolls: Are some toys responsible for harming our children rather than educate them? Dicko & Sarah on calls to ban guns for boys, Winx dolls blamed for anorexia in girls, video games behind violence, do you agree?

Hotseat: soft drink plain packaging?

Should soft drinks be placed in plain packaging? The Hotseat: Should Australia introduce plain packaging for fizzy drinks and soft drinks? Dicko & Sarah discuss plain packaging working to stop people from smoking, would it do the same with children and soft drinks.

State Budget: child protection focus

Mike Baird to announce new ministry shake up NSW Budget: An extra half billion dollars will be spent on child-protection in a budget which is otherwise lacking in major announcements, but pushes the case for an electricity sell-off. Derek Peterson with state budget news.

Chris Bath & Rahni Sadler on 2UE

Dicko & Sarah joined by Chris Bath & Rahni Sadler on 2UE Let's Do Lunch: Dicko & Sarah are joined in the studio by Chris Bath and Rahni Sadler of Channel Seven's Sunday Night, who reflect on the news of the week, the serious issues, along with some funny observations of life.

Actions or words make a racist?

“Celebrate your way” endorses multiculturalism over integration? Ending Racism: Do words or actions make you a racist? Does using racist language mean you are a racist, or is it a person's actions? Dicko & Sarah discuss racism in The Hotseat. Do some people simply say stupid things?

Foreign investors bending the rules?

Chinese investors are buying one fifth of new Sydney properties Foreign Investors: Despite a surge of purchases by wealthy overseas investors, there have been no prosecutions of any buyer for breaching rules aimed at preventing investment in established homes in Australia.

Budget cuts to hit Sydney homeless

There has been a rise in Sydney’s young homeless? Budget Cuts: How will hospitals and policing be impacted with the upcoming budget cuts? Dicko & Sarah on the calls to reverse the $5m cuts to inner-Sydney homeless services, with warnings hospitals will suffer most.

Are children under-parented today?

Sydney parents struggling to find after school care? Parents Under Pressure: Is there too much under-parenting today? Dicko & Sarah ask, with 40% of women bringing home the bacon and the emergence of a generation of brats, who is doing all the mothering?

Dicko & Sarah: Is Sydney tribal?

Sydney Sydney's Tribes: Does Sydney have tribal areas that we each associate with? The Greater West, The Shire, Northern Beaches, Inner West & Leafy North Shore. Dicko & Sarah with an intriguing look at tribal Sydney.

Toward Asia for our future direction?

Where to for the future direction for Australia? AustralAsia: Are we apart of Asia, or are we truly European? As the PM heads into Asia to repair ties Dicko & Sarah discuss our future direction. Is it with Asia for our economic ties, or is it with Europe & the US?

Should we limit Sydney's population?

Are Sydney drivers the most aggressive in Australia? Supersized Sydney: Our population growth is speeding up. Sydney's population is due to double in decades. Dicko & Sarah discuss if we are ready for a larger Australia? Do we need to limit our population growth?

Shooting hoax due to "Swatting"

How much does your ISDP really know about you? Shooting Hoax: A Sydney teen has been released without charge after allegedly falling victim to a website which generates hoax police alerts. Dicko & Sarah look at the dangers of swatting, and how it operates.

Is China returning to world power?

The rise or return to power of China? Rise or Return of Superpower: Is China returning to power, rather than rising to power? Is China set to take control of the balance of power in world politics? Dicko & Sarah with analyst Dr Keith Suter on his global insights.

Should we spend on World Cup bid?

Despite belt tightening, should we bid for the World Cup? World Cup Bid: Should we bid to host the World Cup? In The Hotseat Dicko & Sarah ask for your suggestions whether at a time we are told to tighten our belts, should we be bidding millions on the world stage for sport?

Wendy Matthews: The Welcome Fire

Wendy Matthews with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 The Welcome Fire: Wendy Matthews is back with a brilliant new album and that unmistakable voice is a sharp as ever. Dicko & Sarah catch up with the chanteuse to discuss her music, teepees and an incredible career.

Who is the Premier of NSW?

