George Negus talks about Margaret Thatcher

George Negus talks about Margaret Thatcher

Negus on Margaret Thatcher

TV Legand Geroge Negus spoke to 2UE's Paul Murray on the passing of Margaret Thatcher and the infamous interview he did with Margaret back in 1981

Why our firefighters are heroes!

Quakers Hills nursing home fire: charges laid Our firefighters are heroes! Listen to this amazing interview, Paul Murray with Brett Johnson of Schofields Fire Station, honoured today with a bravery award for their role in the Quakers Hill nursing home fire.

Clacker cracker headline wins Walkely

Paul Murray on the newspaper headline that won the Walkely Northern Territory News is a newspapers that comes out with some of the funniest stories and headlines. Paul Murray with Paul Dyer who came up with 'Why I stuck a cracker up my clacker' and won a Walkely.

Gangnam Style Christmas Lights

Gangnam Style Christmas lights had to be turned off? Gangnam Style Christmas lights in Perth were amazing, until the fellow that put the performance together, Kym Illman had to turn them off. Paul Murray reveals why they only lasted 3 nights. Check them out here!

Youth concerned about the economy

Generation Y narcissistic according to Psychology Professor Young people are most worried about the economy and getting a job, with many heading to work just to help their family pay the bills. A Mission Australian survey shows the concerns of those aged 15 to 19.

Faulkner's warning for Labor corrupt

Senator John Faulkner's warning to Labor Party ranks Labor's elder statesman John Faulkner has spoken out about a rotten few in party ranks and called for the urgent adoption of a code of conduct for federal politicians. Paul Murray on the Senator's warning.

The bulging growth of Sydney

The squeeze is on across Sydney's suburbs as populations rise There are now 4.6 million of us living in Sydney and surrounds, with a population growing at 1.1%. Paul Murray looks at the growing need for housing and infrastructure report on our greater city.

Jessica Mauboy on The Sapphires

The Sapphires perform on stage to promote the movie The Sapphires continues to garner accolades with 12 nominations at the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards. Paul Murray catches up with Jessica Mauboy, nominated for an AACTA.

Disability campaigner heckles PM

Disabled campaigner challenges Prime Minister Julia Gillard Paul Murray speaks with disability rights campaigner Mel Leckie who challenged the Prime Minister at a press conference today. She explains how the federal rules have trapped her on an unfairly low income.

Tander on surviving in 68 degrees

Garth Tander talks with Paul Murray on the Telstra 500 Garth Tander reveals to Paul Murray on a Summery stinking hot Saturday afternoon the temperatures inside his Holden reached up to 68 degrees as he raced his car around in the Telstra 500 at Homebush.

Steve Pennells: Gold Walkley Winner

How would you solve the asylum seeker problem? West Australian journalist Steve Pennells was the winner of the country's top media award, the Gold Walkley. Paul Murray talks to him on his work on the Gina Rinehart family feud and asylum seeker boat tragedy.

Crackdown on drunken behaviour

Police crackdown on bad behaviour with new move-on powers Police have launched Operation Unite, a nationwide crackdown on alcohol fuelled violence which will take place this weekend. Paul Murray reveals the warnings being issued by police to Christmas party revelers.

Pregnant woman kicked and robbed

Police arrest a suspect over cold case murder A heavily pregnant woman says she was trying to protect her unborn baby while she was being robbed in Sydney's south west. Paul Murray speaks with her about a mongrel act as police hunt down the perpetrators.

Like the Miss Universe costume?

What do you think of Australia's Miss Universe contestant costume? What would you consider our national costume? Does it look anything like the current Miss Universe national costume design? Paul Murray looks at the controversial costume chosen for this year's Miss Universe.

Hawke & Howard in conversation

Former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke & John Howard Former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and John Howard came together in conversation in Sydney today to discuss a wide and varying range of topics. Paul Murray on what the political powerhouses had to say.

Special Afghan visa for interpreters?

Call for special visa for Afghan interpreters who helped our troops Paul Murray has been pushing for a visa program to resettle Afghan interpreters who worked alongside our troops. He speaks with Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison on garnering support for the idea.

Are we too easily offended?

Twitter attack on the wrong Alan Joyce Are we too easily offended these days? If someone is upset, there has to be an onslaught on Twitter, or on Facebook. Paul Murray with David Pemberthy of The Punch on the growing culture of complaint.

