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The Threat of Islamic Terrorism Must be Addressed on Many Fronts

2:26 PM   From conflicts in the Middle East to schools in Australia, the threat of Islamic Terrorism must be addressed on a vast array of policy fronts.

Greek Exodus, Dreams of being Girt By Sea

The local Greek community are preparing for an influx of family members moving to Australia

2:18 PM   The Greek economy is on the brink of collapsing and the Australian Greek community are preparing to welcome their friends and family.

We've all heard of a leap year - but what about a leap second?

Most clocks won't show the leap second but those that do could run into problems, says Michael Wouters, head of time at the National Measurement Institute.

10:09 AM   Are you a stickler for keeping the right time? ¬†

Getting to know Channel 7's Johanna Griggs

Good Food. Kitchen Spy. Johanna Griggs. Photo by Edwina Pickles. 15th April 2015.

10:00 AM   From the pool to prime time Johanna Griggs has been a household name since the 90s.

EOFY Rush on Health Insurance

1000% increase in health insurance sales in the final 48 hours of June.

In the last 48 hours of June, private health insurance purchases increase by 1000%.

Shocking 72 hours of global terrorism.

A video still of gunman Seifeddine Rezgui

A series of terrorist attacks from France to Tunisia have shocked the world over the weekend.

The 'Grexit' - No Money? Many, Many Problems.

An anti-austerity protester burns a euro note during a demonstration outside the European Union (EU) offices in Athens, Greece June 28, 2015.

40% of Greek ATM's are out of cash and the Prime Minister has closed the banks until the 6th of July.

Night terrors - what are they and what to do about them?

Night terrors.

Have you ever suffered from night terrors?  Well it turns out they're more common than you might think.



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