Dicko & Sarah with Michael Winslow on 2UE 954

Dicko & Sarah with Michael Winslow on 2UE 954

Michael Winslow: voice of comedy

He starred in Police Academy and been seen in The Simpsons and Family Guy, and Michael Winslow is in Sydney to bring his own brand of comedy to the stage. Dicko & Sarah with the razor sharp wit & voice of comedy.

Tim Campbell: High School Disco

Tim Campbell with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954am Tim Campbell debuts his music career with an energetic and fun filled look back on some of the greatest songs of the 70s & 80s. Dicko & Sarah chat with him about the move to music, and the album of dance floor favourites.

Should we avoid taking antibiotics?

The pharmacy the next stop for health checks? How safe are antibiotics? Should you be taking them? Dicko & Sarah discuss with Dr Ross Walker his thoughts on why we need to question taking antibiotics, and regenerating better inner health with gut bacteria.

Do you believe in aliens?

The Hotseat: Do you believe in aliens? Bill Clinton has said he wouldn't be surprised if aliens one day visited Earth, he just hopes it doesn't turn out to be like 'Independence Day'. Dicko & Sarah on the size of the universe. Do you believe that we are not alone?

Tributes flow for Mickey Rooney

Tributes flow for Mickey Rooney Tributes are pouring in for legendary actor Mickey Rooney who has died at the age of 93. His career spanned more than 80 years & starred with big names in Hollywood including Spencer Tracey & Elizabeth Taylor.

Pru Goward on her fight for equality

Dicko & Sarah with Pru Goward on 2UE 954am Pru Goward was elected to state parliament in 2007, and serves as Minister for Family & Community Services. Dicko & Sarah discuss her career & discover the woman behind an impassioned fight for equality.

Norrie: neither man nor woman?

Norrie: given legal rights to be neither man nor woman? Sydney's Norrie has won the right to be registered as neither a man nor a woman in an historic High Court decision. Dicko & Sarah on giving people who do not identify as male or female formal legal recognition.

Helen Reddy returns to the stage

Dicko & Sarha with Helen Reddy & Anthony on 2UE Helen Reddy was the 1st Aussie to win a Grammy and was a trailblazer for local artists to find a place in the US pop charts. Dicko & Sarah speak with her ahead of a new tour after 10 years, and she chats with her #1 fan.

Has the Holy Grail been found?

Has the Holy Grail finally been found? Has the Holy Grail finally been found? Dicko & Sarah discuss the incredible story of the hunt that has fired the imagination of people for centuries. So where has the grail been found, and does it really hold holy powers?

Does the evil stepmother still exist?

Dicko & Sarah with Sally Collins author of Stepmother Love Once the Brady Bunch were a unique make up of family life, but times are changing. Does the evil stepmother exist? Dicko & Sarah look at the unique makeup of families with Sally Collins, author of Stepmother Love.

Is it fair to have a go at MPs weight?

Clive Palmer - Federal member for Fairfax Is it alright to make fun of Clive Palmer's weight? The MP is being cruelly dubbed Sir Cumference. Would such pokes at weight be OK with a female MP? Dicko & Sarah on playing the issues, rather than MPs looks?

Still a stigma attached to divorce?

Is there still a stigma attached to divorce? Is there still a stigma attached to divorce? Dicko & Sarah speak with Family Lawyer Julie Singleton about women staying with marriage until the kids have grown, and then saying farewell to their loveless marriage.

Ban smokes for future generations?

More people deciding to quit smoking following plain packaging? Should there be a ban on cigarettes for anyone born after the year 2000? Should smoking be forced into ending with the upcoming generation? Dicko & Sarah in The Hotseat discuss the weaning off of smokers by generation.

Fight goes on against AIDS/HIV

Healthcare: should we give priority to our youth? Thirty years ago AIDS was an unknown virus and back then was almost 100% fatal. Dicko & Sarah reflect back on the far too many lives lost, but the incredible advances we have made against the HIV epidemic.

MH370 families told of end by text?

Is terrorism behind the disappearance of flight MH370? Grieving relatives of those on board MH370 learned in a heart-breaking text message that the missing passenger jet was believed to have ditched into the ocean. Dicko & Sarah ask, was it insensitive, or simply practical?

What's the #1 scary thing for kids?

