Power cut after failing to pay an electricity bill

Power cut after failing to pay an electricity bill

Credit Blacklists for Unpaid Bills

Power companies are forcing unsuspecting customers onto credit blacklists for not paying their bills. Energy and Water Ombudsman Clare Petre tells Stuart Bocking the penalty is often disproportionate to the outstanding amount.

Breastfeeding Beyond Babies

Attachment Parenting focuses on responding to children Australian mother and author Andi Lew joins Stuart Bocking to discuss Attachment Parenting, and explain why she believes in breastfeeding beyond babies.

Dangerous Magnets

Swallowing magnets can be deadly Parents are being warned about the dangers of magnets after a seven year old boy accidentally swallowed some he was playing with. Joel Smith's mother, Melinda, tells Stuart Bocking her son is lucky to be alive.

Alfie Boe: an incredible voice

Stuart Bocking catches up with Tony winner Alfie Boe Alfie Boe has an amazing story to tell. From singing while polishing cars, he has gone on to win a Tony Award for his performance in La Boheme. Stuart Bocking reveals this amazing talent, worth sitting up and listening to.

Australian sub designer behind dive

James Cameron with the sub that took him to the ocean floor Deep down the Pacific is out-of-this-world, desolate, foreboding, and moon-like, director James Cameron says. Stuart Bocking talks to the man that helped design the sub that went to the ocean floor, Australian Ron Allum.

Credit Blacklists for Unpaid Bills

Power cut after failing to pay an electricity bill Power companies are forcing unsuspecting customers onto credit blacklists for not paying their bills. Energy and Water Ombudsman Clare Petre tells Stuart Bocking the penalty is often disproportionate to the outstanding amount.

Music downloads on the increase

Music downloading legitimately is on the increase Technological change may bring about the death of some industries, but downloading music legitimately has seen a jump upwards, despite horror stories of recent years. Stuart Bocking on some amazing download statistics.

Fish Oil: $4.2b in savings if on PBS

Alternative medicine under the microscope? Taking a daily dose of fish oil could save the economy up to $4.2 billion. Stuart Bocking looks at a recent report on the extraordinary savings that could be made by putting fish oil on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Russell Watson: The Voice is Back

Opera singer Russell Watson with 2UE's Stuart Bocking Flying in to Sydney and overlooking the Opera House, what does it feel like for an entertainer about to perform there? Stuart Bocking with Russell Watson, who reveals his affection for our city, and his eagerness to perform.

Women suffering abusive relationships

Women suffering abuse, why do they return to the relationship? With all the fuss about Chris Brown and Rihanna's alleged domestic violence dispute case and indications that they are back together, Stuart Bocking & Rachael Friend on why some women go back to abusive relationships.

Social media: beware the dark side

Warning over invitations to party via Facebook & Twitter Social media is a great way to catch up with our family and friends, but there is also a dark side to the medium. Stuart Bocking looks at a party that got out of hand on the weekend and how Facebook played a role.

Help us give a hand to Steph Moss

Help us give a helping hand to Steph Moss Stuart Bocking reveals how Steph Moss woke up with a seizure in the middle of the night, only to find she has a large brain tumor. Mum Kerry on her story, and we ask you help us by helping Starlight Childrens Foundation.

Grover & mates coming to Sydney

Sesame Street favourite Grover speaks with 2UE's Stuart Bocking Grover is everyone's favourite on Sesame Street, along with Big Bird and the star of Elmo's World Tour, the furry red Elmo. They're on the way to Sydney and Stuart Bocking speaks with the larger than life Grover.

Maths on the decline in classrooms

Why is mathematics on the decline in the classroom? Mathematics is on the decline in the classroom, but why? The language of the universe, maths surrounds us daily and can be an intriguing subject. Stuart Bocking on teaching the incredible beauty and vitality of mathematics.

Police to patrol public transport

Police crackdown on bad behaviour with new move-on powers Security on public transport will be handed back to our police with transit officers handling fare eveasion. The Premier announced the move and the redeployment as Stuart Bocking questions if they have the numbers.

