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Tobacco Smoking Could be 'So Last Century' in Tassie

2:58 PM   Tasmanian Independent MP Ivan Dean to introduce legislation to parliament which would make it illegal for anyone born after the year 2000 to buy tobacco, ever.

Vitamin Supplements Over-Marketed to Kids Who Don't Need Them

Vitamins are being marketed to kids who already have sufficient diets.

3:29 PM   Australian families are being convinced their kids need to be taking vitamin supplements when they probably don't.

Former Premiers opposing Sydney's new light rail

An artist's impression of the city leg of the planned eastern suburbs light rail line.

8:08 AM   Bob Carr and Nick Greiner have both expressed concerns about the project.

Facebook groups attempt to block Speed Cameras

Speed camera changes and ban on open alcohol in cars coming

7:56 AM   Anti speed camera campaigners physically blocking cameras and using social media to spread the word

2UE's Whispers

John Stanley and Garry Linnell

10:26 AM   The latest in rumours from 2UE's listeners

Play lotto with work friends, should you take out a contract?

Missing millions: 14 syndicate members cry foul over Tattslotto payout.

10:39 AM   What happens when a fight emerges within a lotto syndicate over a big win?

Margaret Fulton's Granddaughter releases her own cookbook

relax march 10
margaret and me, by Kate Gibbs
Kate Gibbs

8:30 AM   Kate Gibbs talks to George and Paul

Air Warfare Destroyer Project Blows out by Billions

The AWD program will blowout by $2 billion

The troubled Air Warfare Destroyer program will run over budget by $2 billion and will be at least three years late.



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