Kingpin: the rise and fall of Tony Mokbel

Kingpin: the rise and fall of Tony Mokbel

Bigwig: rise and fall of Tony Mokbel

Tim Shaw speaks with award winning journalist Liam Houlihan about his new book Bigwig. The remarkable rise and fall of drug king Tony Mokbel described as a danger to the Australian justice system.

Aung San Suu Kyi to visit Australia

Bob Carr joins the Senate as Minister for Foreign Affairs Tim Shaw speaks with former Premier and now Australian Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr on his first meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese opposition politician who will visit Australia.

Assange finds support lacking

Julian Assange of Wikileaks to face a Swedish court Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says claims by Foreign Minister Bob Carr that he's been offered consular assistance, are 'empty words'. He tells Tim Shaw of the lack of support from the Australian government.

Leveson versus Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Leveson Inquiry British PM David Cameron was left red faced at the Leveson Inquiry. Paola Totaro reports to Tim Shaw from London on the continuing inquiry and the Supreme Court refusal on the Assange extradition.

Tributes flow for Barbara Holborow

Barbara Holborow nominated for Senior Australian of the Year Sad news on the death of Barbara Holborow. Listen back as she talks with Tim Shaw on her work as Children's court magistrate and with organisations promoting the welfare rights of children.

Nicole Kidman sizzles Cannes

Nicole Kidman and Kate Blanchett at Cannes Film Festival Tim Shaw speaks with Colin Fraser in Cannes on Nicole Kidman's outstanding performance in her new movie The Paper Boy & other Australian movies making their mark at the 2012 Cannes film festival.

What's the future of Aussie tennis?

Women's tennis: banning the groaning? What's the future of Australian tennis? With no Aussies left in Wimbeldon, 2UE's Tim Shaw talks with correspondent Graeme Agars, asking "where have all our Australian stars have gone".

Backbreaking work for women

Tim Shaw and Elouise Hahn on brickfields in India Tim Shaw speaks with Australian journalist & doco filmmaker Elouise Hahn on New Day Australia about the many women and children performing back breaking labour in brickfields across India.

New Breaker Morant Inquiry?

Breaker Morant: was he guilty or not guilty? Tim Shaw speaks with military prosecutor Jim Unkles, who has evidence that proves it was not lawful according to military law of the day and has called upon Federal Attorney General Nicola Roxon to commission an inquiry to test new evidence.

Social media: the changing times

Beware what you publish online, it may work against you? Tim Shaw speaks with Annabel Crabb about the risks of social networking faux pas that could lead to job dismissal plus President Obama's views on gay marriage and use of social networks to encourage voting.

Switch off & tune into the family

Barbara Holborrow on new reforms to revamp family law Tim Shaw speaks with Phillip Hare CEO YMCA Sydney on National Families Week 2012, calling on all families to dedicate "together time" with each other without the interruption of technology & TV.

Rupert Murdoch not "fit & proper"

Rupert Murdoch faces questioning over phone hacking scandal A British Parliamentary Committee has issued a damning indictment of one of the worlds most powerful tycoons, Rupert Murdoch. Accused of being willfully blind to what was going on in his media empire.

Logie win for portraying Packer

Silver Logie winner Rob Carlton talks with Tim Shaw Tim Shaw speaks with Silver Logie winner Rob Carlton voted by his peers as Most Outstanding Actor for his portrayal of Kerry Packer in ABC TV Paper Giants. He reveals how the part was one he enjoyed playing.

100th anniversary of the Titanic

Titanic: 100th anniversary approaches and interest gains again It was dubbed the unsinkable ship. 100 years after it disappeared beneath the icy waters of the North Atlantic, the Titanic has resurfaced in cinemas, bookshops and on TV screens. We mark the tragic anniversary.