Mike Baird to announce new ministry shake up Hidden Identity: What can Mike Baird do to lift his profile? It seems he is not resonating with voters in his new job as Premier. Dicko & Sarah on his party dropping 6 points, but the news is far worse for John Robertson.

Earlier start time for state of origin?

Do we need the State of Origin played earlier in the night? Going Soft: Do we need the State of Origin played earlier in the night so that families can enjoy the game? Dicko & Sarah discuss getting children getting more sport, physically active and the game being on earlier for them.

Lady friendly parking spots?

Do we need lady friendly parking spots in Sydney? Car Park: From Korea comes the story that lady friendly parking spaces are being painted pink and made bigger. Is that offensive, or bring the idea to Sydney? Dicko & Sarah tackle the issue in The Hotseat, do we need it here?

Blues versus Maroons: the science?

How do the Blues do scientifically in State of Origin? Origin Psychology: Are the blues up against some pretty serious scientific statistics? Dicko & Sarah look at competitors that play in red compared to blue win more times. Do the maroons have an unfair advantage?

Tough love needed to fight obesity?

Is obesity becoming an Aussie epidemic? Obesity Overload: Does tough love and straight talking help with people who are overweight? Dicko & Sarah seek out answers as to why fat children overeating shouldn't come under the same scrutiny as kids smoking?

Keep MP partners out of politics?

Keep MP partners & family out of politics? Private Lives: Tony Abbott campaigned heavily with his wife and daughters by his side last election. Should they now be considered off limits to the media? Dicko & Sarah discuss leaving partners and families out of politics.

Home is where the heart is?

Veanka & Joanne Howard with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 2UE Video: Veanka and Joanne Howard have an amazing story to tell. Veakna is releasing a song for Families Week. A foster child who was placed in home after home has finally found a family, as Dicko & Sarah reveal.

Thai coup chaos for tourists?

Should tourists heading to Thailand be concerned? Sabai Sabai: Does the coup in Thailand set back plans for holidaying tourists? Dicko & Sarah with an ex-pat living in the land of smiles who says although the coup has taken place, there is no need to be too concerned?

Are we being overrun by robots?

Just how safe are Sydney taxis? Computer says no? Are we being overrun by robots? Dicko thinks so as he explains his frustrations to Sarah about booking a taxi. Listen as he attempts to order a taxi by computer speech recognition, but is there a trick?

Is an age gap a problem for love?

Life as a polyamorist: more complicated than you think? Age Gap: Is age difference a problem in a relationship? Older men with younger women, and what of older women dating younger men? Dicko & Sarah discuss relationships in couples with a few years under the belt between them.

Are you gay? Is that too personal?

Are some questions too personal in a job interview? Are you gay? Is it OK to ask someone in a job interview if they are gay? Senator elect David Leyonhlem thinks so, as does Dicko. What does Sarah think? More importantly, do you think that it is reasonable question to ask?

Manners start at home or school?

Time to simplify the national curriculum in primary schools? Teaching Manners: Should manners be part of the school curriculum, or is it the job of parents to teach their children well? Dicko & Sarah tackle the issue in The Hotseat. Is it the school's responsibility to teach manners?

Closer ties needed with China?

Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy Chinese New Year China Vs USA: Is it time we broke up our close ties with America and turn toward China for our future direction? Dicko & Sarah discuss the proposal being put forward by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

Are your pots & pans a health risk?

Are aluminium pots and pans creating a health issue? Health Risks: Just how safe are the pots and pans you cook with? Can the aluminum in the pots and pans we use be giving us health issues? Dicko & Sarah on dangers of cooking with foil and non-stick cooking utensils.

Skaf crimes impact on community

Gangs: the billion dollar Godfathers? #Three Jerks: A series of disgusting gang rapes by a group of teenagers impacted not just the women. Dicko & Sarah with Michael Mohammad Ahmad on his new play that is tackling the impact on young Arab-Australian men.

Phones on planes a huge mistake?

Mobiles in planes: a huge mistake? Phone Home: Is this a step backwards? Phones will be allowed to be used on planes with advances in technology. Dicko & Sarah ask if you'd prefer not to have the person next to you on the phone during a flight?