Soccer unveils their $160m deal

$160 million four-year broadcast deal for soccer in Australia Football Federation Australia chief executive David Gallop has unveiled a $160 million four-year broadcast deal for the code. Paul Murray questions the SBS role in the deal, using tax-payer funds for rights?

Exclusive: Rudy Giuliani on 2UE

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani with 2UE's Paul Murray Paul Murray gets an exclusive interview with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani who discusses the resilience of New Yorkers, after 9/11 and now the super storm Sandy, which would unite the community.

Ian Thorpe: This Is Me

Olympian swimmer Ian Thorpe with Paul Murray on 2UE Paul Murray speaks with five-time Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe, who has released a tell-all autobiography, has opened up about his personal battle with depression and intrigue over his sexuality.

Child killer gets community service

Legal Matters with Tim Shaw Sunday nights on 2UE 954 Child killer, Alan Austin Hughes has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service for breaching his parole conditions. Paul Murray with Howard Brown discuss the parole violation.

President Obama Re-elected

President Obama wins four more years in the White House President Obama has won a second term in the White House. Former White House staffer Laura Schwartz joins Paul Murray from Chicago as the celebrations begin.

Police taser use under review?

Five police should face disciplinary action over taser death The Ombudsman has found tasers are being misused on average once a week. Police will consider the report's 46 recommendations. Paul Murray with Bruce Barbour on more accountable taser use.

Deja vu: science of coincidence

R U OK Day a chance to discuss Mental Health Ever felt deja vu walking down the street? What of when you find yourself experiencing coincidences? Paul Murray looks at parapsychology with Tony Jinks and the science of coincidence. What's your experience?

Mid-year budget cuts baby bonus

Families are struggling to make ends meet with the weekly budget It's hoped a reduction to the baby bonus and changes to private health insurance will help the Gillard Government achieve its budget surplus. Paul Murray on the details with 2UE's Michael Pachi in Canberra.

Abbott on an honest budget surplus

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on the mid-year budget Labor is accused of mismanaging the economy, following deep cuts to get its budget into surplus. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott tells Paul Murray the government will never deliver an honest surplus. Have Your Say.

Graham Garden: Unbelievable Truth

Paul Murray with Graham Garden of the Goodies The Unbelievable Truth is the brainchild of former Goodies star Graham Garden. Paul Murray catches up with him to discuss the crossover of the show from radio to the small screen and to talk about the Goodies.

Skaf gang member weekend leave?

Legal Matters with Tim Shaw Sunday nights on 2UE 954 A member of the notorious Bilal Skaf gang will undertake weekend leave for a few months before his release. Mohamed Sanoussi was part of a gang of 14 men involved in the gang-rape of a young woman in 2000.

Latham on Tony Abbott's diplomacy

David Oldfield on the Anyone But Abbott party Paul Murray & Mark Latham on the Indonesian visit of Tony Abbott. Why he didn't raise turning boats around policy? Why is he scared to talk about it with the one person who would implement the arrangements.

Families now facing mortgage stress

Families now facing mortgage stress as house prices plummet 35% of homeowners after 2008 have properties that are now worth less than what they paid for, with many deciding to sell up. Paul Murray and Money Guru Paul Clitheroe on families facing mortgage stress.

Tendulkar given Order of Australia?

Julia Gillard makes a visit to New Delhi in India Prime Minister Gillard announced on a visit to New Delhi, Sachin Tendulkar would receive an Order of Australia. Gary Hardgraves tells Paul Murray it is designed to make Australian Indian community like the Prime Minister.

Abbott "cowardly" in Indonesia?

PM says Abbott was 'cowardly' on international stage Paul Murray on the Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaking out about Tony Abbott not discussing his plan to turn back refugee boats to Indonesia with the nation's president because he knows it won't happen.

Jennie Brockie: online trolling

Online scams on the increase and costing Australians millions The scourge of the internet for years, Trolls have only made headlines since some high-profile Aussies found themselves at the centre of vicious attacks. Paul Murray and Insight's Jennie Brockie on trolling.

Teachers get extra pupil-free day

Push for classes on multiculturalism in our schools Schools will get an extra pupil-free day next year, so the state's teachers can get their heads around delivering the new Australian curriculum. Paul Murray reveals it brings to 6 school development days a year.

No money to feed your family?