What is the #1 concern of your children? If you asked your child, would the boogey man be what worrys them most? Dicko & Sarah discuss with Anne Hollands what upsets our young children, and you may well be surprised what is #1 on their list.

What makes an A-List celebrity?

Is Nicole Kidman an A-lister and who decides? The Hotseat: What classifies an A-List Celebrity? Sydney turned out for opening night of Madama Butterfly and Dicko was there. Who do we consider the a-listers and b-listers? How do you classify who fits where?

Dominic on his return from the dead?

Dominic Mockton with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 Dominic Monckton has seen the other side, he died & was brought back to life. Dicko & Sarah discuss his incredible journey at the hands of fate. Do you believe in life after death? How did the experience change Dominic.

Paul Howes resigns from AWU

Paul Howes to step down from the AWU Union boss Paul Howes has announced his surprise resignation from the Australian Workers Union, saying after 7 years in the top job it's time for a change. Dicko & Sarah on his resignation & recent chat with him.

Public housing sell off in The Rocks

Moves to sell off historic public housing around The Rocks State Government is defending moves to sell off historic public housing in The Rocks, amid claims the move is cold hearted. Community Services Minister Pru Goward says the cost to maintain the properties can't be justified.

Hotseat: juvenile delinquent justice

Should juvenile delinquents get special treatment? Should laws be more lenient for criminal offenders under the age of 21? Dicko & Sarah look at watering down mandatory sentencing, and the maturing adolescent brain. Just an excuse for simply bad behavior?

Pastrami king Jake Dell of Katz's

Dicko & Sarah with pastrami king Jake Dell of Katz's The 123-year-old Katz's in Manhattan has the best pastrami sandwiches in the world, that keep locals & tourists alike coming back. Dicko & Sarah catch up with Manager Jake Dell, who tests out our vegemite sandwich.

Your privacy lost at what price?

How much private information are you willing to give up? Are you happy for the government to have as much of your private information to keep our society safe? Dicko & Sarah look at your hard earned private details and calls to hold onto that information for two years.

SCG transformed for Baseball match

The Sydney Cricket Ground transformed for Baseball? Timelapse: Baseball is coming to Sydney, watch the time lapse footage of the Sydney Cricket Ground's transformation into a baseball field. Would you like to see Australia become part of the regular US baseball season.

Secrets within Nauru detention centre

Dicko & Sarah with author Mark Isaacs on 2UE 954 First-hand accounts from within detention centres are rare, that's what makes what Mark Isaacs has to say all that more compelling. Dicko & Sarah with the ex-Nauru worker & whistleblower about mistreatment.

Council to clean up hoarder home

Council to clean up hoarders home Residents of a Bondi home, infamous for its rubbish, say they want to remove the mountains of waste from the front of their home themselves. Dicko & Sarah on what is a huge problem in the area, as rubbish accumulates.

Pharmacy plan for health checks?

The pharmacy the next stop for health checks? Would you be happy to go to your local pharmacists for a health check, rather than wait for your doctor? In the Hotseat, Dicko & Sarah discuss plans to allow pharmacies to do health checks. Would it ease waiting times?

Dicko & Sarah's Let's Do Lunch

Dicko & Sarah with Craig Bennett & Vince Sorrenti on 2UE This week is a real hoot, with Dicko & Sarah catching up with entertainment gossiper Craig Bennett and the man who gives everyone a giggle, Vince Sorrenti. They discuss all manner of things, and test an odd tasting icecream.

How do you deal with anger?

How do you deal with anger management? How do you deal with your anger? Blow up and it is all over, or do you brew? Dicko & Sarah argued over the topic several times before deciding to seek an expert on anger management. How best should you approach anger?

Reg Livermore: stage royalty in Oz

Reg Livermore with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 He has captivated, amused & enthralled for over 5 decades. From Rocky Horror, Betty Blokk Buster, to our small screen. Dicko & Sarah with entertainment legend Reg Livermore ahead of taking to the stage in Wicked.

Where is the internet headed?

How has the internet changed your life? How has the internet changed your life? More contact with family and friends? The ability to work from home? Dicko & Sarah discuss the 25th birthday of the internet and how it changed the world and where it is heading.

Hotseat: mum's group discrimination?

Is it OK to just hang out with your own kind from time to time? Would it be wrong to set up a mothers group for just Indian mums? What of a gathering for an Anglo-Aussie mums only? Dicko & Sarah pose the question in the Hotseat, is it ok to hang out with your own kind now & then?