Save Baby Riss

Please help the Riss Family Please Help: Sarah Morice spoke to Isabelle Riss's dad, Jose to tell Sarah that there is no money left to buy her medicine and she needs our help. They are trying to raise $274,000 to buy the next 12 doses of the eculizumab, one a fortnight until the end of July.

Hughesy on Tour

Dave Dave Hughes: Funny man, Dave "Hughesy" Hughes joined Sarah Morice in studio to talk about his tour and how he became a comedian.

Kids and Gambling Apps

How easy are gambling apps to get? Gambling Apps: Are gambling apps too accessible to children with smartphones? 2UE's Sarah Morice spoke to Melissa McGarry who heard kids taking about which gambling app they prefer and also spoke to 2UE's Trevor Long on how easy these apps are to get.

The Price of a Picture

Dicko & Sarah with Prince of Paparazzi, Jamie Fawcett The right Photo: Billionaire James Packer was involved in a brawl over the weekend with his best mate David Gyngell. Dicko and Sarah spoke to paparazzo Jamie Fawcett on the price of the fight photo.

Star Wars to begin filming again?

Dicko & Sarah with 2UE Star Wars fans Abe & Dave Star Wars Day - May 4th: Fans of the blockbuster series Star Wars are reveling in the news filming is to begin again on Episode 7. Dicko & Sarah round up 2UE Star Wars nerds Abe & Dave to see what the fuss is about?

Disability pensioners head overseas?

Qantas to cut 5,000 jobs after posting $252m half yearly loss Disability Pension: Is it wrong for someone receiving a disability support pension to be living overseas? Does it matter if they are in Greece or Bali? Dicko & Sarah pose the question in a very divisive Hotseat segment.

Beware pets attacking guide dogs

Can a pet detective help with finding lost dogs? Guide Dogs Attacked: More than half of Australia's guide dogs have been attacked while on the job by other dogs. Dicko & Sarah on how the attacks leave their blind and vision-impaired handlers in danger.

Crockerygate: political hypocrites?

Crockerygate: why can't our pollies buy local? Buying Local: It has turned out that the crockery being used in parliament house has been bought from overseas. Dicko & Sarah with Senator Nick Xenophon on buying local and why our pollies should do the same.

How common is male breast cancer?

Should patients who can afford it pay for medical treatment? Breast Cancer: Former NSW Premier Nick Greiner has made a "brave" revelation he has undergone a mastectomy. How common is breast cancer in men? Dicko & Sarah on breaking down the stigma for men.

Time for Charles to be King?

Time for Charles to be King? The Hotseat: Is it time for the Queen to step aside for Charles? Prince William has wowed crowds on his visit here, and with his father still waiting for the throne, Dicko & Sarah ask if it is time for change? Have Your Say!

Western Sydney Wanderers Win

Dicko & Sarah with listeners at the Wanderers match Winners are Grinners: Dicko & Sarah took listeners to Pirtek Stadium to watch the Western Wanders match. Not a bad night in all as the team finished top of their Asian Champions League group in the Football.

The man behind the voice of Dr Hook

Dennis Locorriere of Dr Hook with Dicko & Sarah Dr Hook: Dennis Locorriere is the man behind the music and voice of Dr Hook, the songs that have played on our radio for decades. Dicko & Sarah catch up with the man with the unique voice, and amazing music.

Air security: $12-billion for 58 jets?

Australia to spend $12-billion to purchase 58 fighter jets Air Security: We are about to spend $12-billion to purchase 58 fighter jets, as some defence personnel question the cost. Dicko & Sarah on an 'inevitable' move to replace an aging fighter jet fleet for our security.

Who gets your families heirlooms?

Dicko & Sarah's Kangaroo Court on 2UE 954am Kangaroo Court: Handing down family heirlooms is always a family dilemma, and so it is in Sarah Morice's family. Dicko & Sarah discuss with listeners, who gets Mum's jewellery when she's gone? Have your say!

Faking it: can you cry on cue?

Dicko & Sarah: Can you cry on cue? Faking it? Claims that Oscar Pistorius was taught to cry in court. But how do you teach someone that? Actress Denise Roberts speaks with Dicko & Sarah about turning on the waterworks on cue when up on stage.