St Vincent de Paul helping handout food as rising prices cripple families 45,000 Aussie households don't have enough money to feed their families. It is a staggering statistic in such a lucky country. Paul Murray looks at the issue and reveals how his mother too used to go without meals.

Charges laid against Thomson

Michael Smith with further allegations over Craig Thomson Fair Work Australia has launched legal action against MP Craig Thomson. Paul Murray on allegations he broke union rules by misspending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Health Services Union funds.

Infant loss remembrance day

New laws are being considered to protect unborn children Today is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day, a day for families to reflect. Paul Murray reflects on his loss of little Leo 8 weeks ago, why we need to celebrate these special lives taken all too soon.

Tips on securing your home

What rights do you have defending your home from intruders? Sydney has been shocked to hear of the news of an 82 year old robbed in her Doonside home. Paul Murray looks at how often people are robbing in their homes and gets tips on keeping your home safe.

Are you in favour of more CCTV?

Lord Mayor Clover Moore defends delays installing a security camera Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has pledged $50 million for CCTV to battle street crime in "local hotspots". Paul Murray with Criminologist Emmiline Taylor who says it's not the right way to catch criminals.

Funeral music reflection of egotism?

Archbishop Peter Jensen supports claims over gay health risks Archbishop Peter Jensen says the prevalence of the Frank Sinatra classic "I Did It My Way" at funerals is a reflection of the "vulgar egotism" that is imperiling society. Paul Murray asks, does he have a point?

AFP: reflect back on Bali bombing

We reflect back on the bombings 10 years ago in Bali As we reflect at this time over the 10th anniversary of the bombings and loss of life in the Bali bombings, Paul Murray catches up with Assistant Commissioner of AFP Tim Morris who led the investigations in 2002.

Clicktivism: online activism works?

Clicktivism: does online activism actually make a difference? Does online activism really work? Does it make a difference? Or, is it a new form of bullying? Paul Murray looks at clicktivism, where protest is all about complaining by simply clicking on Twitter or Facebook.

Roxon on Abbott and capable women

Nicola Roxon: Mr Abbott isn't running for Nicola Roxon says the government won't back down in its criticism of Tony Abbott, who she maintains has an "issue with capable women". Paul Murray takes her to task for criticism of the Opposition Leader.

Facing down the Bali bombers

Police investigations following the Bali bombing in 2002 An Australian Bali bombing victim has come face to face with one of the masterminds behind the 2002 terrorist attacks. Paul Murray discusses the emotions of survivor Max Murphy as we head toward the 10th anniversary.

Tragedies trivialised by Social Media?

Crimestoppers launch new smartphone software Paul Murray speaks with Miranda Divine who has compared recent outrage online over the death of Jill Meagher, which brought people together to march in peace. But, are tragedies trivialized by the Twitterati?

Paul Murray pays tribute to Lawsie

Paul Murray broadcasts his tribute to broadcaster John Laws Rival broadcaster John Laws took to 7:30 Report to comment on the Alan Jones story. Paul Murray pays tribute to Golden Tonsils hosting his show Lawsie style, scarf, glasses, but missing the Wild Turkey.

Allow Mike Tyson into Australia?

Should Mike Tyson be allowed into Australia? The Australian government is still considering whether to approve a visa for convicted rapist and boxing great Mike Tyson. Paul Murray gives his views on why he thinks he shouldn't be allowed in. Vote in our Webpoll.

Will Anderson with Paul Murray

Paul Murray catches up with funnyman Will Anderson Paul Murray catches up with comedian Will Anderson about recent events in the news, being heckled off stage, Lawsie interviewed in style, and the expectations of the audience that come to see his shows.

Time to get rid of speed humps?

One council lowers speed bumps after damage to cars Speed humps have grown in number and in size. Now one council is lowering their speed humps after damage done to vehicles. Paul Murray & Mayor of Knox Council on why they are making a change.

Pyes Creek Castle Hill pollution

Pyes Creek in Castle Hill has been turned red by pollution Pyes Creek in Castle Hill has been turned red by pollution. Paul Murray with Hornsby Mayor Steve Russell on the cause of the pollution. It's a timely reminder to be wary what we dump down our drains across the city.

El Mazri awarded honorary doctorate

Hazem El Mazri awarded an honorary doctorate at UWS Hasem El Mazri has been awarded an honorary doctorate at UWS for his work within the community of Sydney. Paul Murray speaks frankly about Islam and recent protests, and how he’ll see the Grand Final.

