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Prime Minister Tony Abbott on cabinet reshuffle, Christmas plans

Sam Stove 1:54 PM   After a self-described ragged year of politics, Prime Minister Tony Abbott joins Tim Webster to discuss his cabinet reshuffle, and chats about his families plans for Christmas

9 out of 10 kids to receive cash gifts for Christmas

Kids and Cash at Christmas

11:11 AM   The days of children receiving a stocking full of Christmas presents might be over, with new Roy Morgan research suggesting that nine out of 10 kids will receive cash gifts this year.

Second Test: Australia v India

Greg Matthews, Dean Jones, Ian Chappell, Glenn McGrath, Tim Lane

Listen to the Fairfax Radio coverage or follow the commentary feed.

Head of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council: Fake sheiks give Islam a bad name

Islamic Shia Warns of Fake Sheiks

Head of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Australia, says Lindt siege gunman Monis could be just one of tens of fake sheiks in Australia.

Will petrol prices remain low over the festive season?

Petrol Prices

As the festive season approaches and more people are on the roads, can motorists expect petrol prices to remain low?

Julia Gillard joins Board of Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennet

Beyond Blue Chairman Jeff Kennett has announced that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard will join the Board of Beyond Blue.

Should we be allowed to carry guns in the street?

Should we be allowed to carry guns?

2UE Online   Senator David Leyonhjelm believes the hostages of the Sydney Siege should have had weapons to protect themselves.

How often are violent crimes committed by people out on bail?

Man Haron Monis was out on bail.

2UE Online   Man Haron Monis had a violent criminal history and yet he was out on bail and free to walk the streets.



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