Michael Winslow: voice of comedy

Dicko & Sarah with Michael Winslow on 2UE 954 He starred in Police Academy and been seen in The Simpsons and Family Guy, and Michael Winslow is in Sydney to bring his own brand of comedy to the stage. Dicko & Sarah with the razor sharp wit & voice of comedy.

Tim Campbell: High School Disco

Tim Campbell with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954am Tim Campbell debuts his music career with an energetic and fun filled look back on some of the greatest songs of the 70s & 80s. Dicko & Sarah chat with him about the move to music, and the album of dance floor favourites.

Should we avoid taking antibiotics?

The pharmacy the next stop for health checks? How safe are antibiotics? Should you be taking them? Dicko & Sarah discuss with Dr Ross Walker his thoughts on why we need to question taking antibiotics, and regenerating better inner health with gut bacteria.

Do you believe in aliens?

The Hotseat: Do you believe in aliens? Bill Clinton has said he wouldn't be surprised if aliens one day visited Earth, he just hopes it doesn't turn out to be like 'Independence Day'. Dicko & Sarah on the size of the universe. Do you believe that we are not alone?

Tributes flow for Mickey Rooney

Tributes flow for Mickey Rooney Tributes are pouring in for legendary actor Mickey Rooney who has died at the age of 93. His career spanned more than 80 years & starred with big names in Hollywood including Spencer Tracey & Elizabeth Taylor.

Pru Goward on her fight for equality

Dicko & Sarah with Pru Goward on 2UE 954am Pru Goward was elected to state parliament in 2007, and serves as Minister for Family & Community Services. Dicko & Sarah discuss her career & discover the woman behind an impassioned fight for equality.

Norrie: neither man nor woman?

Norrie: given legal rights to be neither man nor woman? Sydney's Norrie has won the right to be registered as neither a man nor a woman in an historic High Court decision. Dicko & Sarah on giving people who do not identify as male or female formal legal recognition.

Helen Reddy returns to the stage

Dicko & Sarha with Helen Reddy & Anthony on 2UE Helen Reddy was the 1st Aussie to win a Grammy and was a trailblazer for local artists to find a place in the US pop charts. Dicko & Sarah speak with her ahead of a new tour after 10 years, and she chats with her #1 fan.

Has the Holy Grail been found?

Has the Holy Grail finally been found? Has the Holy Grail finally been found? Dicko & Sarah discuss the incredible story of the hunt that has fired the imagination of people for centuries. So where has the grail been found, and does it really hold holy powers?

Does the evil stepmother still exist?

Dicko & Sarah with Sally Collins author of Stepmother Love Once the Brady Bunch were a unique make up of family life, but times are changing. Does the evil stepmother exist? Dicko & Sarah look at the unique makeup of families with Sally Collins, author of Stepmother Love.

Is it fair to have a go at MPs weight?

Clive Palmer - Federal member for Fairfax Is it alright to make fun of Clive Palmer's weight? The MP is being cruelly dubbed Sir Cumference. Would such pokes at weight be OK with a female MP? Dicko & Sarah on playing the issues, rather than MPs looks?

Still a stigma attached to divorce?

Is there still a stigma attached to divorce? Is there still a stigma attached to divorce? Dicko & Sarah speak with Family Lawyer Julie Singleton about women staying with marriage until the kids have grown, and then saying farewell to their loveless marriage.

Ban smokes for future generations?

More people deciding to quit smoking following plain packaging? Should there be a ban on cigarettes for anyone born after the year 2000? Should smoking be forced into ending with the upcoming generation? Dicko & Sarah in The Hotseat discuss the weaning off of smokers by generation.

Fight goes on against AIDS/HIV

Healthcare: should we give priority to our youth? Thirty years ago AIDS was an unknown virus and back then was almost 100% fatal. Dicko & Sarah reflect back on the far too many lives lost, but the incredible advances we have made against the HIV epidemic.

MH370 families told of end by text?