Olivia: dealing with pressure of fame

Olivia Newton John discusses her new film A Few Good Men How difficult is it to skyrocket to the top of the pop charts and cope with the notoriety? Stuart Bocking and music legend Olivia Newton John about the loss of Whitney Houston, and dealing with the pressure of fame.

Victoria Cross recognition for Navy?

Labor to slash the defense budget? 91 times the Victoria Cross has been awarded to members of the Australian Army, twice to RAAF personnel, but never for Navy bravery. Stuart Bocking with Mike Carlton on an inquiry that is looking into unresolved recognition.

Red tape hinders DoCS case workers

Should we see childcare as an investment in our child's future? Community Services Minister Pru Goward confirms with Stuart Bocking her department won't be renewing contracts with 39 temporary DoCS case workers when they expire this year. Paperwork is blamed for inefficiency.

Mr & Mrs: O'Shea perform for 2UE

Mark & Jay O'Shea perform for 2UE's Stuart Bocking Jay and Mark O'Shea have toured the world superstars such as INXS and Sir Tim Rice, and opened for everyone from Keith Urban to Trisha Yearwood. Their debut album is Mr & Mrs and they perform for Stuart Bocking.

Sydney restaurants too snobby?

What is wrong with Sydney's restaurants? What is wrong with Sydney restaurants? From losing bookings and waiting too long to be served by arrogant waiters and diners have had enough! Stuart Bocking with SMH Good Living's Deputy Editor Jacqui Taffel.

Parents add $53m to public schools

Should teachers be able to fail children? Voluntary contributions from parents to Public Schools adds more than $53 million to the NSW education budget. Stuart Bocking on the pressure placed on parents to contribute, and the impact it's having on their hip pocket.

Infrastructure: Public Vs Private

Why is the infrastructure minister playing politics with NSW? You do not get something for nothing. The specter of private versus public ownership has again become the topic in NSW. Stuart Bocking on our desperate need for infrastructure and the money needed for it to happen.

Childhood cholesterol checks needed?

Are cholesterol checks for children 9 to 11 really necessary? Are recommendations urging cholesterol checks for children between ages 9 and 11 a call to action in a society of growing child obesity? Stuart Bocking with Cardiologist Dr Julian Ayer on his concerns.

John Williamson releases The Big Red

2UE's Stuart Bocking with Country Legend John Williamson More than forty years after his debut single reached #1 in the national charts, John Williamson returns with a new studio album. He talks with 2UE's Stuart Bocking about going from true blue, to The Big Red.

School transport stuff up for disabled

Barry O'Farrell admits 'stuff up' of disabled school public transport An inquiry's been ordered into a bureauratic bungle which has stranded hundreds of children with disabilities, on the first day of the NSW school year. Stuart Bocking looks at the school bus transport 'stuff up'. Have Your Say!

The business tie making a comeback

The business tie making a comeback in offices? Do you think ties are an office must? Are they making a comeback, or are they a fashion statement that never left? Kerrie McCallum with Stuart Bocking on the need for a tie to show you are serious on doing business.

When privacy spirals out of control

What is appropriate etiquette with mobile phone usage? What are your expectations on privacy? With more and more phones and devices with the ability to video what we do, what are the simple ways to stop people going too far? Stuart Bocking with civil libertarian Cameron Murphy.

2Cellos on tour in Sydney with Elton

Stuart Bocking with Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hause of 2Cellos Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hause are the boys behind 2Cellos group, who found success on You Tube, with over 5 million hits in less than 3 months. Stuart Bocking catches up with them, currently touring with Elton John.

Jack Thompson on Great Gatsby

Jack Thompson with 2UE's Stuart Bocking Moulin Rouge! director Baz Luhrmann has begun filming his adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, The Great Gatsby. Stuart Bocking catches up with iconic actor Jack Thompson who is appearing on the film.

Two year gap helps children at school

Australia experiences a record growth in child birth for 2010 A new study which shows leaving two years between children can improve a child's school result later in life. Stuart Bocking discusses the study with Child Psychologist Sandy Rea and why it makes perfect sense.