Matthew Newton charges dismissed

Matthew Newton arrested for allegedly breaching his AVO Paul Murray looks at assault charges against actor Matthew Newton going no further, with a Sydney Magistrate ruling him mentally ill, and committing him to ongoing supervision in the United States.

No children zones onboard flights?

Qantas reveal threats and intimidation in industrial dispute There are plans for quiet areas onboard planes that will become no go zones for children. Paul Murray on what may become a more widespread idea where no children are allowed, is it a good idea?

Andrew Dominik: Killing Them Softly

Paul Murray with Director Andrew Dominik on 2UE There is Oscar talk around the movie Killing Them Softly. Andrew Dominik, the man behind Chopper, called in to 2UE to chat with Paul Murray about working alongside Hollywood actor and heartthrob Brad Pitt.

West Tigers dump Tim Sheens

Why is there no boss of the NRL? The Wests Tigers say Tim Sheens has neither been sacked nor has stood down, but he won't be coaching the side in 2013. Passionate Tigers fan Paul Murray talks with Stephen Humphreys from the club.

Chang killer parole challenged

Legal Matters with Tim Shaw Sunday nights on 2UE 954 The medical condition of one of the men who killed Heart Surgeon Dr. Victor Chang is being questioned. Paul Murray reveals it comes as the decision on his release from jail is being challenged in court.

Passengers get stuck on monorail

Monorail breaks down in Sydney. Photo: @FireRescueNSW Dozens of people have been stuck on Sydney's monorail this afternoon after it broke down. Paul Murray speaks with Nine News reporter Kevin Wilde who reports inside the vehicle things were getting quite hot.

Emmys: fashion hits & misses

Who were the hits and the misses on the Emmy Red Carpet? The stars graced the red carpet for an Emmy Awards ceremony showing off the best and worst in fashion. Paul Murray will chat with Melissa Hoyer on those who stood out and those who failed in red carpet fashion.

Warnings on stormy weather ahead

Wet weather should ease later today for Sydney We are being reminded to prepare our homes in case of stormy weather this summer. The SES has launched Storm Safe Week, reminding us wild weather and flash flooding aren't unusual in warmer months.

Lego: top ten Aussie moments

Lego release the Top 10 Aussie Moments Lego have produced amazing work with the top ten Aussie moments from the past 50 years. Paul Murray on this year's Lego Festival of Play, a series of digital, social and experiential events to celebrate 50 years.

Cybercrime: how safe is your pin?

ASIO to set up a cyber terrorism squad It may be hard to believe, but so many 4 digit pin passwords are too easy for cybercriminals to read it’s not funny. Paul Murray reveals 20% of pins are either, 0000, 1234 or 1111. What's yours?

Muslim leaders call for calm

Muslim Leaders call for calm following Sydney riots Muslim leaders say they will not support any more protests in Sydney, urging police to arrest those who do not heed the call for calm. An additional 300 police officers will be out in force this weekend.

DPP to appeal Knight sentencing

David Knight, son of truckie Bob talks with 2UE's Paul Murray The son of slain truck driver Bob Knight has vowed to 'go off' if an appeal against his father's killer's sentence doesn't result in more jail time. Paul Murray speaks with him about the possible outcomes.

Joe Hildebrand attacks Media Watch

Television: what was the best and worst of 2011? Have Your Say! Paul Murray speaks with Joe Hildebrand about why he has taken on Media Watch to claim they are displaying hypocrisy. Does Media Watch have a hidden agenda? Here's why Joe has an issue with them.

Victor Chang murderer gets parole

Why is Magistrate Brian Malone being driven away from the courts? The man who shot and killed heart surgeon Victor Chang has been granted parole and will be deported to Malaysia. VOCAL's Howard Brown says the Chang family are "absolutely devastated" with the decision.

Shiane too young for X-Factor?

X Factor judges on the set of the hit TV show Ian 'Dicko' Dickson says X-Factor star Shiane is awkward, vulnerable and not ready to win the talent show at 14 years of age. Paul Murray catches up with him about why the young school girl is competing.

Too young for sex education?

Should teachers be able to fail children? Is sex education for 11 and 12 year olds a good idea? Paul Murray on the proposed changes to the way we teach our children about sex. How have you handled teaching your children the birds and bees?