Is terrorism behind the disappearance of flight MH370? Grieving relatives of those on board MH370 learned in a heart-breaking text message that the missing passenger jet was believed to have ditched into the ocean. Dicko & Sarah ask, was it insensitive, or simply practical?

What's the #1 scary thing for kids?

What is the #1 concern of your children? If you asked your child, would the boogey man be what worrys them most? Dicko & Sarah discuss with Anne Hollands what upsets our young children, and you may well be surprised what is #1 on their list.

What makes an A-List celebrity?

Is Nicole Kidman an A-lister and who decides? The Hotseat: What classifies an A-List Celebrity? Sydney turned out for opening night of Madama Butterfly and Dicko was there. Who do we consider the a-listers and b-listers? How do you classify who fits where?

Dominic on his return from the dead?

Dominic Mockton with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 Dominic Monckton has seen the other side, he died & was brought back to life. Dicko & Sarah discuss his incredible journey at the hands of fate. Do you believe in life after death? How did the experience change Dominic.

Paul Howes resigns from AWU

Paul Howes to step down from the AWU Union boss Paul Howes has announced his surprise resignation from the Australian Workers Union, saying after 7 years in the top job it's time for a change. Dicko & Sarah on his resignation & recent chat with him.

Public housing sell off in The Rocks

Moves to sell off historic public housing around The Rocks State Government is defending moves to sell off historic public housing in The Rocks, amid claims the move is cold hearted. Community Services Minister Pru Goward says the cost to maintain the properties can't be justified.

Hotseat: juvenile delinquent justice

Should juvenile delinquents get special treatment? Should laws be more lenient for criminal offenders under the age of 21? Dicko & Sarah look at watering down mandatory sentencing, and the maturing adolescent brain. Just an excuse for simply bad behavior?

Pastrami king Jake Dell of Katz's

Dicko & Sarah with pastrami king Jake Dell of Katz's The 123-year-old Katz's in Manhattan has the best pastrami sandwiches in the world, that keep locals & tourists alike coming back. Dicko & Sarah catch up with Manager Jake Dell, who tests out our vegemite sandwich.

Your privacy lost at what price?

How much private information are you willing to give up? Are you happy for the government to have as much of your private information to keep our society safe? Dicko & Sarah look at your hard earned private details and calls to hold onto that information for two years.

SCG transformed for Baseball match

The Sydney Cricket Ground transformed for Baseball? Timelapse: Baseball is coming to Sydney, watch the time lapse footage of the Sydney Cricket Ground's transformation into a baseball field. Would you like to see Australia become part of the regular US baseball season.

Secrets within Nauru detention centre

Dicko & Sarah with author Mark Isaacs on 2UE 954 First-hand accounts from within detention centres are rare, that's what makes what Mark Isaacs has to say all that more compelling. Dicko & Sarah with the ex-Nauru worker & whistleblower about mistreatment.

Council to clean up hoarder home

Council to clean up hoarders home Residents of a Bondi home, infamous for its rubbish, say they want to remove the mountains of waste from the front of their home themselves. Dicko & Sarah on what is a huge problem in the area, as rubbish accumulates.

Pharmacy plan for health checks?

The pharmacy the next stop for health checks? Would you be happy to go to your local pharmacists for a health check, rather than wait for your doctor? In the Hotseat, Dicko & Sarah discuss plans to allow pharmacies to do health checks. Would it ease waiting times?

Dicko & Sarah's Let's Do Lunch

Dicko & Sarah with Craig Bennett & Vince Sorrenti on 2UE This week is a real hoot, with Dicko & Sarah catching up with entertainment gossiper Craig Bennett and the man who gives everyone a giggle, Vince Sorrenti. They discuss all manner of things, and test an odd tasting icecream.

How do you deal with anger?

How do you deal with anger management? How do you deal with your anger? Blow up and it is all over, or do you brew? Dicko & Sarah argued over the topic several times before deciding to seek an expert on anger management. How best should you approach anger?

Reg Livermore: stage royalty in Oz

Reg Livermore with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 He has captivated, amused & enthralled for over 5 decades. From Rocky Horror, Betty Blokk Buster, to our small screen. Dicko & Sarah with entertainment legend Reg Livermore ahead of taking to the stage in Wicked.