Mark Bosnich on his career at the net

Mark Bosnich on his career at the net with Dicko & Sarah Mark Bosnich was paid a fortune as a goalkeeper playing football in England, and was sacked when testing positive for cocaine. He speaks candidly with Dicko & Sarah about the incredible career highs, and beating the lows.

Hotseat: OK to profit off WWI?

Australia’s Anzac legend obsession? Is it ok to profit over the commemoration of the First World War? We lost 16 million lives, yet is it about to become big business? Dicko & Sarah in the Hotseat discuss if it is wrong to profit remembering the war?

Aussies to zap space junk with lasers?

Aussie scientists set to zap space junk using lasers? Australian scientists are set to zap space junk using lasers? Gravity was a hit with cinema goers, but just how bad is space junk becoming? Dicko & Sarah on the threat that could become a catastrophic cascade of collisions.

Leo Sayer: why he became an Aussie

Dicko & Sarah with Leo Sayer on 2UE 954 What made Leo Sayer choose to live in Australia? The seventies superstar lives here in Sydney these days. Dicko & Sarah reflect with him those heady days on top of the charts, and why he simply loves calling Australia home.

Ok to leave baby behind on holidays?

Would you leave your children with relatives to have a holiday? Seems Kate & William have had time off without young George. Would you leave your seven-month-old for a week while you went on holidays? Dicko & Sarah with the Hotseat on parents going on holiday without the kids.

Kamahl on people being kind?

Kamahl with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE Why are people so unkind. It’s the catchcry of Kamahl, but amazingly he has seen many kind people give him a helping hand to become an Aussie icon. Dicko & Sarah chat with him about his career, and the love share for him.

Should we pay people to lose weight?

Should we pay people to lose weight and stop smoking? Are you happy for your taxes to be used to pay people to lose weight? What about paying people to quit smoking? Dicko & Sarah on the calls to pay people to get fit, would it save overall on the health budget of the nation?

Pollies in a sweat over gym TV?

Pollies in a sweat over parliament house gym TV? Our MPs are in a spin over the TV in the gym in parliament house. Dennis Shanahan reveals to Dicko & Sarah why the choice of TV channels has led our MPs getting into gym rage at what should be shown while they exercise.

Kevin will stop second Crimean war?

Kevin to save the day in the Crimea? Dicko & Sarah catch up with the unreal Kevin Rudd who is heading to Russia to halt the second Crimean war. Chicken Kiev is on the menu we are told, as he zips to the palace to shoot the breeze with President Vlad.

Allow asylum seekers to work?

Did the navy fire shots to turnaround asylum boats? Would you allow asylum seekers to work for a living while awaiting processing? Dicko & Sarah tackle the question in the Hotseat today. You can have Your Say on our blog here. Would they learn to contribute to the country?

Debunking the many diet myths

Debunking the many diet myths Another diet has been de-bunked, with reseachers finding the Atkins does keep you lean, but it shortens your life expectancy. Dicko & Sarah discover what the latest research is saying, and which diet you should take seriously.

Casey Donovan's tangled love web

Casey Donovan with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 What a tangled web we weave. Casey Donovan is the guest of Dicko & Sarah for The Interview. She recounts her years after Idol, and a relationship with a fellow online, that turned into an incredible tangle of deception.

Backpackers: time to take a stand?

Backpacker vans hijacking the parking spots? Have backpackers inundated your suburb? Campervans parked in the streets may be one issue, but Dicko & Sarah discuss an even more embarrassing problem. Time to take a stand and return streets to residents?

Older dads, is it being a little selfish?

Is there an age when men should stop fathering children? Is there an age above which men should be discouraged from fathering children? It is the question in The Hotseat with Dicko & Sarah. Women have a biological clock, but are men aware of the consequences?

Snake swallows crocodile at Mt Isa

A water python strangles a crocodile at Mt Isa Alyce Rosenthal describes watching a water python strangle and then slowly eat a crocodile at Lake Moondarra in north western Queensland. Dicko & Sarah catch up with her on 2UE to discuss the background to the incident.

Royals to visit Sydney Easter Show

Prince William hunts before making a plea for endangered animals? Kensington Palace has finally confirmed Prince George will join his parents William & Kate on their tour of Australia next month. The royal family will visit Sydney, Brisbane, Uluru, Adelaide & Canberra over 3 weeks.