Dolly Parton in Sydney

Dolly Parton has arrived in Sydney for her tour Singer, actress and superstar Dolly Parton arrived in Sydney ahead of her Better Day Tour. Stuart Bocking shares what Dolly had to say to the media and speaks to new convert Leonie Ryan about what she is like in real life.

Guilty Corby Did it for Father?

New book argues Schapelle Corby took drugs to Bali for her father A new book argues that Schapelle Corby took marijuana to Bali for her father. Stuart Bocking talks to author Eamonn Duff about his research into one of the most controversial crime stories in recent history.

President's Cup comes down under

Stuart Bocking proudly displays the President's Cup The Presidents Cup, a team match play competition featuring 24 of the world's top golfers, 12 from the US, 12 from around the world, will be played in Melbourne this year. Stuart Bocking get his hands on the President's Cup.

Too old for IVF?

Australian couple spends around $100,000 on IVF A British woman who gave birth at 57 through IVF is now calling for an age limit for IVF, admitting she was too old. Stuart Bocking asks Dr Andrew Zuschmann from the AMA just how old is too old?

Ricki Lee Raining Diamonds

Ricki Lee Coulter with Stuart Bocking Singer Ricki Lee Coulter is back. The former Australian Idol talks to Stuart Bocking about her new look, new approach to life, and new single, Raining Diamonds.

Father Chris Riley Honoured

Father Chris Riley on the For Kids' Sake report findings The Youth Off the Streets founder has been named as a finalist for NSW Australian of the Year. Father Riley tells Stuart Bocking he appreciates the opportunity to highlight the charity’s work.

Cloudstreet: Geoff Morrell on 2UE

Stuart Bocking with Cloudstreet actor Geoff Morrell on 2UE Stuart Bocking speaks with iconic actor Geoff Morrell, star of Cloudstreet, now on DVD. Set around Perth inthe 40s and 50s, it's the story is of two families who suffer separate catastrophes but unite together under the one roof.

Should sharks be culled after killing?

Is culling sharks following an attack the answer? In the aftermath of an attack by a shark on a diver or swimmer, the reaction is to hunt down and kill the culprit. But, is killing the ocean predator the answer, or just revenge? Stuart Bocking with Marine Expert Paul Burt on culling calls.

Fighting coal seam gas exploration

The fight against Coal Seam Gas takes to the streets Laws protecting property owners are in need of review following mining companies calling on privately owned property to check for coal seam gas. Stuart Bocking on the lack of rights we have, and the dangers of fracking.

Jingles that stick; what’s the secret?

Studio We all know the iconic jingles, like Aeroplane Jelly, Louie the Fly. Stuart Bocking catches up with Geoff Ayling, responsible for Tip Top 'Good Onya Mum' and hundreds of others we know and could sing word for word.

You pay fat cats to get good sleep?

Taxpayers are forking out for gym memberships for fat cats Taxpayers have forked out money to public servants to learn how to get a good nights sleep. Stuart Bocking also reveals gym memberships have been splashed out to fat cats earning a weekly wage in the thousands.

Qantas grounding flights in fight

Qantas pilots warning of off-shore labour Qantas says it's grounding five-planes and cutting nearly 100-flights a week as a direct result of the ongoing industrial action against the airline. Stuart Bocking says government intervention in the dispute is now long overdue.

Green Slips on rise, but who benefits?

Stuart Bocking: Green Slips on the rise but just who benefits? The cost of green slips, third party insurance is on the rise. Stuart Bocking says lawyers are claiming green slip insurers are raking in massive profits, but most injured people are missing out on compensation.

The home-grown welfare gravy train?

Are too many mothers welfare dependent? Have Your Say Here! Revealed on TV: a 20 year-old woman with six children under seven, to three separate fathers, and the first child born when she was 13? Stuart Bocking on the welfare gravy train, an increasing home-grown cost to taxpayers.

Catholic clubs: the church & pokies?

What is the link between the Catholic Church & Catholic Clubs? What is the link between the Catholic church, and a club? Stuart Bocking and Michael Lavorato look at the Catholic Clubs, operating gaming machines, and wanting to change their constitution to battle pokie reforms.

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