Is Dicko wearing ladies glasses?

Paul Murray with Ian 'Dicko' Dickson and his glasses We've been wondering for days now about Dicko's glasses. Paul Murray had the guts to question if they were previously Dame Edna's or are they his wife's? Have your say: do you think they are ladies glasses?

Job cuts across education services

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli on a student report card of teachers Paul Murray reveals the Government has announced TAFE fees will rise by almost 10% while funding for independent schools will be capped for 4 years. 1,800 jobs will go including 800 TAFE positions.

Name & shame child sex offenders?

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch silenced for five months of house arrest It has been a huge fight for Derryn Hinch but it appears there are changes ahead in Victoria on naming child sex offenders. Paul Murray speaks with the broadcaster who did home detention for doing just that.

Gerry responds to resignation call

Gerry Harvey responds to calls for him to resign Paul Murray looks at a journalist today saying Gerry Harvey should resign from Harvey Norman 'because his initial success in building Harvey Norman blinds him from imagining a different future for it.'

Wet & Wild to open in Sydney's west

Wet and Wild to open a theme park in Western Sydney Wet and Wild will be thrilling Sydney-siders within months with a world-best park opening in our western suburbs. Paul Murray, a huge fan of wet and wild, chats with Chris Warhurst, manager of the popular theme park.

Toughen penalties on flicked smokes

Fire and Rescue is on the scene at Eastgardens Shopping Centre There have been two grass fires that are believed to have been started by flicked cigarette butts from drivers in the past week. Paul Murray says there are no excuses these days and seeks out tougher penalties.

Paul Murray returns to the airwaves

Paul Murray returns to the airwaves on 2UE 954 Paul Murray returns to the airwaves of 2UE surrounded with support from family and friends following his absence from the microphone. He spoke from the heart on his return to his listeners and friends on the radio.

Leave Paul your message of support

Leave Paul Murray your message of support Jason Morrison reveals the news that has had tears flowing at 2UE. The news of complications with the birth of Paul Murray's much anticipated little boy, Leo. We extend our deepest sympathies to Paul & all his family.

Nursing home sprinklers mandatory

Sprinklers will now be made mandatory in all Nursing Homes in NSW Paul Murray has been pushing for some time, and now it is mandatory. All NSW nursing homes will be required to install sprinkler systems, but State Government has rejected their request to help pay for them.

Should vicious dogs be bred out?

Should violent dog breeds be banned or bred out? Should violent dog breeds be banned or bred out? Vicious dogs not only attack and kill other dogs, they are also a threat to children. Paul Murray with RSPCA CEO Steve Colman on getting rid of violent dogs.

Cheap Chinese-made car recalled

Legal Matters with Tim Shaw Sunday nights on 2UE 954 How did cheap Chinese-made cars, found with asbestos in their engines, come to be imported to Australia. Paul Murray questions how the cheap imports managed to slip past Australia's import standards.

How Australia won the Olympics

How statistically it was Australia that won the Olympic Games Paul Murray reveals why we shouldn't be down on our athletes but rather should be celebrating because Australia won the Olympic Games. How? Listen and follow the statistics on why we should all be proud.

Paramedics: laws against any attacks

Ambulance service trying to reduce unnecessary call outs? Our paramedics do a tough enough job as it is, but when they are attacked, it makes life even more difficult. Paul Murray reveals why there should be a specific crime and penalty if you attack any paramedic.

Asylum Report: increase intake!

Australia's asylum seeker swap to begin with Malaysia An expert panel on asylum seeker policy has recommended offshore processing in both Malaysia and Nauru, and recommends an increase in annual humanitarian intake to 20,000 up from the current 13,750.

What TV show will you follow?

What was your favourite television programme in the 60s Television has brought the big guns out to grab your interest for night time viewing leading into the final half of the year. Paul Murray on what will be the hits and misses and asks, what will you be watching?

Will Julia Gillard remain PM?

PM Gillard pleased as Carbon Tax legislation is passed Will Julia Gillard lead the Labor Party into the next election? Change may be close to allow fresh air into the next campaign. Graham Richardson with Paul Murray on the machinations behind the scenes for the PM.

Frank Monte runs for Sydney Mayor

Frank Monte with Paul Murray on why he is running for Mayor of Sydney Private Investigator Frank Monte is running for Sydney Mayor and says it is time to get the hoodlums off the streets, busing them out of the CBD. He tells Paul Murray why it is time to Manhattanize the city.

