Paul Kelly performs live for 2UE's Peter Berner

Paul Kelly performs live for 2UE's Peter Berner

Paul Kelly: Spring And Fall

Singer, songwriter Paul Kelly will release his 19th studio album 'Spring And Fall', a song cycle which tells a love story from multiple points of view. He chats and performs a track live for 2UE's Peter Berner.

Time poor mothers beat the clock to make dinners...

Making dinner just got a whole lot easier! It is the question that every mother and father hates to hear at the end of the day, what is for dinner? Peter Berner chatted to Karen Swan, Sub-Editor of mamabake.com to hear her solution to the common household predicament.

Catherine Britt: Charlestown Road

Catherine Britt with Peter Berner on 2UE 954 2UE VIDEO: Catherine Britt is one of the most amazing musical gems we have, and maybe yet to be discovered by many. Watch as she performs for Peter Berner Charlestown Road from her album.

Video: Songs of the Southern Skies

2UE Video: Katie Noonan & Karin Schaupp perform live for 2UE 2UE VIDEO: Two of Australia's most loved female artists perform some of our best classical, folk, jazz and pop songs. Katie Noonan & Karin Schaupp perform live for 2UE a much loved Cold Chisel classic.

Journalism at the cross roads?

Are we seeing the end of the newspaper? Is print journalism at a cross-roads in Australia? Peter Berner looks at some of Australia’s most popular magazines, 'The Australian Women's Weekly', 'Woman's Day' and 'TV Week' now in German hands.

Suncorp takes on smash repairers

Car crash generic Car insurer, Suncorp, is taking on the car smash repairer industry rolling out 20 or so smart shops along the eastern seaboard. Peter Berner reveals it will make it one of the world's biggest smash repairers.

Changing times: the new manhood

Male body image: one in 10 diagnoses of anorexia is for men All across the globe there has been a rising tide of masculine change. Peter Berner says there is a shift away from the idea that man was a buttoned-up, lonely work machine, with more to a man's life today.

Pet owners fighting strata bans

The hypocritical nature of carbon emissions and pets? Pets and their owners are biting back as body corporates try to hound them out of city apartments. Peter Berner looks at pet owners unleashing their lawyers to overturn strata title laws that prohibit having pets.

Paul Clitheroe on Money Smart Week

How much pocket money do you give your children? How do you go about getting your kids on the road to saving money? It's the start of Money Smart Week and Peter Berner catches up with financial analyst Paul Clitheroe to get a few valuable tips on making money.

Want to run off to join the circus?

Flying Fruit Fly Circus during their performance of The Promise Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? If so, the Flying Fruit Fly Circus would like to hear from you. Peter Berner discusses what could be a life changing opportunity for you, becoming a Fruit Fly artist.

Are our Aussie men really happy?

Male body image: one in 10 diagnoses of anorexia is for men Australian men are for the most part happy, honest and content not only in themselves but also in their relationships, according to an 'Ask Men' survey. But, are they really? Peter Berner on The New Manhood.

Why we need to support the Scouts

Why children need to return to the Scouts A landmark study has found most children are unskilled at basic movements such as throwing, running and jumping. Peter Berner looks at Scouts offering kids an opportunity do these things and more.

Story of The Boy Who Wouldn’t Die

David Nyuol Vincent survived famine, war& 17 years in refugee camps David Nyuol Vincent survived famine, war and 17 years in refugee camps to build a new life in Australia. Peter Berner with the author of The Boy Who Wouldn't Die about his incredible journey to call Australia home.

Amber Lawrence: Everybody's a Mess

Amber Lawrence performs Everybody's a Mess on 2UE Amber Lawrence didn't grow up with the smell of the bush, but with the burning smell of aviation fuel. But she can sure write a brilliant country music song. Peter Berner & David Prior reveal why she was turned on by country.

Diving on one breath, just for the Zen!

Finding the Zen in deep sea diving? Ever pondered over why a person ever bothers to dive to the depths of the deepest ocean on one breath? Scratch your head no more. Peter Berner & David Prior speak with a diver, who reveals that it's all about the Zen.

Making of a star for Jasper Hollis

Starmaker Finalist Jasper Hollis on 2UE 954 Jasper Hollis is doing things a little in reverse. From Nashville and living in Sydney, he is heading to Tamworth to compete in the Starmaker Awards. Peter Berner & David Prior uncover a true country music star on the rise.

Hard times see renewal of layby

How will retail compete with online shopping? Great service! Retailers are returning to the layby model in the hope the usually interest-free system will breathe new life into the struggling sector. Peter Berner looks at the revival of the way we used to purchase larger item goods.

Time to ban all alfresco smoking?

A Sydney unit block bans smoking NSW cabinet is considering a proposal to stub out alfresco smoking across the state; Pushing for a nationwide ban on smoking in alfresco areas. Peter Berner takes a look at the issue. Time to ban all alfresco smoking?

Eurozone bust: the guide for dummies!

George & Paul with Ian Verrender on the Eurozone future If the Eurozone were to collapse, how would it affect you? World financial markets are trembling from debt owed, but to whom? Peter Berner with a guide for dummies on the ramifications for us of a Eurozone melt down.

Iran threats building war tensions

Michael Smith looks at the changing power in the Middle East The posturing and saber rattling has begun in the Middle East with Iran conducting war exercises and launching a range of new missiles. Peter Berner & Dr Keith Suter discuss the threat to close the Strait of Hormuz.

G'day LA in full swing

Talks fail between the unions and Qantas Peter Berner and David Prior catch up with Donna Demaio, on the ground in LA for the opening of G'day LA & USA. She chats about attending the event that announced Miranda Kerr would be ambassador for Qantas.

I Dream of Jeannie cast in Sydney

Peter Berner with the I dream of Jeannie Cast Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman & Bill Daily from I Dream of Jeannie are in Sydney for the Supernova Pop Culture Expo where fans get to see their favorite stars of the small screen. Peter Berner caught up with the cast.

What bugs you most on that trip?

Jetstar again questioned over the treatment of passengers What do you hate most about air travel. It appears it is not the turbulence but the screaming baby and the chatty passenger in the seat next to you. Peter Berner and David Prior on what bugs us most with air travel.

Being in the black, the new black?

Opportunism creeping in with Eftpos and credit card use We are ditching the credit cards for debit cards and moving back to using lay by for our big ticket item purchases. Peter Berner asks if being in the black, is the new black? Is it now in fashion to have a little more in the bank?

In need of a hangover cure?

Will taxing alcohol higher stop binge drinking? In need of a hangover cure right now? Want some tips on the hair of the dog that bit you? Berner & Prior seek out the advice of Dr Ross Walker from Healthy Living on hangover cures and the many and varied wives tales on hangovers.

Manglish: new buzz words of 2011

Should Australian students learn a second Asian language? What were the worst words and phrases we all had to endure this year from politicians, corporations and government agencies, and especially the teenagers? Manglish is the mashing up of everyday phrases.

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