Blessings from Rome on Good Friday

Domus Australia chapel in Rome Tim Shaw travels to Rome on Good Friday to speak with Father Anthony Denton the Rector of Domus Australia www.domusaustralia.org a place for Australian pilgrims to stay & pray when visiting the Vatican.

Breaker Morant back on centre stage

Mark Lee takes centre stage: Breaker Morant at Seymour Centre Tim Shaw speaks with actor Mark Lee star of the movie Gallipoli & TV miniseries Vietnam, now cast member of the stage production of Breaker Morant on at the Seymour Centre from 13-21 April for a limited season.

Christine Assange: Justice for Julian

Christine Assange speak with 2UE's Tim Shaw Tim Shaw speaks with Christine Assange, the Mother of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is calling for the Australian Foreign minister to seek a timely conclusion to the house arrest of her Son in the UK.

Melinda Schneider on Doris Day

Melinda Schneider pays tribute to Doris Day Tim Shaw shares with Melinda Schneider a tribute to Doris Day in her one woman show DORIS, one night only 13 April 2012 @ Opera House www.sydneyoperahouse.com The show has the critics raving!

La Traviata to shine on Sydney

La Traviata with a 9m chandelier covered in 10000 crystals as centerpiece Tim Shaw speaks with world renowned set designer Brian Thomson about Opera Australia's production of La Traviata on Sydney Harbour with a 9 meter chandelier covered in 10000 crystals as the centerpiece.

Sydney celebrates St. Patricks Day

Jason Morrison on how Sydney celebrates St. Patrick's Day Happy St. Patrick's Day, a day celebrated all over the world of a country that populated vast areas of the globe. Tim Shaw replays some of the est Irish Jokes you'll ever hear, have a listen! Tell us your favourite in our blog.

Tim Shaw on Timmy the Bull

Cattle being shot on Bullo River Station after live export bans Larry Coleman, Farmer from Rockhampton and avid New Day Australia listener talks with Tim Shaw of his namesake "TIMMY" the two week old Brahman Bull whose mother died during his birth. Follow his progress.

Walking in Fred Hollows footsteps

Nepal: walking in the footsteps of Fred Hollows Tim Shaw speaks with Paola Totaro of her recent journey to Nepal to see inspirational Nepalese surgeon Sanduk Ruit, friend & colleague of Fred Hollows, who has performed over 70,000 eyesight saving operations.

Brother & sister act: the DeGroots

Matt DeGroot with Tim Shaw on his new Caddy duties Tim Shaw speaks with Australian sports journalist, former 2UE sports reporter and Journalist & now golf caddy Matt DeGroot for sister Emma who has joined the Ladies PGA Golf tour in the USA for 2012.

Class warfare: Labor take on billionaires?

Treasurer Wayne Swan hints of unpopular budget cuts ahead Tim Shaw speaks with shareholder activist Stephen Mayne about whether Treasurer Wayne Swan hates rich Aussies and the power they wield. Also, will Bob Carr will be a successful and effective Foreign Minister?

Antarctica: Edge of Nowhere

Antarctica: a day in the life of a researcher with Tim Shaw Tim Shaw speaks with Dr. Dean Miller filmmaker of Wild Ones - Edge of Nowhere, documenting the richness of Antarctic wildlife Station Leader Trish Macdonald on daily life at Australia's Antarctic research facility.

Billy Thorpe remembered 5 years on

Five years following his untimely death, Billy Thorpe is remembered Former manager & legendary music promoter Michael Chugg joins Tim Shaw & reflects on Billy Thorpe's stellar career, 5 years after his untimely death. The incredible musical legacy left behind the soundtrack to our lives.

Father Riley on putting children first

Father Chris Riley on the For Kids' Sake report findings Father Chris Riley, Founder of Youth off The Streets and NSW nominee for Australian of the Year 2012 tells Tim Shaw its time that politicians put the welfare and safety of all Australian children first. Have Your Say!

