Sarah, John Bucchino, Leo and David Campbell & Dicko

Sarah, John Bucchino, Leo and David Campbell & Dicko

David Campbell sings John Bucchino

2UE Video: A new CD from Australia's favourite singing star David Campbell joined with Broadway composer John Bucchino. Watch as the two perform live in the 2UE studio Feels Like Home for Dicko & Sarah.

Vivid returns to light up Sydney

2UE Video: Vivid begins across Sydney for 2014 2UE Video: Vivid, an annual spectacular of lights, music and ideas. A mesmerizing free public outdoor event. Returning again the popular lighting of the Harbour Bridge. David Prior catches up with the creator Iain Reed.

Home is where the heart is?

Veanka & Joanne Howard with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 2UE Video: Veanka and Joanne Howard have an amazing story to tell. Veakna is releasing a song for Families Week. A foster child who was placed in home after home has finally found a family, as Dicko & Sarah reveal.

The Angels rock our 2UE studios

The Angels perform for 2UE on Saturday Night Live 2UE Video: The Angels are celebrating their 40th anniversary in the music business. The group that topped our pop charts on numerous occasions called into our studios to perform Take A Long Line for Saturday Night Live.

2UE Live at 2014 Royal Easter Show

2UE Live at the 2014 Royal Easter Show Photos & Video from the Show: 2UE have been broadcasting at the 2014 Royal Easter Show. Check out our photos and video of the fun we had. If you are going to the show, be sure to call past & say g'day to the team.

Jacob Borg wins the Citroen DS3

Jacob Borg wins the Citroen DS3 Congratulations from 2UE to the winner of the Citroen DS3, Jacob Borg who was at the Royal Easter Show to claim his prize. He and his family listen to 2UE and rang through to Angela Catterns to get a spot in the draw. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Marcia Hines is simply Amazing

Marcia Hines with Tim Webster on 2UE 954am Marcia Hines has been producing brilliant music for over four decades and the Queen of Pop is back with a stunning new album, Amazing. Tim Webster chats with her about the new release, & to talk all things good music.

Tim Campbell: High School Disco

Tim Campbell with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954am Tim Campbell debuts his music career with an energetic and fun filled look back on some of the greatest songs of the 70s & 80s. Dicko & Sarah chat with him about the move to music, and the album of dance floor favourites.

2UE Video: Katie Noonan Live

Katie Noonan performs live for Dicko & Sarah on 2UE Katie Noonan has the voice to charm angels and writes the most charming songs on life, love and loss. She performs for Dicko & Sarah a haunting song from her new album Fierce Hearts, about our female convicts.

Troy Cassar-Daley & Adam Harvey

Dicko & Sarah with Adam Harvey & Troy Cassar-Daley on 2UE 2UE Video: Two of our most awarded country artists are coming to the Opera House. Troy Cassar-Daley & Adam Harvey will perform songs from their #1 gold-selling album The Great Country Songbook on March 28th.

Dicko & Sarah & the Voice of Australia

Dewayne Everettsmith with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 Dicko first met Dewayne Everettsmith as a contestant on Australian Idol. His story is an incredible one, rising from a troubled childhood, to now becoming the Voice of Australia with his tune, It's Like Love.

Watch Miss Behave swallow scissors

Miss Behave performs for Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 2UE Video: Miss Behave is one of the last female sword swallowers in the world, and Dicko & Sarah were lucky to have her give us a demonstration of her show on now at the Opera House in La Soiree.

Flight of the Bumblebee in 40sec?

Vov Dylan performs for Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954am 2UE Video: Do you have fast fingers? Ever imagined someone could play 23 notes a second on the violin? Dicko & Sarah speak with Vov Dylan on his world record for Flight of the Bumblebee, recreated here.

Video: The Morrisons on 2UE

The Morrison's perform live in the studios of 2UE 954 Love Bluegrass music? A form of Country that when played to perfection becomes infectious to tap the toes to. The Morrisons seared the radio with slick hot Bluegrass with Tim Webster. Watch them perform live.

Video: Andre Rieu & Stuart Bocking

Watch the Video: Andre Rieu with Stuart Bocking on 2UE 954 2UE Video: Violin master Andre Rieu is back to charm Sydney audiences with his And The Waltz Goes On Tour. Stuart Bocking speaks with him about the tour and reveals the maestros latest musical albums.

Video: Wendy Matthews 'Little Boy'

2UE Video: Wendy Matthews performs Little Boy for 2UE 954 Chanteuse Wendy Matthews is sounding the best of her career! Have a listen to her new album The Welcome Fire, you'll see. She performs exclusively for 2UE Little Boy, and chats with Stuart Bocking.

Brian Kennedy: Christopher Street

Brian Kennedy with David Prior on Saturday Night Live Singer/songwriter Brian Kennedy has enjoyed success around the world with two number one platinum albums & performed with some of music's biggest names. He called into 2UE to sing for Saturday Night Live.

2UE Video: Diesel live from Let It Fly

2UE Video: Stuart Bocking with Diesel on 2UE 954 Diesel returns with a new album. Mark Lizotte has been providing us great music for 2 decades, and now comes his new album Let It Fly. Watch him perform the track Money Maker from the album live for Stuart Bocking.

Strictly Ballroom the Musical on stage

Strictly Ballroom the Musical to premier in Sydney The tango, sashay and bogo pogo is on its way onto the stage thanks to the original creative team behind the classic 1992 film, Strictly Ballroom. Stuart Bocking with Choreographer John Cha Cha O'Connor.

Stomp stop by to perform for 2UE

2UE VIDEO: Stomp stop by to perform for 2UE Following their acclaimed performance at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, Stomp returns to Australia to perform. Andrew Voss was given a taste of the show with an impromptu 2UE gig.

Russell Morris: Sharkmouth on 2UE

David Prior speaks with Russell Morris about Sharkmouth Sharkmouth, the latest album from Russell Morris is a collection of Blues songs inspired by Australian gangsters from the 1920s and 30s. David Prior speaks with our music legend on the album’s success.

Harrison Craig croons for 2UE

Angela & Vossey with The Voice winner Harrison Craig on 2UE Harrison Craig simply stunned Australia with his incredible talent and humility, taking out The Voice. Vossey and Angela are treated to a special performance by the crooner 'Can't Help Falling In Love'.

Brian McFadden: the Irish connection

Brian McFadden with Dicko & Sarah on 2UE 954 Brian McFadden is the Irish muso who has called Australia home over recent years. Dicko & Sarah are crooned by the former Westlife star, who has a new album out for St Patrick's Day titled The Irish Connection.

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