Where is the internet headed?

How has the internet changed your life? How has the internet changed your life? More contact with family and friends? The ability to work from home? Dicko & Sarah discuss the 25th birthday of the internet and how it changed the world and where it is heading.

Hotseat: mum's group discrimination?

Is it OK to just hang out with your own kind from time to time? Would it be wrong to set up a mothers group for just Indian mums? What of a gathering for an Anglo-Aussie mums only? Dicko & Sarah pose the question in the Hotseat, is it ok to hang out with your own kind now & then?

Mark Bosnich on his career at the net

Mark Bosnich on his career at the net with Dicko & Sarah Mark Bosnich was paid a fortune as a goalkeeper playing football in England, and was sacked when testing positive for cocaine. He speaks candidly with Dicko & Sarah about the incredible career highs, and beating the lows.

Hotseat: OK to profit off WWI?

Australia’s Anzac legend obsession? Is it ok to profit over the commemoration of the First World War? We lost 16 million lives, yet is it about to become big business? Dicko & Sarah in the Hotseat discuss if it is wrong to profit remembering the war?

Aussies to zap space junk with lasers?

Aussie scientists set to zap space junk using lasers? Australian scientists are set to zap space junk using lasers? Gravity was a hit with cinema goers, but just how bad is space junk becoming? Dicko & Sarah on the threat that could become a catastrophic cascade of collisions.

Leo Sayer: why he became an Aussie

Dicko & Sarah with Leo Sayer on 2UE 954 What made Leo Sayer choose to live in Australia? The seventies superstar lives here in Sydney these days. Dicko & Sarah reflect with him those heady days on top of the charts, and why he simply loves calling Australia home.

Ok to leave baby behind on holidays?

Would you leave your children with relatives to have a holiday? Seems Kate & William have had time off without young George. Would you leave your seven-month-old for a week while you went on holidays? Dicko & Sarah with the Hotseat on parents going on holiday without the kids.

Kamahl on people being kind?

Kamahl with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE Why are people so unkind. It’s the catchcry of Kamahl, but amazingly he has seen many kind people give him a helping hand to become an Aussie icon. Dicko & Sarah chat with him about his career, and the love share for him.

Should we pay people to lose weight?

Should we pay people to lose weight and stop smoking? Are you happy for your taxes to be used to pay people to lose weight? What about paying people to quit smoking? Dicko & Sarah on the calls to pay people to get fit, would it save overall on the health budget of the nation?

Pollies in a sweat over gym TV?

Pollies in a sweat over parliament house gym TV? Our MPs are in a spin over the TV in the gym in parliament house. Dennis Shanahan reveals to Dicko & Sarah why the choice of TV channels has led our MPs getting into gym rage at what should be shown while they exercise.

Kevin will stop second Crimean war?

Kevin to save the day in the Crimea? Dicko & Sarah catch up with the unreal Kevin Rudd who is heading to Russia to halt the second Crimean war. Chicken Kiev is on the menu we are told, as he zips to the palace to shoot the breeze with President Vlad.

Allow asylum seekers to work?

Did the navy fire shots to turnaround asylum boats? Would you allow asylum seekers to work for a living while awaiting processing? Dicko & Sarah tackle the question in the Hotseat today. You can have Your Say on our blog here. Would they learn to contribute to the country?

Debunking the many diet myths

Debunking the many diet myths Another diet has been de-bunked, with reseachers finding the Atkins does keep you lean, but it shortens your life expectancy. Dicko & Sarah discover what the latest research is saying, and which diet you should take seriously.

Casey Donovan's tangled love web

Casey Donovan with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 What a tangled web we weave. Casey Donovan is the guest of Dicko & Sarah for The Interview. She recounts her years after Idol, and a relationship with a fellow online, that turned into an incredible tangle of deception.

Backpackers: time to take a stand?

Backpacker vans hijacking the parking spots? Have backpackers inundated your suburb? Campervans parked in the streets may be one issue, but Dicko & Sarah discuss an even more embarrassing problem. Time to take a stand and return streets to residents?

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