This is the story of the Hurricane

Dr. Rubin Carter former boxer known as the Hurricane Tim Shaw follows in Bob Dylan's footsteps and gets 'the story of the Hurricane' from Dr. Rubin Carter. The former boxer serving 4 life sentences for a shooting spree he didn't commit, after 20 years found innocent.

Olivia on A Few Best Men

Olivia Newton John discusses a Few Good Men with Tim Shaw Olivia Newton John speaks with Tim Shaw about her starring role in the new Australian movie "A Few Best Men", her previous starring role in the movie "Grease" and a lifelong successful career within entertainment.

Patrick Swayze worth fighting for

Lisa Niemi on her life with Patrick Swayze Tim Shaw talks to Patrick Swayze's widow, Lisa Niemi, about her new memoir, Worth Fighting For. Lisa opens up on her more than 30-year marriage to one of the biggest stars of the '80s, '90s & his battle with cancer.

London Calling: Europe in Review

Prince William and Kate Middleton ahead of their wedding day Tim Shaw and journalist Paola Totaro's take a look at 2011 Europe in review. From the Arab Spring, the London riots, the Euro crisis & attending the Royal Wedding and Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen.

John Kerr Christmas Lunch 2011

John Kerr & New Day Australia staff catch up with listeners The champagne flows and the food is always in abundance at the John Kerr listener lunches, thanks to Danny’s Seafoods. It the best opportunity for New Day Australia listeners to catch up for a face to face chat.

Protest or Perish? Your legal rights

People Power: Are we losing more of our rights now? Tim Shaw on our popular Legal Matters program speaks with Greg Barns, National President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance about a national human rights act to protect the right of Australians to legally protest.

Whitlam remembers the dismissal

Former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam Tim Shaw talks with Nicholas Whitlam, son of former PM Gough, on the 36th anniversary of The Dismissal. Nicholas gives an insider's view of what remains perhaps the greatest constitutional crisis in Australian history.

Damning report: Commonwealth role

A damning report questions the future role of the Commonwealth As CHOGM gets underway in Perth, Tim Shaw speaks with Paola Totaro on a damning 200 page report on the performance of The Commonwealth and its relevance written by eminent persons including Michael Kirby.

Breaker Morant: guilty or not guilty?

Breaker Morant: was he guilty or not guilty? Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland will write to British authorities to re-open the 110 year old case of the 1902 court martial of Morant. Tim Shaw with Nick Bleszynski author of Shoot Straight you Bastards!

La Spina 'Always You' with John Kerr

Maria and Rosario La Spina with 2UE's John Kerr La Spina are receiving acclaim for their unique 'orchestral pop' sound. Anna-Maria and Rosario La Spina have music lovers sitting up & listening. 2UE's John Kerr chats with the duo about their CD 'Always You'.

John Williamson celebrates 40 years

2UE's John Kerr with Shannon Noll & John Williamson 2UE VIDEO: 40 years ago Old Man Emu hit the #1 spot on the 2UE Top 40 charts. Now, John Williamson performs a new song 'Island of Ocean' with Shannon Noll for 2UE's John Kerr to celebrate the anniversary.

McClymonts kick it with John Kerr

The McClymonts with 2UE's John Kerr They're the hottest girls in Australian country music, winning their 5th Golden Guitar this year, and is on top of the country charts. John Kerr chats with the girls who could easily take on Nashville with their hot brand of country.

Katherine Jenkins with John Kerr

New day Australia's John Kerr with Katherine Jenkins Katherine Jenkins joins 2UE's John Kerr for a special look back on her amazing career and previews her new album 'Believe'. Listen to her incredible voice as John re-plays the best tracks from the Welsh songstress.

Songbirds woo New Day Australia

Beccy Cole and Gina Jefferies with 2UE's John Kerr Gina Jefferies and Beccy Cole make up two-thirds of the touring group the Songbirds and they called into 2UE to speak with our king of country John Kerr about the Songbird DVD and to shoot the breeze.

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