What was your first paying job?

Checkout attendant: what was your first job? Do you remember what your first paid part-time job was? Remember the many lessons your learnt? Dicko & Sarah discuss the worst and best jobs we all started with, and how they shaped the person we are now.

Angels Goal: stamping out bullying

Reuben Cunningham of Angels Goal with Dicko & Sarah Dicko & Sarah speak with a bullying campaigner whose daughter was so badly bullied she ended up in a wheelchair. Reuben Cunningham, founder of Angels Goal, and reveals his campaign to end relentless bullying.

How do you deal with chronic pain?

How do you deal with chronic pain? 1 in 5 Aussies live in chronic pain, and it breaks up families, relationships and careers and some have taken their lives. Dicko & Sarah on the addiction to pain killers, and how do sufferers deal with pain without medication.

Paul Howes: At the cross-roads?

Dicko & Sarah with Paul Howes on 2UE 954am Will Paul Howes be PM one day? Unions are at a cross-roads, manufacturers going to the wall. Dicko & Sarah with the man who may be in charge one day, who is he, what are his strategies and his vision for Australia?

Jatz deliver for Sarah's craving

Sarah's craving for Jatz biscuits has been satisfied It appears Sarah's craving for Jatz biscuits has been satisfied, for a while at least. After Sarah mentioned on air she'd had a lifelong obsession for Jatz biscuits, Jatz quickly tweeted biscuits were on the way. They arrived today.

Scraping to give kids an inheritance?

Baby boomers spending up on their child's inheritance? Are you going without to ensure you children have an inheritance? Or, are you out spending everything you earned? Dicko & Sarah in the Hotseat ask if you are scraping by to leave your children an inheritance?

Baggy Green sales, just not cricket?

Baggy green a piece of item that should be earned, not bought? Is the baggy green a piece of item that should be earned, not bought for $5.50? Replica Baggy Greens are being sold on Ebay, and many are outraged. Dicko & Sarah in The Hotseat ask listeners if it's just not cricket?

2UE Video: Katie Noonan Live

Katie Noonan performs live for Dicko & Sarah on 2UE Katie Noonan has the voice to charm angels and writes the most charming songs on life, love and loss. She performs for Dicko & Sarah a haunting song from her new album Fierce Hearts, about our female convicts.

Would you dob in a welfare cheat?

Welfare: Time to end the age of entitlement? Would you dob in someone that is ripping off taxpayers claiming benefits? Welfare is a support in this country and we are all happy to lend a hand. Dicko & Sarah ask however, would you dob in a fraudster or welfare cheat?

Sydney being overrun by rabbits?

Sydney being overrun by rabbits? You must vaccinate your rabbits. If you have a pet rabbit then a word of caution from Dicko & Sarah which is timely. Seems wild rabbits are breeding like, well rabbits. Now comes the warning that a cull is about to begin.

$20m to compete at Sochi, worth it?

Should we have spent $20 million on our winter Olympians? We have spent $20 million on our winter Olympians, so far for three medals. Is it value for taxpayer money? Dicko & Sarah's Hotseat asking, Aussie taxpayers forking out for our athletes to compete in Sochi, worth it?

Healthcare: save the young?

Healthcare: should we give priority to our youth? Should younger people be given priority over older people when it comes to medical treatment? Dicko & Sarah discuss the health system and the growing burden of paying for care, is the cost of equality all too much?

Internships: is it just cheap labour?

Is our school curriculum beyond saving? Internships, are they a great way for young workers to get on the job training? Or, is it cheap exploitation by bosses? Dicko & Sarah look at internships in The Hotseat. Is it a chance to get in and get some experience?

Kangaroo Court: exchanging homes?

Kangaroo Court: Dicko & Sarah look at the selling of a house Kangaroo Court: Dicko & Sarah look at the selling of a house, with cleaners coming in to spruce up rooms ahead of a sale, but the new owners wanted the lawns mowed. Should it be a condition of sealing a deal on a house?

Sydney the best city in the world?

Is Sydney the best city in the world to live? Is Sydney going to the dogs? Dicko & Sarah look at the traffic, public transport, cost of housing, the cost of parking, and lack of sense of community. Are we winging, or is Sydney becoming an unlivable city?

Ever had to escape from a cult?