NBN cost soars to $37.4 billion

Malcolm Turnbull discusses the NBN with Michael Smith Construction costs for the national broadband network have risen by 3.9% to $37.4 billion. Paul Murray with Malcolm Turnbull on ongoing cost of running the project has also risen due to ongoing delays.

Olympics: surge in health & fitness

The surge in interest in health and fitness following Olympics We may not be walking away with sacks of gold from the Olympics, but the event will have a positive effect on many couch potatoes. Paul Murray on the surge in health and fitness that follows the Olympic Games.

Feuding neighbours over a brick wall

How a brick wall has cost two feuding neighbours $100,000 The fence that separates neighbours can be a place to chat over, or to fight over. Paul Murray on how the loss of a couple of bricks on a collapsing fence has sent families to court and cost them a $100,000 fortune.

Curiosity: is there life on Mars?

Curiosity: NASA's largest ever robotic rover on Mars CURIOSITY TOUCHDOWN: With a mixture of nerves and confidence, NASA has landed its largest ever robotic rover on Mars, where it will search for signs that life may once have existed on the planet.

Spending a fortune on kids clothes?

Stuart Bocking: Would more children benefit from getting outdoors? How much do you spend on kids clothes? Paul Murray with Mamamia's Mia Freedman discuss the outlandish money parents splashed out on their children. Is it simply keeping up with the Joneses? Have Your Say!

Put sprinklers in our nursing homes

Paul Murray on the call for sprinklers in all nursing homes Paul Murray has proof sprinklers will save lives in nursing homes. He continues to press ahead with the campaign for sprinklers in nursing homes across the state following the fatal fire several months ago.

More RSL clubs are closing down

Who should carry the Australian flag at the Olympics? Clovelly RSL could close on Sunday. So, what went wrong? Is it a sign of the times when we see more and more of our local RSL clubs closing? Paul Murray investigates the decline in the local RSL clubs.

Skyfall: the latest James Bond trailer

The new look Q from Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie The Queen's appearance alongside Daniel Craig in the London Olympics opening ceremony has been twisted into a rumour that she will also make a cameo in Skyfall in a scene in which she knights James Bond.

Williamson resigns from HSU

Paul Murray says 'good riddance' to Michael Williamson Health Services Union national president Michael Williamson has resigned after allegations of nepotism and financial irregularities at the union. Paul Murray says good riddance after he resigned by text.

More flexible childcare needed?

Childcare costs hindering women and their return to work Why is there not more flexible childcare centres? In such a busy metropolitan city it is surprising there are not places open later. Paul Murray looks at battling traffic and childcare opening and closing hours.

Nick D'Arcy: crashes out of games

Swimmer Nick D'Arcy crashes out of the London Olympic Games From a court case, to bankruptcy, and a photo that had him almost off the Olympic team. Paul Murray discusses Nick D'Arcy, who has crashed and burned failing to make the 200 butterfly finals in London.

Claims Beazley bagged Labor wrong?

Kim Beazley accused of bagging the Labor Party in Washington The Coalition has denied claims it leaked details of a confidential briefing between Australian and US officials after reports ambassador Kim Beazley warned the Gillard Government was doomed.

Bob Cooper on bush survival skills

Australian farmland is shrinking as farmers walk away If you're ever lost in the bush, you'll wish you had heard a few of these tips from survival expert Bob Cooper. Paul Murray gets some great advice for the times when things do, and they can quite easily, go wrong.

New-look Liberal Party dirty tricks?

Time to end the era of the gold pass for retiring MPs? Kate McClymont writes Backstabbing, branch stacking and backroom deals were once the domain of the NSW Labor Right. But, she reveals to Paul Murray it's the Liberal Party's new-look political playbook.

Security paramount at the Olympics

Olympic security unprecedented in history Security for the Olympic Games is of top priority in London, with far more needed to keep our athletes safe than ever before at the games. Paul Murray goes behind the veil of secrecy in these times of terror.

Max Dupain: love affair with Sydney

Celebrating the remarkable work of Max Dupain Australia's greatest photographer had a lifelong love affair with Sydney, starting out at 14 with his box brownie taking hundreds of photos. Look back at his remarkable work on the 20th anniversary of his passing.

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