Have you ever been caught up in a cult? People who slip into cults are not necessarily silly people. Some may be vulnerable, others simply caught up in a movement that gets too deep. Dicko & Sarah speak with Annette Stephens who has escaped from a cult.

What makes a vexatious litigant tick?

Dicko & Sarah ask: what is a vexatious litigant? Most of us spend life attempting to avoid the inside of a court room, but then there are also those known as vexatious litigants. Dicko & Sarah on what motivates persistent people who cannot stay away from courts.

150th anniversary of Banjo Patterson

Celebrating 150th anniversary of the birth of Banjo Patterson Andrew Barton, or Banjo Patterson articulated life in Australia, establishing our psyche in the early days of our nation. Today celebrates 150 years since his birth, as Dicko & Sarah reflect on the life of the bush poet.

Murray Olds on life in South Sudan

Murray Olds with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 Life can take you on an amazing journey. Murray Olds left 2UE for central Africa to work on South Sudan radio. Dicko & Sarah discuss what turned out to be an incredible experience, with many twists & turns.

Do identical twins have telepathy?

Do identical twins have telepathy? Do identical twins have interconnectivity? Dicko & Sarah reveal an incredible story of adopted twins who discovered each other a world apart. Hear a few spooky stories on twins and their amazing bonds.

Dicko & Sarah & the Voice of Australia

Dewayne Everettsmith with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 Dicko first met Dewayne Everettsmith as a contestant on Australian Idol. His story is an incredible one, rising from a troubled childhood, to now becoming the Voice of Australia with his tune, It's Like Love.

No dole for high school dropouts?

Are dole recipients trying to If students leave school early, should they be denied social security benefits? Dicko & Sarah discuss teenagers and the dole in The Hotseat. Do some people see it as a lifestyle, more so than being a security blanket?

Dicko & Sarah with the Beer Pilgrim

Dicko & Sarah with Beer Pilgrim Tim Charody on 2UE 954 Tim Charody is a beer pilgrim. Travelling the world sampling nothing but the best when it comes to beer. Dicko & Sarah speaks with the man with the job all other men would envy, but is it all just beer and skittles?

The struggles of growing up gay?

The struggles of 'coming out' for our gay youth? Being gay can be a struggle, despite 55% of gay youth being aware of their sexuality by puberty. What of acceptance from family? Dicko & Sarah with an interesting dilemma of 'coming out' in this week's Kangaroo Court.

Don Spencer has inspired generations

Dicko & Sarah with children's entertainer Don Spencer Most of us remember Don Spencer from Playschool, but do you know the story behind the man who has inspired generations with his music and community deeds? Dicko & Sarah catch up with him for The Interview.

Battle over beloved Brookvale Oval

Northern Beaches councils clash on upkeep of Brookvale Oval A juicy battle brews on the Northern Beaches with councils on their beloved Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. Dicko & Sarah & Warringah Mayor Michael Regan & Manly Mayor Jean Hay on the battle over Brookvale Oval.

First pics of Schapelle go online?

Pictures of Schapelle appear on social media for Womans Day? Woman's Day appears to have been first off the mark when it comes to releasing a photo of Schapelle Corby post prison. Dicko & Sarah discuss the pic, with Woman's Day reported to have paid $20,000 for the image.

Your intentions shape your life?

How do your intentions shape your life? Have you broken your new year resolutions? Can you get back on track? Dicko & Sarah on our intentions shaping our life with David Penglase who is behind intentionomics, and reveals how to be in the moment.

Mahboba: the contribution of refugees

Mahboba Rowi on the contribution of Afghan refugees Stop the boats and turn them around? Dicko & Sarah go beyond the rhetoric and speak with an Afghan refugee. Mahboba Rowi reveals her story of seeking asylum in Australia, & the contribution migrants make here.

Are our children over praised?

Are our children being over praised these days? Are our youth given far too much praise these days? Dicko & Sarah discuss in The Hotseat the philosophy of tough love. Not every child can win? So are we creating a false sense of security for the next generation?

Players need coaching beyond game?

Players need coaching beyond the football field? Should NRL players be trained beyond the field? Dicko & Sarah discuss how many young men come to a Sydney footy team and are treated as stars, only to lose everything when their playing days are over.

Will Warnie coach England?

Will Shane Warne coach the English cricket team? Is Shane Warne a traitor if he takes the job to coach the English cricket team? Dicko & Sarah pose the question in the Hotseat. Is he a free agent to coach whoever he wants, is his he simply Aussie cricket royalty?

Scooter riders on the rise in Sydney

Scooter use on the rise on Sydney roads? The rise in scooter use in Sydney has also seen a rise in the number of accidents and even deaths on our roads. Dicko & Sarah discuss the rise in Sydney's scooter sales, and whether riders take into account safety issues.

Watch Miss Behave swallow scissors

Miss Behave performs for Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 2UE Video: Miss Behave is one of the last female sword swallowers in the world, and Dicko & Sarah were lucky to have her give us a demonstration of her show on now at the Opera House in La Soiree.

Flight of the Bumblebee in 40sec?

Vov Dylan performs for Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954am 2UE Video: Do you have fast fingers? Ever imagined someone could play 23 notes a second on the violin? Dicko & Sarah speak with Vov Dylan on his world record for Flight of the Bumblebee, recreated here.

Older drivers to decide when to quit?

Older drivers should choose when to give up their license? Should older drivers decide when it's time to hang up the keys? Dicko and Sarah on calls to ditch the mandatory older driver test. Are older drivers better at knowing when it is time to step away from the wheel.

John Waters: return of Glass Onion

Dicko & Sarah chat with John Waters John Waters is a star of stage, film, and Playschool. The actor and singer chats with Dicko & Sarah about his incredible life before and after emigrating from the UK, and discuss another run of Looking Through a Glass Onion.

Cosgrove a good choice for GG?

Peter Cosgrove named our next Governor General Former Defence Force Chief Peter Cosgrove says he's deeply honoured after being confirmed as Australia's next Governor General. Dicko & Sarah seek to find out more about him with Biographer Patrick Lyndsay.

Dicko & Sarah: Life as a Butler

Dicko & Sarah chat with a real life butler Chris Reid Ever wanted a butler to do your chores? Dicko & Sarah chat with a real life butler Chris Reid who has worked for a well know Aussie family, about his work. What does the job require, apart from keeping a few secrets?

Easy Sydney weekend getaways

In need of that weekend getaway just out of Sydney? Back to work, but still needing a quick getaway? Dicko & Sarah with Sandra Chipchase of Destination NSW on exploring just outside Sydney. Here are a few festivals and events on that may interest you.

Paparazzi Jamie Fawcett on 2UE

Dicko & Sarah with Prince of Paparazzi, Jamie Fawcett Prince of Paparazzi, Jamie Fawcett chats with Dicko & Sarah and reveals the secrets behind getting the shots of those big name Hollywood celebrities. How much does a single shot earn, how do they know where to be?

Dicko & Sarah's Kangaroo Court

Dicko & Sarah's Kangaroo Court on 2UE 954am Dicko & Sarah reveal the details of a real life domestic dispute. It's a sorry tale of a disagreement that got out of hand. Listen to the sad tale, decide who you think is right, and who is wrong & call on 2UE Afternoons.

Ten Tenors to return to Sydney

Dicko & Sarah with the Ten Tenors on 2UE 954 The Ten Tenors are a bunch of hot blooded Aussie guys who tour the world with their unique brand of PopOpera. The group called in to the 2UE studio for Lunch with Dicko and Sarah and to croon a tune for the pair.

Nikky on life as a Sex Worker

What is life like being a sex worker? What is life like as a sex worker? Dicko & Sarah introduce The Interview, where we get to know more about an issue, or someone's life. Nikky discusses her job as a sex worker, why she tried it and liked it as a profession.

Sydney night lights bad for health?

Are the night lights of Sydney ruining our health? Are the night lights of Sydney ruining our health? We should all have complete darkness at night to stay healthy. Dicko & Sarah with Professor Fred Watson discuss light pollution and how it inhibits our natural sleep.

2014 the year to buy a new car?

2014 the best year to purchase a new car? John Cadogan reveals 2014 opens with a perfect storm for car buyers, with low interest rates on car loans and low prices on new cars. But what will happen later on in the year? Interest rate rises? Price rises?

Dicko & Sarah launch 2UE Afternoons

Dicko & Sarah launch Afternoons on 2UE 954 2UE has a brand new afternoon show, with Dicko & Sarah taking to the microphone between midday and 3pm. Stuart Bocking chats with the duo about getting a sleep in, and what we can expect ahead in 2014.

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